Poor little Europe and Australia – they always tends to get gets neglected whenever Zelda release dates announcements come around. The average European Zelda fan has to sit and wait for months to get a game that Americans and Japanese have been able to play for ages. But people in those regions have had a whole 24 hours to brag about how they’ve been able to download Ocarina of Time through Nintendo’s Virtual Console service.

Well, I’m sorry, guys. Bragging time’s over.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan just announced that Ocarina of Time will be available to anyone who owns a Wii. Ocarina of Time will be dropping anchor in North America on Monday, February 26th at 12pm EST/9am PST. It can be yours, as long as you’re willing to pay 1000 Wii points for a good time. From there, it’ll be setting sail at max speed to Japan in order to arrive there on the 27th.

There’s one downside to the Japanese launch, though. If you’re hoping to get your hands on OoT there, it’ll cost you an extra 200 Wii points. Yep. Japan’s Virtual Console system charges a different amount of wii points for each game, regardless of console. Games from the Super Nintendo can cost a fan anywhere from 800-1000 Wii points, but up until this point a user has never had to pay more than that for any game. But Ocarina of Time’s immense popularity means that you’re going to have to shell out 1200 Wii points for it, more than double the average cost of any other game.

If you’ve played Ocarina of Time dozens of times before and have any of the two collectable disks for the Gamecube, you probably don’t need to pay for this. However, if you’re one of the few video game fans who has never gotten to experience what many people consider the best game of all time, you owe it to yourself to figure out what all of the fuss is about.