Keenu da Keaton writes:
Hi. I was sitting around with zelda on my mind and I got to thinking, why is LoZ: A Link To The past called a link to the past? I read the comic and am about half way through the game, but I see nothing that has to do with the past. I get the pun In the tittle, but why not call it A Link to the Trifoce, or A Link to the Dark World, or something? thanks for time, bye

James writes:
Funny you mention this, because it was actually brought up on the forums not too long ago. Actually, brought up a lot. Considering I found not one but two threads about it. So, here’s what they had to say on the matter:

Posted by wiredbilly: Rather than listening to everybody’s intepretations about the imprisoning war and how it relates to the Ocarina of Time when the damn game wasn’t even a twinkle in Miyamoto’s eye, the real reason is simple. The translator has said on numerous occasions that he called it A Link to the Past because he thought it was a cool title, which it is.
If you read through those threads you’ll find that the game was initially called Triforce of the Gods in Japan.

Irane writes:
In the last mailbag last names were mentioned and while reading it I got reminded of something. It is clearly stated in Wind Waker that the last name of the royal family is Hyrule. However, on some sites and mainly in fanfiction, “Harkinian” appears often as Zelda’s last name. Is that also her name or do you know where this name came from and why it is used?
I have thought about it for a long time and would be grateful for an answer. Thank you.

James writes:
Well, you just answered your own question you said “However, on some sites and mainly in fanfiction.” Fanfiction, not canon, my friend. The only game (which I could be wrong) to mention any last name of the Royal Family was The Wind Waker. The only other game (which I could be wrong again) to mention another last name to a main character was Dragmire. You can figure that one out.

Link_14 writes:
Are there any The Legend of Zelda books out?

If not, are they planning on making any?

If so, where can you get them.

James writes:
Now, by books do you mean novels or mangas? I know there has been a manga for many of the games that are out, mainly those after ALttP and beyond. Whether or not the series has been put into novel form would be news to me. If anyone knows of any, please send in some links, that would be greatly appreciated.

Light Ganon 112m writes:
First off: ZU ROCKS!

Next, I have some questions, and I hope you can answer them.

In one of the mailbags it says, TMC is the prequel to FS. However in FS it says Vaati was placed in the sword before the game. Now, I do not have a copy of TMC myself, so correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no Four Sword in TMC. Please respond.

My next question is why isn’t Majora ever brought back. I mean they bring back ganon over and over again. Not to mention Vaati has already starred in three games! I know he is in a parallel dimention, but still!

In a separate email, same person:

I have an idea for a timeline!

Now, the thing to remember about my timeline is that there are several, each in a parallel dimention.

timeline1: OoT, MM, TP, TWW, PH.
nick name: Hero of Time saga
note: MM, TP and TWW could(key word) come from different endings of
OoT. Also PH only follows TWW(I think).

2: LoZ, ALttP, OoS, OoA, AoL, LA.
nick name: could not think of one.
note: In this timeline AoL + LA are moved to the back, because in this
timeline ganon “completely” dies in OoA, so then his ashes get

3: TMC, FS, FSA.
nick name: Vaati trilogy
note: I am not sure if TMC is placed correctly. Also I do not believe
the triforce exsites in this timeline.

And in a third separate email:

In AoL they mention a magian putting Zelda into an “endless” sleep. Is this magian related to ganon or the magian from ALttP?

James writes:
Man, you really need to send this all in one email. Confusing. Anyway onto the reading and answering.

Alright, I will correct you for being wrong. You should go and replay The Minish Cap, because you would notice the wonderful Four Sword at the end of the game. When you fused all four elements to the restored Picori Blade, it becomes the Four Sword. Hence, the reason why you split into four during the game. Did you even play the game?

The simple reason? They haven’t created a sequel to Majora’s Mask. So, if they choose to make a sequel to the game, and incorporate Majora back into it, they can do so. I wouldn’t mind a sequel to explain more about the backstory of the mask. It would be a nice ending to that story.

For the timeline: Your Hero of Time saga and Vaati trilogies I agree with. However, your second one could use some tweaking. LoZ and AoL are a confirmed back to back series. There is no denying that fact. But, like I always say in timeline debates: The only saga that has a true “timeline” is the Hero of Time saga.

First, spelling police: Magician. There is no evidence that the Magician in AoL is Agahnim nor is it linked to Ganon in any way. I could be wrong, though.

Light Ganon 112m writes:
James says first: this is the fourth of six emails this guy sent me. It is split into two separate “entries”

I’ve looking around, and I wanted to know, what is the difference beetween the old mailbag and the new one?

The fifth email:

Have you noticed that each helper link gets has a different personality. ex:

OoT’s Navi: annoying.(personal thought)
MM’s Tatl: uses you to find skullkid.
TWW’s King of the Red Lions: mentor.
TP’s Midna: just plain rude!(personal again)

However, each of them ends up to be friends with Link.(Alwys!)

This blend seems to me add a more to each Zelda game.

The sixth and hopefully final email this week:

I have a new timeline idea!

Thing to remember; each line is a different possible order of games. No line has every game so they go into different dimentions.

timeline 1: OoT, TP, TWW, PH.
summery: In OoT Zelda did *not* send Link back in time. Link goes into hiding, after he dies Ganon returns; and a new heroe rises for TP. After that, Hyrule sinks just in case Ganon returns. He does, starting up TWW+PH.

timeline 2: OoT, LoZ, ALttP, LA, AoL.
summery: OoT; same ending as timeline 1. After Link dies Ganon captures Zelda; she breaks her triforce into eight. A new heroe rises. After that, Ganon tries to take over from the dark world. Once dies people fret of his ashes. Link goes to find info about the ashes, but gets ship wrecked. Once he returns he must wake Zelda without Ganons men killing him to restore Ganon.

timeline 3: OoT, MM, OoS, OoA.
summery: At the end of OoT Zelda *does* send Link back in time. He then saves a new land from the evil of Majora. He then goes into hiding, but comes out to answer the triforce’s call to save two far off lands. After which, he becomes known as the “Heroe of All Lands”.

timeline 4: OoT, TMC, FS, FSA.
summery: After defeating Ganon Link then enjoys his life. However his son(wife unknown) must work with the minish to defeat Vaati. Years later, a new boy must redefeat Vaati with the Four Sword. However, Vaati comes back again. This time bringing back Ganon with him. The boy must now defeat them both!

I hope you could follow this okay. They all start with OoT then branch into thier own seperate timelines. Please tell me what you think!

James writes:
First statement: holy crap, man. You really had to send me six separate emails? But, that’s the least of issues.

First off: The diffence between old and new is this: The older ones were the ones Lars and then I did back in 2002-03. Lars initially started the mailbag himself, but hired me as the mailbag editor. I unexpectedly quit in 2003 (my life had picked up) and the mailbag stopped. Scott took it over again in 2005, when he became a webmaster. I came back in 2006 as a site helper, and took it over again when I asked for it back. I have been doing it since in either the mailbag itself or recently in Hey! Listen!

Next: If you kept the same personality on a “helper”, things get bland. So, they mixed it up on the 3D games to give it more depth. However, we differ in opinions. Navi is of course annoying, that’s a given, but I found Midna to be a rather unique character. She does start out rude to you, mainly because she is just using her for her own personal agenda. However, she grows to like you more and more as the game goes on, which how the game ends. The main reason why she breaks the Mirror is because she is torn with the fact that she likes Link, but knows she can’t be with him. That’s my theory anyway.

And finally: That timeline is more absurd that the other one you sent me. OoT does not start all “four” of the sagas. First off, where is your evidence to say that Link doesn’t go back in time at the end of OoT? He does, the game even shows it. The rest of that, however, does seem ok. I am not even going to start digging into the rest, I’ll let the ZU faithful do so in their comments.

Hall of Shame, you say?

Morgan writes:
A NEW NINTENDO SYSTEM?!?!?!?! Don’t we already have enough?! Well, anyway, this usless bag of corruption is crossing waaaayyy over the line! At this rate, all of our favorite game consoles will be classic has-bens…=(

James writes:
Will be classic has-beens? First of all, that statement is half true. While those systems are classic, they will never be has-beens. You would be surprised on the amount of people who still have a NES and still play it. I just read a blog the other day where a guy actually had his NES repaired so he could keep playing it. The NES will never die, because Nintendo won’t let it. Without the NES, Sony wouldn’t exist in the game market, neither would Microsoft. Seriously, you have a problem with the future? Go into a time machine and head back to the past and put of the Power Glove. I hear it’s bad.