Another person doing Hey! Listen!? On a different day? What’s up with that? If you must know, look inside.

Well, it seems that doing this segment is cursed. Here is what happened for those who missed it.

Pipking started Hey! Listen! a while back as a way to step up the updates on ZU, which were lacking at a time. Pip’s life caught up to him, so he decided to leave ZU as site staff and on the forums. GDwarf, another forum mod and site guy, decided that this was too good of a thing to pass up, so he took over the reins. His life decided to catch up to him as well and he couldn’t find time to do it.

That leaves me. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t really been updating that much on the site. Well, the site itself is lacking again. I decided that I have no life to catch up to me, so I decided to take over the reins of this, as well as keep up with the mailbag.

Now, the reason this is being released on Friday/Saturday is because I figured I would release this ASAP to know why you haven’t been getting your weekly dose of Zelda/Nintendo from ZU. So, enjoy it this week, it will be back on it’s regularly scheduled day next week.

So, without further ado, here is what I found around the Zelda community.

HEY! LISTEN! The Zelda & Nintendo Report for April 6, 2007

Community News:

Back to the Basics – TSA over at The Hylia have finally decided to go back to being just a pure Zelda site. Most of the community seemed upset when he decided to make it a full gaming site, so this news should please some. However, if you were beginning to like the format over there, TSA has decided to still throw his hat into the General Gaming site format. In the near future, he will be opening up a site named Zentendo which will include Wii and DS games, with the possibility of branching out to the other markets. Look out for that in the near future. – Link

April Fools! – I really don’t have a link for this piece because this is a list of all the April Fool’s jokes that Zelda sites posted last weekend. Just so you know, ZU did not pull a site/forum prank this year. We decided it was for the best. Instead, some chat trolls (*coughcaptaincornflakecough*) decided to have some fun. We didn’t mind, it made everyone laugh for a few minutes.

Zelda Dimension released a fake flash of a “secret project” that they have been working on for some time. The flash plays out as a mini-advertisement and cuts out right at the end.

Zelda Blog posted a serious article about questions they would love to ask Nintendo. In the article, they posted a fake question about Twilight Princess, which included the fact they found a “secret ending”. They have since struck through the fake question and added the real one. posted that they were “hacked” by Land of the Legend and became a Tingle Fan Site. They also posted fake information about the new Wii Zelda that Nintendo is working on.

Zelda Infinite states that a Web 2.0 company buy them out and changes the layout of the site. It seems that they have since changed it back to normal. They don’t have a link to the site they did create for April 1. (which is a Wii site and not a Zelda site) posted a trailer for a fake Zelda game that would be set in the future. The trailer showed Link wielding futuristic weapon and castles set in modern day architechture.

Zelda Realms posts that all updates will be started with Moo. Nothing too major there.

Exploding Deku Nut posts the entire front page backwards. I would have hated to be the one who coded that.

Once again, folks, if you have a piece of community news that you found on your travels, feel free to email us. But, once again, we have changed the email again. That happens when the person changes. The new one is for me, James at zeldauniverse dot net. I think you can figure that one out. Any news you find would be much appreciated. Who knows, you might get a cookie for it.

Nintendo & Friends

Upcoming Titles: I am going to start a new feature exclusive to Hey! Listen!. This section will highlight any title that is coming out in a next week (from the current Sunday I release this to the following Sunday) for Wii, DS, GBA, and (if I find any) Gamecube. This will help you remember what you might have to go pick up. This section will include anything I find on EBGames, however, and will include small titles that you may not care for. This week the list included: Super Paper Mario (April 9 – Wii), Cake Mania (April 10 – DS).

Announced Titles: Another new feature I’ll add. This will be for games that were announced for the Wii/DS, as well as any delays to existing games being developed. Nintendo announced that Resident Evil 4 will be ported to the Wii, which would include Wii functionality for certain aspects of the game. Metroid Prime 3: Corruptions was delayed to after June; while the game never had a definite release date, many believed it would be released early 2007.

Mario and Sonic together…somewhat – While this isn’t exactly really new news, it is still something to report. Nintendo and Sega announced that Mario and Sonic (the two companies mascots) will finally team together for the first time in a game. Now, while it’s not Super Smash (yet), it is still a game. Whether or not the game will actually be a hit, remains to be seen. For those who wonder, the game will include the Mario cast and Sonic cast of characters competing at the ’08 Olympic Games. To me, it sounds like a really hyped version of Mario Party 10. But that’s me. – Link

Cult NiGHTS – You know what the downside of never owning a certain console is? You never get to enjoy good games and even those which became cult classics. NiGHTS into Dreams… would more than likely be on the top of my list of Games I Have Never Played, But Probably Would If Given The Chance. You would like that list, it probably is about two pages long now. Now, why would I bring this up? Because I may have a chance to find out what the fuss was about. A NiGHTS sequel, dubbed NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, will be released for Wii later this year. Who knows? Maybe this will kick me in the butt enough to finally go find a Sega Saturn/Dreamcast and find out why everyone loved them. – Link

Nintendo Sales Up – Would anyone be shocked if I said that Nintendo thinks they did well last year? No, alright. Well, according to various sites around the net, Nintendo estimates that they made over 966 Billion Yen ($8.1 Billion USD) from April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007 (the Japanese Fiscal Year). Most of the profit, it would seem, came from DS Systems, as well as the many of the DS games that were released. I think it would be safe to assume that the release of the Wii and Twilight Princess probably helped boost that number as well. It should be noted that Nintendo has changed their prediction of the profits four times since the fiscal year ended. It started at 120 Billion Yen, jumped to 185 Billion Yen, and continued to climb to 900 Billion and 966 Billion. Just to give a perspection, 120 Billion Yen is about the equivilant to $1 Billion USD. The link I am linking has a really funny picture that I figured you would all enjoy (it’s from Joystiq). – Link

That’s all I have for now. Once again, if you find something interesting that you think I should post, please, feel free to email James at zeldauniverse dot net. If you do send something in, please make sure you post a valid link to the story and not just a bit of an article you find. I like to keep some journalistic intregity and I like to check my sources. It would be greatly appreciated. Hey! Listen! will return to it’s normal day of Sunday next week. Hopefully, I will be on top of news stories next week, since I will only have a week to trample through. So, until next week, have a fun week and stay out of trouble.