Holly Sanderson is our second fan music creator. Instruments such as guitar and keyboard are used to create sound that not only sound good, but at points even change the mood of the original song (intentionally or not). The songs mainly focus on using one guitar to do a lead, while having a keyboard or another instrument in the background doing the rest.

To listen to a song, please right-click and select “Save as…”

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  • Alex

    they need some work but they definately have potential

    • Lail

      I think so too . maybe you can listen to it on the game or internet and try a little revisions.

  • Ted

    Clock town sounds like its in the wrong key.

  • vales33

    that sucked, bad 🙁

  • eiyuu_004

    Clock Town wasn't in the wrong key, there is just a note in the main melody that is flat. Its not bad, but could use some work. And don't leave a comment saying it sucks and not give any kind of reasoning. It just makes you sound like a jerk.

  • Juri238

    Its a bit slow for clock town but i guess the LOZ speed is only achieved by great artists(yay koji) and computers so this is pretty good.

  • Risingstorm4

    its fan art its not supposed to be exactly the same as the song thats the point otherwise why make a song?

  • dude

    do song of storms

  • download links dont work

  • Daniel Stefani

    Id like to hear more versions of the fairy fountain so I request that one!