The Triforce was created when the three gods of Hyrule ascended into the heavens. In parting, they left the Triforce in a place known as the sacred realm. It was there that one of pure heart was meant to find it, and use the powers of the gods to better the world. If one of an evil or unsure alignment touched it, the Triforce would split, beginning a battle that would last the ages. It so happened that Ganon, a being of true evil reached the sacred realm and took the Triforce. Yet, according to legend, the Triforce instantly broke, shattering Ganon’s moment of ultimate power. He was left with the Triforce of Power, one of the three forces of the gods. Wisdom and Courage found their masters as well, the Princess of Hyrule and the Hero of Time. The battle of the ages began…

Most Zelda fans would say that the Triforce was/is equally divided between the three vassals, I agree. Each of the forces balanced each other, one couldn’t defeat another. But, this balance was tipped by the alignment of Wisdom and Courage. Working together, and only together, could they defeat the third entity, Power. The battle was ferocious, leaving behind the destructed Hyrule Castle. From this, logic would lead one to believe that each force has its own advantages, this is also true. Recently, I tripped upon a thread that disagreed with this theory. It stated that Link was given the worst piece of the Triforce; I intend to make it the topic of this Odolwa’s Table to disprove that assumption.

First of all, let’s look at the Triforce itself, and I mean the geometric shape of it (sharpen your geometry terminology!). It’s an equilateral, equiangular triangle, meaning each side is the same length, and each angle measures the same (60 degrees). Now look at the construction: Each side is bisected by a line that also bisects another side. Meaning that the three triangles formed from it are also, equilateral, equiangular triangles (Brain going by now, or have you given up? Read it several times, you’ll get it). So, when those three pieces brake off, each vassal is given an equal share. Is this coincidence with the fact that each Triforce piece is balanced? I think not…

Now, let’s look at the people behind the pieces, Princess Zelda, Link, and Ganon (-dorf). Link, is a fearless youth with a mysterious past and a courageous heart, a perfect candidate for the Triforce of Courage. Zelda, is a smart, beautiful young woman who is soon to lead her nation of Hyrule, she requires the Triforce of Wisdom for her future. Ganon is a desert being, who thrives off of other people’s misfortune, and he seeks power in all places. These three people balance each other; Wisdom cannot take action without Courage, Courage cannot be strong willed without Power, and Power cannot rule without Wisdom. This is a delicate balance that when broken can prove disastrous (the great flood; the absence of Courage).

Next, we take observation of the pros and cons of each piece. The Triforce of Wisdom grants the user access to magic and intelligence unheard of, but doesn’t give long life or valor. The Triforce of Wisdom is passed on by generation, as all normal wisdom is. The Triforce of Power grants the user magic and long life, this is offset by the fact that the user is transfigured into a hideous beast. This beast is worthy of no respect or allegiance, and results in a weakening of true power. The Triforce of Courage gives the Hero valor beyond that of any being in the world. With the aid of Wisdom, Courage can destroy any combatant that approaches him. Also, Courage is hard to pinpoint and destroy; as it moves to the next person who is the most courageous after the last person dies. Valor can be found in the oddest of places. Like the other three pieces of the Triforce, Courage does grant the user magic abilities, as the Triforce itself is the ultimate magical object in the universe of Hyrule.

So, this intricate and delicate balance is tainted by power’s hunger for more. Ultimately, Courage and Wisdom must unite to defeat Power. The since, Courage and Wisdom seek no power; the world is safest when they exist peacefully and Power is exiled.

Thus, Link got one of the three balanced pieces of the Triforce. Courage gives him the fearlessness required to defeat his enemies, overcome the dark shadow of twilight, and ultimately defeat Ganon (Power).

In conclusion: It is completely ignorant to say that Link got the short end of the stick, or has a disadvantage to Ganon or Zelda. They all have weaknesses and strengths, and are all intricately balanced. Think about it and understand it, and above all, never question the balance of good and evil again. It’s a grey utopia people, and it’s not hard to understand. The extremes of good are still just as problematic as the extremes of evil…

  • Antony Mcpherson


  • sagdasin

    AGREE! i have to agree so much to your text in all ways! gj

  • Mario64

    ugh what's with the bias towards power

  • ZELDAfourswords

    it so cool

  • Tim

    first, the comment that was first is completely insignificant. second, were the powers given to link only the powers of courage, or was the great fairy there only to help link gain his powers? i agree gratly with your article, but many things were not clarified. Where did the triforce of power go after Ganon was defeated? (Ganon is easier to say than Ganondorf) Was the great flood a last ditch effort for Ganon? Unrealated kinda: Did twilight princess take place right after Majora’s Mask? (OoT is before MM so i acounted for that)(lots of(inbetween stuff)……..:D ) How did Ganon NOT die OoT? answers are needed. if you can shed some light on this it would be great. [email protected] thx the mouse has left the building……………./^/ ~( )3>

  • Jade

    The Triforce is supposedly supposed to be three triangles that hold Power, Courage and Wisdom which altogether help each other in a way that helps themselves .Ganondorf uses his part of the Triforce to destroy Hyrule but since Zelda uses her wisdom and Link his courage they manage to push the other Triforce away.What i am trying to say is that the Triforce holders have to use their part wisely.