On behalf of all of us at Zelda Universe, I apologize for the drop in news. Most likely cause is the shock of what little information E3 yielded to us. However, things have seemed to take a turn for the worse.

In a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, he made mention that E3 is no longer where he plans on making announcements regarding new games for the core-gamer crowd. On this topic, he also remarked that Zelda needs to be more accessible to casual gamers, meaning the difficulty should be kept on a casual level.

While this news has many gamers fuming across forums, some still hold out hope for the new Zelda title. Others are allegedly writing letters to Nintendo expressing their disappointment with Nintendo’s promises to the core-gamer crowd. Others still plan on going as far as to boycott the new Zelda title. Such an uprising in the core-gamer field has only been surpassed by the cel-shading of Wind Waker, which caused turmoil in fanboys globally. Hopefully, the newest Zelda title will come through despite its shortcomings in the eyes of the hardcore gamer, just as Wind Waker has done.

  • Ferilink

    Usually I don’t mind but with zelda?

    I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed. I like it when games are a challenge. But it’s okay, if they’re casual as in Windwaker, or Twilight Princess casual, then I’ll live with it 🙂

    But it has me miffed about the whole e3 announcement, they’re compeltely ignoring core gamers -_-;

  • Mafoofoo


  • Teep

    I always thought I’d have a place for Nintendo in my heart no matter how bad they got as long as they stayed true to series like Super smash bros. and Zelda. This news may mean I’ll eventually have to sadly abandon the ship SS Nintendo. Hopefully I’ll be able to jeteson the escape pod to the local Sony port.

  • Last Hylian

    They should just make different difficulty levels, it would solve all of their problems.

  • Goronlove7

    “I always thought I’d have a place for Nintendo in my heart no matter how bad they got as long as they stayed true to series like Super smash bros. and Zelda. This news may mean I’ll eventually have to sadly abandon the ship SS Nintendo. Hopefully I’ll be able to jeteson the escape pod to the local Sony port.”

    no the Xbox star ship is luxuryus that sonys peice of crap.lol boycotting nintendo what abunch of bitches.

  • Necromance

    I agree with Last Hylian. There are ways they can cater to the casual crown without disrupting their already weary hardcore fan base. Multiple difficulties is the easiest way to do so.

    • Necromance

      Sorry, I meant crowd not crown 😛

      • Triforce of the Gods

        One problem with this. A year or so ago, Miyamoto said he doesn’t believe in difficulty levels. He believes in a difficulty level that is perfect for everyone.

        If by perfect for everyone he means TP difficulty, I have one thing to say: Bullshit.

  • ginger17

    Easier Zelda?!?! Noooooooo! I agree, difficulty levels would be AWESOME! It’ll be too easy if they make it easier.

  • Breana

    wasn’t TP easy enough? and there are strategy guides and walkthroughs available as well. they could easily solve this problem with a difficulty setting

  • John Gill

    Miyamoto’s retirement is overdue.

    I’m sure the next Zelda will be fine, they always are. But any easier/simpler than Twilight Princess and the games won’t be much fun any more.

  • zantdarksage

    “I’m sure the next Zelda will be fine, they always are.”

    always were. the wii is forming into a mutant grandmother.

  • What the heck is up with Nintendo? They just care about the casual gamers now! What about us, core gamers who’s been playing their games for so many years?
    I’m really afraid of what Miyamoto will do with all the Nintendo series, specially Zelda.

  • Vawn 08

    …. It has been my observation that “casual” gamers couldn’t care less about Zelda in the first place. I’ve never met a person that loved TP that hadn’t been playing Zelda games for years before that….

    SO, Ninty’s trying to kiss up to a crowd that (sadly enough) doesn’t even give-a-flip about Zelda anyway?

    …Riiiight…..great idea…….

  • Tory

    Well that sucks. But doesn’t Miyamoto realize that games that are hard seem to get better reviews and a much more loyal fanbase. If you have good story line that keeps one on edge, people tend to look past the annoyance when they keep dieing in a level, because they are so determined to continue on. Merrr…

  • Flava

    Whoa, I just got Rick Rolled on Zelda Universe!!!

  • ganon the king

    I suppose that with a Zelda that has a casual difficulty level would only be good as long as it was also good and original.

    But this topic isn’t about Zelda games turning casual are they? Rather, having a casual difficulty level?

  • hisak

    Guys, read the actual interview. The question was asking about user-friendly controls and playability. The only difficulty that will be toned down is the learning curve.

  • Yeah, the orignal interview is about controls, not difficulty.

    Even still, it will be a sad day when Zelda becomes really casual.

  • Insizor

    Hmm, i read the article, and he says nothing of making it easier. I tihnk he is speaking in terms of controls and things of that nature. If they were to change difficulty levels, they need to introduce a difficulty level system. Because lets face it, the 3D Zelda’s don’t really need to be easier.

  • The Maverickk

    People should wait and see what the new Legend of Zelda game turns out to be before they decide to jump ship or boycott Nintendo.

    People are up in arms without so much as second thought. I mean as far as I’m concerned if hardcore gamers want to be heard, the best way isn’t in boy cotting.

    Boycott the next Legend of Zelda game and what will you see Nintendo say “oh you guys don’t like Zelda anymore? Well then I guess we don’t have to make another Zelda game for another 6 years, perhaps we will just keep making cooking mama sequels and brain age”

    I’ll be honest people need to stop whining before they even play or hear what the game will be like.

  • Twilight64

    In my opinion, this is a slap in the face to Zelda fans and gamers in general. I hope someone at Nintendo has a functioning brain and realizes that unlike the “casual gamers” who are all jumping on the gaming band wagon, we were always with them and will always be with them when times were bad.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Here I come, 360.

    Oh, and fuck you, Nintendo.

  • TStarboy

    Answer to why they cater to the casual gamers:

    There are more.

    I don’t mind as long as it isn’t freakishly easy. If they make something crazy hard for the newer players, but pleasantly so for the more hardcore, that would work well.

  • Cam G

    That sounds ridiculous. What about the loyalists who will never forget what The Legend of Zelda titles mean in terms of gameplay? I’d truly be choked…

  • SamuelOMG

    If they do make it easier, then I will be very pissed, but come on. It probably won’t come out for another year anyways.