On behalf of all of us at Zelda Universe, I apologize for the drop in news. Most likely cause is the shock of what little information E3 yielded to us. However, things have seemed to take a turn for the worse.

In a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, he made mention that E3 is no longer where he plans on making announcements regarding new games for the core-gamer crowd. On this topic, he also remarked that Zelda needs to be more accessible to casual gamers, meaning the difficulty should be kept on a casual level.

While this news has many gamers fuming across forums, some still hold out hope for the new Zelda title. Others are allegedly writing letters to Nintendo expressing their disappointment with Nintendo’s promises to the core-gamer crowd. Others still plan on going as far as to boycott the new Zelda title. Such an uprising in the core-gamer field has only been surpassed by the cel-shading of Wind Waker, which caused turmoil in fanboys globally. Hopefully, the newest Zelda title will come through despite its shortcomings in the eyes of the hardcore gamer, just as Wind Waker has done.