I hope you’re nice to Mom today. You did get her some flowers, chocolate, and a card, right? Well, even if you didn’t, enjoy some Hey! Listen!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope you didn’t forget to tell your mom you love her. I mean, seriously, she gave birth to you and had to put up with your crap, give her some love. Now, some news. Two Mailbag questions also, this week. Mail me some more, If you would, please?.

Hey! Listen! The Zelda/Nintendo Report for May 13, 2007

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Nintendo & Friends

Upcoming Games – Shrek the 3rd, the console version of the upcoming movie, will be released alongside the movie on May 15th on the Wii. Another movie to console release will be Pirates of the Caribbean 3 will be released on May 22nd for the Wii as well. Mario Party 8, one of the rare Mario Party games that might be worth buying, will be released on May 29th on the Wii. If you want, Mortal Kombat Armageddon will be released on May 29th on the Wii.

The month of May for the DS shows nothing much. Diner Dash, Marvel Trading Card Game, and NY Times Crosswords are being released in May.

Wii Previews – If you were annoyed by the fact that you weren’t able to preview the games on the Virtual Console, worry no more. Nintendo launched a site for the Virtual Console games, with either some screenshots of the game or a short video of gameplay. They have pages up for most of the games already launched, with new pages launching each Monday. Check it out at the link if you were wondering about the games on the Virtual Console. – Link

Drawn to Life – There seems to be an interesting game to be released later this year for the DS. The game is Drawn to Life, which will be one of the first games to allow you to choose your hero, literally. If you ever played Okami for the PS2 last year, then this game will be a mix of that and other elements. The game allows you to use your stylus to create tools, characters, and other elements to the game to help you along. The game will be a platformer, and it seems like it will be a very unique hit on the thriving DS. I mentioned it to let you know that I am picking it up and you guys should think about it. – Link

The Simpsons… Rendered – Seriously, if you have never heard of the cartoon family from Springfield, you apparently have been living under a rock for the past two decades. Well, with a motion picture due out this summer, someone thought it would be great to make a game as well. But, not those games you’ve been playing (like Hit and Run and Road Rage, the most recent two), this game will be The Simpsons game to end all Simpsons games. Many sites around have been billing this as a true adventure game, which will run more like a long episode of the show than an actual game. They also claim that the game will be chock full of comedy, that you will be laughing for a while. There is a video of the gameplay so far, but the game is still 6 months from launch. You can also expect this game on every platform under the sun. – Link

Be A Pal and Take Me Here – I am now more jealous about things nowadays than ever. First, a huge wrestler is coming to a town 15 minutes away from me at a local event. Not only that, but the champion of this local wrestling organization is in the main event, which this wrestler is refereeing. I am jealous. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really, just a good segue to the hall of Final Fantasy Awesomeness. Squarenix has been throwing a party over the past couple of days (for what reason I can’t find), but one of the main attractions has circled the net. There is a display there of all the Final Fantasy games ever released, including remakes and movies. You can look at the pics at the link. Now, I know I’ll never be able to go there and see it (and this looks like a one time event), so does someone want to take me to Nintendo World instead? Please? – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

Well, Thursday brought me to 4 Color Rebellion, a nice little gaming site on the net. It produced a lovely Prom Idea for you gamers to wonder about. A group of students actually decided to have a Mario Bros. theme prom. This basically means the gamers outvoted in the Prom Committee. See, we do win in some aspects. Some.

Let’s see how many people remember this commercial. This, my friends, is a commercial.


mr.T writes:

In the end of the game, when Midna is leaving to the Twilight Realm, she says to Link that they will meet again. But she destroys the Mirror of

Twilight!!! So can you tell me how they can possibly meet each other again??

James writes:

It’s called a very obscure plot device that only Nintendo could pull. That, and she probably said it mockingly, since she knew it couldn’t be.

linksta35 writes:

I know this is late but a while ago you said there was a majic bar in TP in the hidden village. Were you serious. Same about the Triforce in OOT.

James writes:

I believe you should go back to that Mailbag and reread the last part. That’s the problem with internet sarcasm… It doesn’t pass off the same as the real life stuff.