Since I couldn’t find any decent news, I thought I’d treat you all to something classic. Very, classic.

Odds are 90% have seen that old Zelda commercial from Japan. You know, the one where Link and a couple dozen other freaks in costumes are step-dancing their way through a dungeon to save Asian Zelda from a 7-foot cage. After which a 12-foot rubber Ganon comes up and moans violently at everyone. If you haven’t, get caught up here.

Now I’ve seen this video lots of times. First time I thought it was insane wicked and even memorized the dance with my sister and did it at a talent show. Eventually, it got stupid and shoved back into the recesses of my brain, but then I found that article there. It praises it as “hands-down the best commercial ever made”. And after my first scoff, I slowly started to agree with it.

Crazy! I know. But think about it. When was the last time you saw a commercial that had a princess in a massive cage, a giant rubber monster waving a pitchfork in the background, catchy music, a crazy-cool step dance, and Asians?? When you really think about it, it’s almost too cool for words.

Hope that’ll tie you guys over until I can come up with decent news.