Remember those Nintendo Points that were supposed to come with the DSi for the DSi store? Well, they’re actually called Nintendo DSi Points, and it’s not a be-all end-all Points solution for Nintendo’s multiple consoles. In fact, it’s no solution at all – Wii Points and Nintendo DSi Points are strictly separate.

It’s awkward, then, that both points will be sold on the same points card. A “Nintendo Points” card will go on sale in Japan with the advent of the DSi, and will be redeemable for Wii Points and Nintendo DSi Points, but not both at once. Each card can only redeem one or the other, meaning you can’t purchase a $10 1000 Nintendo Points card and get 500 Wii Points and 500 DSi Points. Cards will be available in 1000, 3000, and 5000 point amounts – so remember to buy different cards for your different systems, when the DSi inevitably rolls its way over to the Americas and Europe.

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