It is well-known that Nintendo enjoy making things smaller. When the GBA came out, it was only two years before the SP showed its tinier face to the world, and yet another two before the Micro appeared. Even the DS has had the same trend, with the original being released in 2004 and the Lite in 2006. Now, in 2008, it seems that we might be downsizing yet again to a smaller, more portable system. I guess Nintendo figures that our waistbands are getting tighter, so we can’t jam our bulky portables into our pants like we used to.

The reputable website, Kotaku, has just released information that, according to Hirokazu Hamamura, head of Enterbrain (which, if you don’t know, is the big daddy of Famitsu, one of the best gaming magazines of Japan) we might just be due for another handheld: a DS even “liter” than the current DS Lite. Hamamura stated that Nintendo might be unveiling designs for this alleged new DS at E3, 2008.

Personally, I still have an original DS, and have never really felt the need to downsize, but I guess size does matter to other denizens of Nintendo’s fanboy kingdom. And the rule in the handheld world is the opposite of the automotive industry. Smaller is sometimes better.

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  • Dragginwings

    Bleh, it still won’t convince me to get a new one. I’m happy with my Lite. ^__^

    My brother wants a DS though, maybe he should wait on it…

  • Ferilink

    Pah, even if there’s a ‘liter’ DS im quite happy with my Black Ds Lite. I won’t buy the new one if the Lite works just fantastically. They play the same games anyway.

  • I read about this a month ago. Nintendo already said no DS remodel is planned anytime soon.

  • ZeldaStrife

    yeah, i wont be buying a new one. i love my pink Lite. ^^

  • I’m waiting on this with excitement – if they don’t show another DS redesign at this year’s E3, I’ll be saving up for a Lite; if they do, I’ll probably end up saving up for the new one.

  • Yeah I recently did the downscale to the DS Lite when they introduced the Crimson red one.

    I loved the original one I had but I admit that going for the lite was nice. As far as a “liter” DS, I’m not sure how much smaller they could possibly get considering that it still needs to have an access port for GBA games, as well as space for the buttons and the screens.

    I’m not sure where they could possibly cut back to make the system smaller…

  • obama

    what a disgrace… are they really running out of ideas for products?

  • linksx3

    also I heard from a friends dad who works
    with nintendo(I not a ratting on any one) they got rid of the GBA slot to make
    it smaller 0_o(it’s that small?)

  • NarcoLink

    yup,tis true,i have seen comercials(unofficial?) on youtube,but as far as i know,this is real