UPDATE: Please read the post above for status on the new server. It’s been purchased and is being set up.

Hey, kiddos, remember when I said ZU needs a new server a few weeks ago? I wasn’t kidding – and now it’s a lot more urgent. ZU was just put down for 8+ hours after a simple backup, coupled with traffic to Zelda Universe, Zelda Wiki.org, and some other smaller sites on the server, totally overloaded us. Sound like our server is a bit of a wimp? It is.

Please, guys. I will buy the server when we hit the $1000 mark now, because clearly this old thing is starting to crumble. Another few nights and ZU might not be around for some time – and I can’t afford that, literally. A little history lesson: I had to buy ZU from its previous owner, and that left me quite a bit in debt. However, I repay this debt not out-of-pocket, but by using the ad revenue that comes from the site. If the site goes down, then there’s no ad revenue, and I’m stuck with more debt than a wee little college student could ever imagine. This server is necessary for the continued operation of ZU and, by monetary binding, the continued operation of me.

Please donate by clicking the donationmeter above this post. Please. We’re actually at $500, but I can’t update the meter right now since I’m at home and don’t have the PSD.