Nintendo PR sent an email with the subject “The Legacy Began…”

This very brief email included this image but apparently the body text didn’t give any context at all.

What could this legacy be? What began more than ten years ago? Is it a franchise? A console? An idea? We’re as clueless are you are…

Source: Nintendo Everything (Thanks to Arjen for the tip)
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  • Tingle :)

    It’s Super Smash Bros (N64) for the Wii virtual console.

    • Bboy

      Seeing how it is “over” ten years, it could be 2008, seeing as it is still early 09. Which would mean that it could be Mario Party. 🙁

      But most likely it is just SSB on virtual console.

  • Danny

    Looks like Pokemon

  • naruto4051

    Does anybody but me say Zelda! Ocarina of Time just had it’s 10 year anniversity last year in 2008! The Legacy Begain… The Legacy of Ocarnia of Time!!

  • naruto4051

    What I mean is an other Zelda game coming.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    yeah I agree ocarina of time related likely, perhaps on the DS… or realistic remake, or perhaps they are continuing the ocarina storyline, I.E. the same incarnation of link as in ocarina and majora, otherwise very little comes to mind

  • Hoshika-Pichu

    People, don’t get your hopes up that high. At all. From the way I see it, that font is extremely similar to the font used for teasers and info on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Explorers of the Sky is due to be out in Japan on the 18th. Also, Pokémon is a little over 10 years old, while the Zelda franchise is a bit over 20 years old.

    I’d have to say that I’m putting a nickel on it being PMD2.5. Just because the coloration does not match the game, but it does match the storyline.

    You can check Poké, by the way, to see the other information they released about past PMD versions. Especially the personality quizzes given to you to determine which Pokémon you are (which is done before each game starts). That font matches, too.

  • D-H

    Where was it sent too? It looks like SSB, but is it even real?

  • nagrom

    As much as I wish it to be, It’s probably not Zelda. Pokemon seems more likely to me. And yes, they are making a pokemon mystery dungeon 2.5. I’ve seen screenshots and there has been info in coro-coro magazine.

    Anyway… this just makes me more anxious! I neeeeed new Zelda!

  • DarkMajora

    Over 10 years could mean anything. The only really popular Nintendo series that are less then 10 years old that I can think of are Golden Sun, Sin And Punishment, and Pikmin. I’m sure there’s more but those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. It could be a new Zelda but Nintendo has so many good franchises that it is impossible to guess what it could be. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      If it were Zelda, they more than likely would have said over 20 years ago. Pokémon is coming out with a new Mystery Dungeon game soon, so it’s probably that.

  • Hero of Twilight

    It could be near anything. And don’t think that it could be PMD, the first game came out just a few years ago.

  • ChainofTermina

    I know it’s most likely not Zelda, but isn’t ‘legacy’ just another word for legend? are there any other Nintendo titles whos full name start with ‘The Legend of…’?
    What ever it is, I really hope it’s not pokemon. Personally, i think pokemon is tottaly overrated and needs to die down some. I mean seriously, WHEN WILL IT END?

  • Viper999

    It said on Nintendo Everything it was “teaser” for Pokemon Platinum,it’s actually their guess but I’m gonna have to agree with them, the text looks like it’s Pokemon, but if it’s something else that would be cool.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    “It said on Nintendo Everything it was “teaser” for Pokemon Platinum,it’s actually their guess but I’m gonna have to agree with them, the text looks like it’s Pokemon, but if it’s something else that would be cool.”

    Platinum is already out. But for the umpteenth time: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky is coming out soon.

  • Stephen Sheridan

    maybe it’s for a pokemon gold/silver remake for ds/dsi? those came out in 99……

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      Info would have already been released in Japan about said G/S remake before the English teaser would be sent.

  • GoronLink

    It sounds like it could possibly be a Ocarina of Time remake for the Wii with the Wiimote controlls and extras added in. Or, it’s a new Zelda that might connect to OOT somehow. I just hope it’s a Zelda game.

  • It’s probably Pokemon something. Perhaps it’s SSB, but there’s no real evidence for that.

    No, it’s not Zelda. It talks about when the legacy began. FYI, OoT was NOT the first Zelda game…

    Perhaps it could be OoT on the DS. That would be tight.