Every day for five days we’re releasing a new part of the Phantom hourglass visual walkthrough! Today is day four, which means we’re rolling out part eleven. Part eleven covers the entire third dungeon, the Temple of Courage, and reveals quite a bit of secret information about Ciela at its conclusion.

Launch the video!

  • cartoon_link

    this walkthru ends early. it doesnt coincide with number 12. i dont own a ds and im following PH’s story thru these walkthrus. thanks for putting these up i think theyre so cool. and whoever is playing has clearly played thru the game a billion times, lol. but plz be a little slower with the text advancements so that i can read it all and get all the story. Otherwise,GREAT job! i love it 🙂

  • Aha, looks like Veoh crapped out on this video. I’ll reupload it.

  • Should be fixed now!

  • cartoon_link

    lol it still isn’t fixed…