Gamefaqs’s daily poll is a character battle – the seventh, in fact – and right now it’s a close call between Link and Solid Snake. Other contenders include Crono from Chrono Trigger and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. With the 10th anniversary of Ocarina of Time less than a week away, what better way to celebrate than by smashing up the hopes and dreams of those other, lesser characters?

You don’t have to be registered to vote, so go get Link that trophy he deserves.

  • Twilight Wolf

    I voted Snake. 😀

  • link is kicking ass right now!

  • Average Gamer

    Link has won too many times in my opinion, and the same goes for Cloud and Sephiroth. I voted for Snake.

  • Master Jedi

    Good news, Link won!

  • djw

    ew, snake, thank god link won