Whew, that was quite a scare – after announcing that the Zelda Reorchestrated project was going to be discontinued, FireGS has not only reversed that decision but added three new members to the site’s staff!

ZREO has put out dozens upon dozens of Zelda music remixes over the past few years, but that all was about to come to a screeching halt last week. After accusations of plagiarism popped up, FireGS updated the site and vowed to never touch it again.

Thankfully, however, he made a new update a few days ago which explained that the site was still going to be active and that “wrongs have been corrected”. And now, it looks like things are definitely looking up for the group – FireGS announced that three new staff members had been officially added to the site. TheInspector, Lance9384, and ArmyofOne are all officially labeled as “transcribers”, which means that their job will be to convert the music from the Zelda games into a format that people will be able to edit as they see fit. It’s a laborious job, but without a transcription of a piece of music, it’d be nearly impossible for anyone to make a decent remix.

Welcome back, ZREO, and best of luck in the future!