Many people hold Ocarina of Time as the greatest game of all time. I remember playing Ocarina of Time when I was ten. It blew me away, I was so amazed by the brilliance of it and just like that – I was a Zelda fan for life.

However, some people consider this masterpiece a little overrated. Are you one of them, or are you dead certain they are wrong? Either way, you might be interested in reading a featured IGN article titled: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Overrated?

This two-page article talks about such things as moving from 2D to 3D and Z-targeting, and gives you a pretty good perspective of the gaming industry back in the late 90’s as well as providing examples and explanations as to why the game became so popular. It asks the question but lets the reader answer it, so I recommend this for everyone.

Oh, and if you want to dive deeper into videogame controversy, you might wanna check out this recent IGN article as well: Is Resident Evil 5 racist?

  • timexpo

    yes it is overrated….really lol

    • Navi17

      Dont u have anyhting else to say? Why do u think its overrated? huh huh huh?

  • goronlove7

    Who ever says this game is overrated is out of their mind and poisond by obviously overrated games like halo residnt evil call of duty. Like Hombre I to fell in love with this game at the age of ten and still see little flaws espiecially for a 10 year old game what I think it is, is people just getting these game resently and beating them waaaaay to fast. I didthis with metroid fusion and didn’t get the full experiance until I took my time with it later on and enjoyed it as much as super metroid.

    • Navi17

      Ya they are out of their mind this game totaly rox!!!

  • Prince Deity

    This game was not overrated, and is probably the best Zelda game ever. For a very long time, I revered this as the greatest Zelda game to ever exist… but then I played Twilight Princess and I can;t make up my mind…

    But back on subject, this was a great game! I loved EVERYTHING about it, it is as if nothing is wrong with it… Whoever thinks that it is overrated has a brain defect…

    • Navi17

      Dude I really want to play Twilight Princess! Im saving up for a Wii. I played it once at my friends house, wow! It was AWSOME! Wolves are my fav animals so lol. But still no matter what nothing will ever take the place of OoT as my fav game ever. I did not find one single flaw with this game. Majoras Mask is awsome too but still not better than Oot. Phantom hourglass is cool but eh no horse, and it was a bit too easy.

      • Navi17

        Well the best thing about Oot is the whole from kid to teen.

  • Hello

    IGN’s article is biased as it is.

    OoT is a great game, but it is- without a doubt- overrated. And it’s not JUST overrated, but stupidly overrated, taking its spot in the Pantheon of Ridiculously Overrated Games, next to the likes of Halo and other shit.

    That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, however; I’d like to restate the fact that it is an excellenet game, because idiots have a tendency to mistake “overrated” for “terrible.”

    • Naokohiro

      Okay, so it should be 9.9 instead of 10? Good point.

      • Hello

        More like 9.2 instead of 9.9.

    • Navi17

      Watever. lol

  • ChainofTermina

    If I ever met someone who thought Oot was over reted, I’d probably murder them. It’s like, THE Zelda game. siriously, when I think of Zelda, I imediatly think of Oot.
    That Cartridge is my bible.

    • Navi17

      Seriously me too!

    • kevinsano

      When I think of Zelda I think of Zelda on NES… I'm going to slap you if you don't agree with that.

  • zombiefragger

    Oot is not overrated by no means. Yes it has some issues but that is what makes it great. And you can’t compare Ocarina of Time to halo because of the fact Ocarina of Time’s popularity and fan base took time to build while halo was almost worshiped before it’s first release.

    • Hello

      Sure, you can argue that Ocarina of Time wasn’t as ridiculously hyped as, say, Twilight Princess or Halo, but it wasn’t as if Zelda didn’t have a fanbase before Ocarina of Time, either. This is especially noticeable when looking at the large amount of older fans who worship A Link to the Past.

      • Navi17

        Y r u peeps comparing Zelda to Halo? There completley different games!

        • kyleismr.smiley

          Lol, the reason The Halo games started to get over rated, is because bungee had a contract with Microsoft . . . microsoft basically owned the Halo franchise.

          And you can NOT take a game that is rated high today and compare it to a game that was high rated back then. People that say stuff like halo was better than OOT . . . hmm imagine you are back in 1998 and Halo isnt even a part of your gaming vocab. What do you think ur gonna play? Oot . . . or nothing. Maybe some Perfect Dark 😉

  • Emicon

    I just think that Ocarina has been over-glorified through the years. Yes, it was groundbreaking when it was released and has tons of replay value (I just finally found the other day a secret room in Ganon’s Tower), but it come to a point where it gets stale after a while. I don’t think it’s necessarily “overrated”, I just think we celebrated it to death. My line of thinking is that some gamers (who may or may not be Zelda fans) are just getting tired of hearing how great it is and are ready to move on from it, to the next great big thing. It’s forever going to hold a special place in the hearts of Zelda fans, so I wouldn’t worry if people think it’s overrated or not.

    • Navi17

      Well it should be over glorified its like the best game evere in my opinion!

    • bluefire


  • Vonnick

    I do think it is a bit overrated. However, there’s no denying the fact that it’s an over-the-top game. It’s not the best in the series, though. I personally feel ALttP surpasses OoT.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    “I do think it is a bit overrated. However, there’s no denying the fact that it’s an over-the-top game. It’s not the best in the series, though. I personally feel ALttP surpasses OoT.”

    ^ This. Seriously, the only reason I’ve seen for OoT to go from a great game to THE best is that it created the formula. WRONG! ALttP did. If ALttP was 3D and OoT was 2D, ALttP would be getting all the praise OoT did.

  • Navi17

    O my gosh thats really weird u kno why? The first Zelda game I ever played was Ocarina of Time when I was ten too! And ya then I became a Zelda fan for life!My brother showed me how to play it and I thought it was the most amazing game ever. Thats how I started gaming. Hey anyhting negative about OoT is completly wrong. Thats my opinion.

  • Kayle

    I don’t really care how it’s rated. It’s my favorite game, outranking all the other games I’ve played. I play it, and I’m still amazed at it all. I’m still a little awed at the Kokiri and how they’re invisible from distance. I think it’s awesome the Gorons named a kid after me. I can pick the game up right now and get a perfect score in the archery shop. I still have hope that I may some day get a perfect score at horseback archery (in my dreams maybe). Even though the graphics are dated, there’s still tons of detailed environment (like the glowy bits that chain together in the woods if you stand still long enough).

    So what if there are a ton of people still in love with the game? The game developers obviously did something right.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    “So what if there are a ton of people still in love with the game? The game developers obviously did something right.”

    When I say “overrated”, I don’t mean “don’t like this game.” I mean “don’t say the reason it’s #1 instead of a great game is because it is 3D and created the formula.” 3D=/=a good game and ALTTP CREATED THE FORMULA. Seriously, would it kill you new gamers to play the fucking game. ALttP is a masterpiece and THE best Zelda, IMO

  • I must first state, that Ocarina of Time is an amazing game. For its time, it really transported you to the realm of Hyrule. It immersed you into a world like no other.

    Its storyline, excellent. It pulls off a good mix of seriousness with cheerfulness. The graphics were exceptionally gorgeous for its time as well. I can still appreciate them even today, despite games with shiny graphics like Super Mario Galaxy or Smash Bros. Brawl out.

    The music I could yap about for a while but I won’t.

    It’s a timeless game. It isn’t my all-time favorite because I’m not very good at it, I find it very challenging. So, in that sense, really an older audience is the one that will be able to appreciate Ocarina of Time fully.

    The only thing that makes OoT overrated is that, look about you. There are all sorts of new Zelda games out that at least PLAY similar–Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc. Though the others don’t have the same spirit as OoT, isn’t fun gameplay the main point of a game?

    It is extremely good but there are tons of other games out there that I found to be just as good, if not some better, so I DO think it is overrated in that sense…

  • Navi17

    In my opinion Oot is the best

  • Lex

    I read the article and the entire time I was thinking: “Okay, now where’s the REAL criticism?” While I do think it’s overrated- and greatly overrated- I don’t think the IGN article treated its flaws very well.

    Yes, it used the same “get item, use item to reach new locations” formula as past games. Really, though, how could it possibly avoid using that formula unless it ditched items completely? Yes, Hyrule Field was in large part completely empty. But no more empty than any of the other overrated Zelda games, and the overworld isn’t so huge that the emptiness is glaringly depressing.

    Come on, treat the real flaws, such as the even-more empty Haunted Wasteland, the disappointingly-short Ice Cavern and Bottom of the Well, or the fact that the Spirit Temple was the easiest dungeon in the Adult half of the game?

  • Lex

    Also, @TotG:

    LoZ created the formula; ALttP added the much-needed mythology to the formula, but still relied on LoZ’s framework; OoT brought the formula and the mythology to life in a 3D world.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    I do not beleive it is overated, It is one of the best games ever, in the same league as ff7 obviously, of coarse lttp is another and tp too, those are the top 4 for me, shadow of the collosus being 5, fun game… kinda like zelda 2 3d what with revivig a loved one and what not otherwise a completing different game though.

  • Dark Link 211

    Any one to ever think that ocarina of time was overrated should die! I mean yes, it was a little before its time and could have ended up better. but when you think zelda, you think ocarina of time.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    “Any one to ever think that ocarina of time was overrated should die! I mean yes, it was a little before its time and could have ended up better. but when you think zelda, you think ocarina of time.”

    Fans who come into the series late, but act like they know what they are talking about should die. You may think OoT when you think Zelda because that was your first Zelda, but it wasn’t everybody’s. Mine was ALttP, which really came up with the formula OoT uses.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    anyone so enthralled with a series to the point where they would say anyone who disagrees with them should die, should get more of a life

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I have a life. I’m just sick of n00bs claiming OoT is the best game ever and revolutionized the series. Wow, it was the first 3D game, big flippin woop. It was just a coincidence that OoT was the first 3D. And like I already said, it was ALttP that came up with the standard “get three items, master sword, get more items, Ganon”, NOT OoT.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    I was not only refering to you but the other individual who previously posted, and yes I have become aware of this patern that they keep using, and alttp was the first zelda I ever beat (no maliciousness or sarcasm intended).

    I was not arguing anything involving zelda, I just don’t quite care for people who argue for the sake of arguing and use such tactics and if you’d look at my name then you’d likely imagine that I get that a little myself… honestly I’m surprised nobody has asked about it…

  • Austin

    If it wasn’t one of the best games in the history of gameing then why have we been talking about it and why is it still around. The ocarina of time was the spark of the legend of zelda series that encouraged many others to play it. Also anyone who has played it always say that it is an amazing game. Many people have started gaming in the past two years since the Wii and Ps3 came out and many have never heard of this game. I think only real gamers like this game because you need to have some sort of initiative to finish. Unlike many games today which nearly do the game for you.

  • Austin

    The loz oot for gamecube is also amazing and the master quest is also good, but when you’re not playing is on the N64.. it just dosen’t feel the same..

    Anyone who says this game is overated is 110% wrong.

  • Deku nut

    Best game in the History of gameing . (/)Legend of Zelda(/)

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    the categories that make a game good are as follows;

    1. the villain (about 25% right there)
    2. hero (22%)
    3. overall story (21% give or take)
    4. Appearance/setting (20%)
    5. gameplay (12%)

    ganondorf…. eh… but changing into some sort of creature and turning a utopia into rubble does bring him up a bit (though he is a better villain in TP),
    link well he may as well be the perfect hero,
    story is pretty **** good,
    setting and appearence are great for what was available,
    gameplay… well lets face it this should be the standard for the 3rd person adventure.

    sephiroth…. lets see goes mad when he discovers his origins, mercilessly kills everyone in a village including his own men then sets it ablaze into a roaring inferno within less than five minutes, slices your character’s friend across the chest and sends her falling down about 20 steel steps than goes and takes his mutated vegetative monstrousity of a mother’s head and then runs like hell after getting stabbed with a foot wide sword and after being thrown into a river of energy returns five years later in his insane quest to wipe out all other life to merge with the planet and become a god…
    sorry ganondorf he wins…

  • Triforce of the Gods

    To those who think OoT is the best game ever, you just got pwned by the Guinness World Records:

    The NES and SNES were better. Get over it.

    • Since “best” in an opinion word, you’re dumb. If you rely on lists to form your opinions, you have nothing to contribute to society.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        I don’t rely on list to form this opinion, it’s just the only informed opinion. Besides, your acting like some random kid came up with this. Haven’t you ever heard of the Guinness Book of World Records? This is their gaming edition.

        You guys are the dumb ones by making an uniformed opinion about OoT being the best.

        Get back to me when you play the older systems. Oh wait, they’re “too hard” for you because of Nintendo babying you with the so called “perfect difficulty” on the N64, GC, and Wii.

  • I used to think OoT was overrated, but then I played it through again. It’s brilliant.

  • Ethan

    This is one of the greatest games of all time. When it came out on the 64, it was way ahead of its time. Games today dont even have a detailed gameplay, with a history of its world.

    Too bad all the new Zelda games ruin this classic.

  • Business Shrub (Deku)

    Ocarina of Time is a great game, it deserves 10.0 Not only because of what the game has, but because what it doesn’t have. There is nothing in OoT that doesn’t fit in the rest of the game. It’s sad that all Zelda’s I ever played are way too easy though 🙁 There should be a “nightmare mode” in the Zelda’s. Imagine a OoT where none of the resources replenish, so you eventually run out, in addition to this once every 2 minutes you loose a heart. Speedrun or die!

  • This is the only game in existance that cannot be overated. It is the very standard of perfection (at its time) by which all games must measure up to.
    The calibur of game that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is what every game strives to be.

    They should change the game's name to The Legend of Zelda: The Best Game of All Time.

  • TheMajoraMask

    Well from how people responded to this article, they still don’t think it’s overrated, Well don’t worry about it, they’re all blinded by one thing, Nostalgia, yea that’s right, Nostalgia, now I haven’t read every comment posted to this article (well because I could care less about the Bullcrap nostalgia OoT Fanboy’s Comments) but the majority of them state this in it, ” It’s my favorite because it’s the first Zelda, or gamee, I played” or something like, ” it’s not overrated, it revolutionized gameing, you can’t call it overrated because……. well I can’t think of a GOOD reason but it’s not overrated” or my favorite, “OoT is the best game ever, no game of the past, present, or future will ever come close to it, anyone whose says otherwise I’ll kill, OoT FTW”, and these kind of comments don’t end up just here, almost everywhere where it’s talking about Zelda or best game, you’ll see these comments, It’s alright I guess, anything to get these people to sleep better at night, I have a huge feeling that these people don’t play many other Games, that’s probaly why they think it’s the best because it’s the only game they play, now before you people say anything, I Played OoT when it first came out, so I know what I’m talking about, OoT was once my favorite Game too, but here’s the thing, I grew up, and I was no longer blinded by Nostalgia, see whenever I play the game now, I get bored, I get very, very bored, I would raher played the first 2 original Zelda games than this one, OoT was fun the first time playing it, but after awhile, the game got boring, I know, I played the game recently, Theis is NOT the best game ever, it’s not the best Zelda, A link to the Past would have a more deserving chance at that title, infact, all OoT is is just a 3D remake of ALttP, just different names and a few other different things, and yes this game is overrated, Nostalgia, or your fanboy’s opinion doesn’t change that fact, it was hyped out of it’s own, well you know, and it’s still get WAY more attention it deserves now, always showing up on top ten list, which BTW OoT doesn’t deserve that spot, other games, not Halo or those other overrated games, but games like ALttP, or super metroid, or something more “perfect” which is not what OoT, mabey OoT doesn’t have many techinical flaws, but it sure does have many other flaws like it’s cliched story, little differece form ALttP, both story and how the game plays out, and my opinion, on how much of it got boring. and well that’s all I got to say about that

  • TheMajoraMask

    To clarify esactly how it is overrated, well where to begin, First, this game gets more praise than Halo 3 ever did, hard to believe, well it's hard for the OoT fanboys to believe, but it's true, see this game gets put as number 1 on top 10 or whatever list all the time, ofcourse the reason that is is the people who put OoT on the list are also blinded by Nostalgia, or just giving what the fans want, but anycase it's not because it's a perfect game, no, that game is NOT perfect, not perfect by anymeans at all, there are games before and after OoT that came more "perfect" than OoT, also another reason why the fanboys love that game so much, it's because it's the First 3D Zelda Game, it's like on how much praise the first 3D Metroid or first 3D mario game gets, they been or still are on the highest rated game list on gamerankings

  • TheMajoraMask

    Well I could go all day telling you how much OoT is overrated and telling you how much it is not the best Zelda game or best game, you "OoT Fanboys" can believe whatever you want, it's your opinion, but Remember, there's a difference in opinion and Fact, it's the best in your Fanboy's mind, but Fact, it is not, the gameplay is not the best, the story is not the best, the music is not the best, the characters are not the best, the only the this game has the best is on how overrated it is, yea that game gets number 1 spot for that.

  • TheMajoraMask

    but in all honesty, they aren't the best, super metroid was better than MP1 and Mario bros 3 was better than Mario 64, the only reaason they're rated higher and are show with more respect is because they are the first of the games to become 3D in the series, and so that's why OoT is so praised, now ofcourse they are not bad titles, well I pretty much hate OoT, one, the fanboys, two, the overratedness, three, how boring it is, but in a perfessioal view of it, it's not a bad game, I'll go as far as saying it's a great game, but best, no, not even close, in a perfessional view point, I would put ALttP before ocarina of time, and WW before OoT, see ALttP started as the Zelda game to give zelda a Good and major story, WW made the Gameplay alot more smoother and all around better than OoT's gameplay, only thing OoT introduced was the fact it was the first 3D Zelda game, which is not a reason it's the best, it's story is praticaly the same as ALttP, just different names and a few things here and there changed, and the game plays out simalar as ALttP as well

    • Ænlgån

      Yes. OoT didn't introduce Night and Day to the Zelda series' gameplay or the use of an Ocarina that would have many effects (on puzzles, teleporting, calling your horse, day to night) , a horse (Epona), time travel, Z-targeting, multiple races to Hyrule, cut scenes, Ganondorf, masks, etc. You're bluffing, right? I also love how you praise Wind Waker and despise Ocarina of Time when much of Wind Waker's basics are built from Ocarina of Time. Now I love Wind Waker, too, but would I say 'better'? No, still one of my favorite Zelda's, though.

  • themajoramask

    Sorry Ocarinia of time is still overrated, no matter what you may think, say, or do, it’s not gonna change anything, “a horse (Epona), time travel, Z-targeting, multiple races to Hyrule, cut scenes, Ganondorf, masks, etc” this so- called introduction to these things in OoT, does not make OoT the best, they just add to the experience, and you forgot that OoT got it’s basics from ALttP, you idiot. WW isn’t my favorite either, but I think it or ALttP are the best Zelda games, because ALttP introduced the basics, and WW perfected them.But ofcourse your just a typical OoT fanboy who would say anything to defend OoT.

  • themajoramask

    You must be bluffing to think I am

  • themajoramask

    One more thing, I love how much you defend OoT saying it’s the best, don’t kid yourself.

  • scarface

    fuck ocarina of time scarface is 100 billion times better

  • Carrie

    I played OOT thinking it was going to be amazing and was sorely disappointed. The original Zelda game was BRILLIANT and ALttP was one of the best games on the SNES. I also like The Phantom Hourglass and the Windwaker as well. I think Twilight Princess is the best Zelda since ALttP. I found both OOT and Windwaker's controls to be absolutely clunky and terrible and absolutely hated the fairy… "Hey! Listen!"

  • Steve

    I'd say its on such a level of greatness that it has diplomatic immunity to words like overrated. Its my favorite game, I haven't played all the highly regarded games so I'd say its one of the top 5 greatest games, though i would like to call it the greatest. IMO games like halo and call of duty MW2 and even FF7(a little bit, still an amazing game) deserved to be called overrated.

  • zelda sucks dick

    this game sucks, all of the games in the zelda's series are fucking overrated. i dont know why the fuck people think this game is the best thing ever, its just another fucking boring zelda game. fuck those fanboys. go play something else than this bullshit

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