It’s official, everyone – Phantom Hourglass will be making its debut in Japan early this summer. Is a North American date far behind?

The news has just come out – the most recent issue of Famitsu, the most famous and well-respected Japanese video game magazine, has set Phantom Hourglass’s official Japanese release date as June 23rd. Yes, THIS June 23rd. Don’t believe us? Here’s a scan of the Famitsu article – unfortunately, most of it can’t be translated at the time due to its poor quality. As soon as a better scan comes up somewhere, we’ll be sure to make an English translation available.

We’re not the only ones who are pretty shocked by this news. Most video game media outlets, including Kotaku, were surprised by this date. Since the Game Developer’s Conference that took place last month, we had believed that this game wouldn’t be coming out in the States until very late in the holiday season. However, rumors have been spreading recently, and some people have been professing that the game could be released in the US as early as October 1st.

If that’s the case, news should be popping up within the next few weeks or so. Keep your eyes and ears open – odds are you won’t have to wait long for Nintendo to make an announcement.