Apparently, Burger King will be carrying Wii Toys throughout December. Check them out.

I just happened to stumble across this one. Today on my way home from school (yes, I have school on Saturdays) I went to Burger King to try a Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Burger I had seen last week.
Inside Burger King they had 10 “Toys to make you move”. If you thought these were Wii toys, you’re right on the spot. They were all Mario themed, except for one mini-labyrinth with a Metroid Prime 3 background.

Donkey Kong, Luma and Metroid prime 3
Donkey Kong, Luma and Metroid prime – klick image to see all toys.

All the toys are Wii themed and come with a Wii-mote (or a wheel for the Mario Kart Yoshi figure) you use to interact with the toy. For instance, you use a Wii-mote to flip Donkey Kong or making princess Peach whirl and twirl.

Now, I’m not all into whirling and twirling, but as a Nintendo nerd, I thought these things would make nice collectibles, especially the Chain Chomp. I’ve always wanted a Chain Chomp.

The toys are cheap. 2 bucks a piece and Burger King seem to have two toys available every week. This week was “Mario Kart Yoshi” and “Flip and Stick Donkey Kong”.  So if you have a nearby Burger King, go check it out.
I’ll be back by next week, looking for my Chain Chomp.

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