Some of you may have heard this already but for those who have not: put a big smile on your lips, because the Nintendo DSi will release sometime this spring in the UK, and we can only assume that goes for the US as well since Europe usually get everything after the US. For those of you not familiar with the DSi, it’s the latest iteration of the Nintendo DS.

While a spring release is confirmed, the date or even the month is not. We can assume it won’t be March since that would be too soon, and probably not April either. I’m thinking May or June. To be honest, since this is Nintendo, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being released months later.

But you don’t care what I have to say, you want to make your opinion heard, so feel free to head over to our forums to discuss this joyous moment.


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  • Leirin

    That’s exciting. Personally, I don’t really want another DS, but the DSi sounds like it’ll be pretty good–the only thing missing is the GBA compatibility! Nevertheless, it looks good, definitely worth checking out. But didn’t Reggie say it would be released stateside more like in June (or was that an earlier announcement?)

  • zombiefragger

    Not another DS. I’m starting to have flash backs of the days before Sega stop making consoles. At least Nintendo is not constantly upgrading the original DS. Their just putting out newer versions the original console, which are starting to do less with gaming and than more with things other than gaming. To quote Rush Limbaugh in a way I hope the DS-I fails in the U.S. . But I hope Nintendo tries to do better than the DS-I, and hope improvements can be made to the DS line (like a frimware updates or newer versions that are slimmer faster and more power full graphics wise), and in time see the next Nintendo portable console that will replace the DS.

  • The Nintendo DSi’s a great thing, but Nintendo should bring out more games for it…