UPDATE: Please read the post above for status on the new server. It’s been purchased and is being set up.

Hey, kiddos, remember when I said ZU needs a new server a few weeks ago? I wasn’t kidding – and now it’s a lot more urgent. ZU was just put down for 8+ hours after a simple backup, coupled with traffic to Zelda Universe, Zelda Wiki.org, and some other smaller sites on the server, totally overloaded us. Sound like our server is a bit of a wimp? It is.

Please, guys. I will buy the server when we hit the $1000 mark now, because clearly this old thing is starting to crumble. Another few nights and ZU might not be around for some time – and I can’t afford that, literally. A little history lesson: I had to buy ZU from its previous owner, and that left me quite a bit in debt. However, I repay this debt not out-of-pocket, but by using the ad revenue that comes from the site. If the site goes down, then there’s no ad revenue, and I’m stuck with more debt than a wee little college student could ever imagine. This server is necessary for the continued operation of ZU and, by monetary binding, the continued operation of me.

Please donate by clicking the donationmeter above this post. Please. We’re actually at $500, but I can’t update the meter right now since I’m at home and don’t have the PSD.

  • umm

    Thank god I can go on now.
    On a side note. I never knew you guys hired someone to redo the site.

  • ZantDarksage

    So at $1000 are you getting a server for 1/3 of a year? And yeah, I couldn’t even get on irc sometimes this morning.

  • Scott

    IRC has nothing to do with this server.

    • ZantDarksage

      It sometimes said the database is unaccessible or whatever, because the url is “… .net/forums/irc.php” and the forums were down.

      • lys

        well, that would be the site-hosted Java client. The IRC sever, and the #zelda chatroom hosted on it, never went down.

  • VenomousNinja

    Woah, woah, woah, wait.
    Did you say Zeldawiki is on our server?
    Why not just ask one of the other sites on the ZW team to put it on their server until we get a new one? Wouldn’t the best thing to do considering our current position?

  • Twilight Wolf

    I just donated $50. Hope it helps. :<

  • I’m getting the new server now, otherwise ZU will go down again.

    It is IMPERATIVE that we raise all $3000. My mother, who is the person whom I took the loan from to buy the site, has said she would rather sell ZU than take a loss by paying for the second server.

    That means the entire site is on the line here. We need the $3000.

  • lftenjamin

    I’d hate to see the site go, but as of now I don’t even have money for gas, and other such necessitates, that I can not donate 🙁

  • lys

    wow, that sucks. I wish I could help out and donate.

    I would if I could.

    • Man, I wish I could donate, I just hope this comes out okay. It’s weird not having ZU around, I donated what I could though, 2 cents. Wow. Yeah, I know, that’s a whole lot, but it’s all I had.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Donated another $50.

  • Carpainter

    Sorry, but all I have is $75, plans to order something, and no PayPal account.

    I hope we gather enough, though…

  • ZantDarksage

    This is kinda scary now O__O. It seemed all jokey when the first bulletin about “our old server is on its last legs” and whatever. I’m in the UK and i don’t know how to get my £££ into $$$ or have a PayPal account.

    I really hope ZU won’t be offline for days at a time – I only realised how much i visit this place today with all the downtime.

    • Derek

      PayPal does the conversion. At this time, the british pound is worth two USD, thus £50 would actually be $100. So, any amount helps, we need to get ZU up and working like awesome again.

      Jason placed a lot of money to get ZU and for anything thinking “Well, that’s his fault” it is true, but instead of selling the site to a corporate whore like many sites are victim to. Which ends up in them being spammed full of ads without any improvement or attempt at improvement, just like taking domain names and giving them search pages.

      So, to anyone, if you have the money to spare, even $1 helps. Hell, if everyone here donated $1, there would easily be $1,000 gained, if not more. Anything helps people, and as you’ve seen, the server is faster now with this setup.

  • Jinny

    How long has the site been down? I haven’t tried to log in for several days; but this afternoon I found that ZU was gone!



    Jason, we close on selling our old house at the end of the month; after paying off two mortgages, my husband’s student loans, setting my kids’ savings accounts back in order (face it, the economy sucks right now), and buying a new treadmill, I’ll see what I have left over. In other words, I may be able to donate a sizeable sum in November.

    I need to be confident that the ads are going to sustain ZU once you get the new server, though, in order for me to feel like my money would be spent wisely.

    When will the forum be up? (Sorry if you already answered that, I need to check the other comments again.)

    – J

    • Derek

      I’ve agreed to helping Jason on getting the ads placed correctly and not spammingly. To help drive traffic back, and get the site back to normal. The revamp is awesome, just the environment couldn’t take it and wasn’t ready.

      • Jinny

        Have you two considered putting the old ZU back? Is it really too late for that? My understanding is that ZU used to be self-sustaining.

  • Man, this is bad.
    I can’t donate much, sadly.

    Anyway, I think we should try to remove one of the other sites off this server temporarily. And if worst comes to worst, don’t allow people to join the forum till things get better.

    This is a real bummer…

    • Twilight Wolf

      It's not people joining, it's people viewing.

      • Yeah, but no people joining means less views. It’d be just temporary.

        • Twilight Wolf

          Not really. You don’t have to join to view.

          • I’m just saying it will help a bit.

          • Saber

            No, not really. Just because people can’t join the site doesn’t mean that they’ll stop coming. A lot of people will wander in and out on to the site asking “Why can’t I be a member?! Is this a secret society? This place was dumb anyways” And we’ll either get a bad rep out to part of the internet world, or they’ll wonder if they can find a way to join.

            Either way, you’re still going to always have excess people viewing the site, even if you don’t let them join. Make sense as to why I would put that idea as a bit non-helpful in my mind?

            While I’m at it, I’ve already run off to my mommy and told her the whole woe story of the site and all she could say was “Great! Maybe you’ll do something other than sit in front of your computer all day.” So a donation from me isn’t looking all that possible. But I’ll keep trying 😛

  • ZantDarksage

    Hey I know ZU is in desperate need of a new server, but will it still run really fast once it’s payed for? I mean right now, we need a server just to run the site. Will the same amount cover for not only putting the site up but making it faster than it was before? Just curious.

  • Sailboat

    I think this is the best idea right now… or we could just abandon ZeldaWiki altogether. It’s not like the site ever took off or anything, and most of the articles are just stubs. I know I’m probably wrong, but giving Zeldawiki to a site with more space on its server would be a good idea to keep ZU on its feet for a little while longer.

  • Yeah, just move Zelda wiki off the server for the moment.

  • Zien

    “Oh, ZU could NEVER go down unless things were really bad…” :Z :O

    I would donate, but I have no cold-hard cash with me. If ZU ends, I’ll have to go back to one of my old anime sites… (Please don’t make me do that! I never liked it there!)

    We must give Jason more! I think one of us might need to steal from a bank…

  • The Goron Moron

    I’d love to donate, but my parents won’t allow me. I don’t really have a lot of money either. Sorry…

  • Andross

    I feel sorry for you guys. I was under the impression that this site generated enough money to sustain itself; guess it is losing money, after all.

    I’d donate, but I don’t have a credit card/bank account/PayPal account, and only get a good $100 a month. Hopefully you guys will be able to pull yourselves out of the gutter. It would be a shame to see this place go.

    • Derek

      Since the revamp, the server has been slower which has been driving the huge traffic away a bit more and more. I mean, why wait a few minute4s, when you can go elsewhere? And yes, the site gains more revenue than the forums, because first-timers or informationalists are most likely to click the ads than members.

      We’ll be working on a way, now with a faster server environment, to make the place stick around. I’ll be finding new areas for ads and will try to remove the popups and for the most part, the page ads.

      We’ll get it working! 😀 Just if possible, even $1 works wonders to reaching the goal.

  • ???

    Jason refuses to sell the Zelda Wiki. What makes any of you think he’ll give it up? Would any of you want to lay such a website within the hands of one of ZU’s rivals? I wouldn’t if I owned the Wiki.. heheheh…

    It’s too vital and precious to Jason’s plan for world domination. lol

  • Zien

    999 bottles of beers on the wall, 999 bottles of beers… Take one down, pass it around… 998 bottles of beer on the wall…

  • jwalraven

    I won’t get money until Wednesday. I will donate at least a few bucks then.

    And to be honest Jason, you should have started your crusade sooner. But then again, we didn’t know this would happen so soon.

    I think we can all pull together to do this. It’s to big of an international community to just drop it off the internet.

    • Derek

      He wanted to have ZU go back to supporting itself before asking for donations, since he already did for the style and site revamp (which costed at least $5,000, so the $2,000 did help reduce the loss). It just came to the time where he needed ot ask for donations again, so he can get a safety net to have a chance to pick up ZU again.

      As long as people donate at least $1-$5, be it 1,000 of the members doing this, then we’ll have enough to get ZU back to supporting itself.

  • ???

    What an appropriate song Zien. Let me couple it with something more befitting for the mood…

    • I don’t think it will totally crash, but here:

  • Bobby Emerald

    I’ll try to donate if I can. I’ll tell mah daddeh about the predicament, although I doubt he’ll be willing to donate, with our expenses nearly killing us…

  • Twilight Wolf

    When will the forums be back up?

  • Derek

    The forums will be back up when the database is full restored. The 2nd server now hosts the database (which is what contains all this content and forum posts, and member information… etc… All but function and media files). So, it’s a big database, it’ll take a bit of time, but shouldn’t be too long.

  • Zien

    998 bottles of beer on the wall…
    998 bottles of… *head falls on desk.*

  • Twilight Wolf

    Zien, shut up.

  • ZantDarksage

    Meanwhile, in the land of PS3 …


    London (21st August 2008) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea® 3 Absence of Justice will be released by Square Enix across PAL territories in early 2009 on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system.

    Wooo ^___^.

  • Why not turn more adds on in the forum. I’m sure everyone would rather deal with the adds then lose the site. Besides it’d just be till the problems are solved.

    • Saber

      That could help if the site was even actually running. It would kind of make sense to have more ads only if you knew that people would be seeing them…

      And people are already fed up with the ads as is. I don’t think having more ads will go over easily with most of the community.

  • ZantDarksage

    Of course it’d be nice if the ad’s actually took us somewhere. The ones at the top of this page take you to a page with a link back to here, and the ZU background. They’re like, fake. LOLZU.

  • Zien

    TW: I don’t listen to magic talking god-cats.

    I say we all sell some stuff on ebay, and donate some blood! …use that money,and give all/most of it/some of it to Jason.

    • Twilight Kitty

      It’s better if he listens to the magic talking god-cat than you 😮

      I’m very sorry ZU, but I have no monies to donate 🙁 If I did have money, I’d give as much as I possibly could I just hope this gets fixed soon

  • Zien

    (and no, I wes not mistaking you as GoT.)

    More ads?

    No, no, no, no, and no…

  • Damn, this sucks. I would so donate money, if I didn’t have to pay off my credit card this pay. Ill see what I can do… maybe I can throw in about 10 bucks… but ill see what I can do.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Aileron

    Fine, you guilt tripped us. Our bank account floweth over with funds, so we felt your penniless need was worth our efforts.

    You get four bucks from the joint pockets of Kassilex. (That could be dinner for a week) Don’t spend it all in one place.

  • Sign of madness

    Omg I can’t stand not going on the site. And my parents won’t let me donate. God this SUCKS. 997 bottles of beer on the wall, 997 bottles of beer on the wall. Take one down pass it around 996 bottles of beer on the wall…God and I was in a debate about my LA placement. I guess I’ll go over to Zeldainformer to waste my ZU deprived time.

  • I gave 5 bucks, and my mom says good luck!