It’s the Year of the Pig!

I wonder what Ganon’s doing to celebrate?

Happy Chinese New Year, folks. Lots of stuff to get through this long and lazy Sunday, and I’m late. So off we go without ado.


Megaton – in the next few days expect something huge to hit our TP section. Jaws will drop. Fans will gasp. Servers will crash. All thanks to a remarkable young man named Jacob.


Easy Life – over at, TML turns his impressive talents to dissecting the decline of difficulty in the Zeldish empire. Hearts ain’t worth what they used to be. Link

Down Time – big things a-brewin’ for Site is offline while l-o-s and crew gear up for a massive overhaul. Keep your eyes out for the new improved ZL in the coming weeks. Link

Hello Goodbye – after about a month online, newbie Zelda resource shuts down with a whimper. Site will likely be scraped by the end of this coming week, so check out what could have been while you still can. Alas, we hardly knew ye. Link

“I vote you” – with another installment of Accidentally Linked. Keep it coming. Link


Gentle Genius – in an interview with Talk Asia posted on, Shigeru Miyamoto touches on his philosophy toward game violence when asked why Nintendo hasn’t gone down the lucrative guns-n-gore route: “My personal thought is, and I think it is the same with Nintendo, that before thinking about how to handle violence in video games, I think it is important to think about pain people feel.… Looking at the overall picture, it is important to understand and feel the pain that people might have. We make our games based on that philosophy, using means other than violence.” Some nice tidbits on his start with Nintendo, play for everybody, naming it “Wii” and risk assessment. He says Nintendo has the opportunity to take the lead. Wherever Miyamoto goes, I follow. Link

20/Twitchy – older than it should be for inclusion in this column, but an important weapon in the war on concerned parents. sings this little ditty about a 20% increase in visual acuity for gamers trained on action-heavy titles. “When people play action games, they’re changing the brain’s pathway responsible for visual processing. These games push the human visual system to the limits and the brain adapts to it. That learning carries over into other activities and possibly everyday life.” Games are good for you – spread the word. Link

Sound of Silence – Mike Jackson (fear not, young ones – not that MJ) over at problematizes the Wii’s declining momentum in Japan and crappy ports as the hype winds down and the possibilities sink in. It’s not all gloomy – he sites that most 3rd party developers didn’t get final Wii kits until close to launch, and the overwhelming success (read: license to print money) of the VC as reasons to keep hope alive. Link

Wii Want! – catches up with Reggie and asks the big question – where the heck is the hardware? Nintendo’s now set to crank out a million Wiis a month so supply should start satisfying demand on that front, but the DS Lite will be scare until March. Nintendo literally sold out in mid January. One of the many problems your company can face when you’ve gone from industry disappointment to darling in just a few short years. He also mentions Metroid’s delay-guaranteed brilliance again and ends with good things come to those who wait. No disrespect, Reggie, but you might want to switch up the message a bit between DICE interviews so people don’t think you’re just a corporate shill. Oh, wait. Link

Garden Grows – ex-patriots of the now defunct Clover Studios form a new company called Seeds. Translated from their intro: “We are the Seeds that caused the vibrant flowers Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Steel Battalion, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami to come into bloom. Although we alight upon a different earth, even though the soil is different, our hearts – closely pursuing the dream of “play” – have not changed.” That’s a damn fine pedigree for a new studio. And they’re hiring, so if you are Japanese and something of a genius you might be in luck. Link

i versus p – digs through the Nintendo of America forums to find a possible problem with 480p versus 480i output on component cables. Truth time folks – I haven’t got a clue what these things mean. I just bought a TV I don’t have to wind. Link

Meta-Midna – snagged this pretty-pretty of Midna playing the Wii. Ooo, existential. Produced by Litonico from the N-sider forums, who has a whole gallery of 3D Nintendo eye candy for your shock and awe-ing. Link

Highbrow – Not for the faint of brain, posts an excerpt from Dr. Henry Jenkins’ blog about game culture and the politics of fear. New Massachusetts legislation would have violent games equated to hardcore pornography – Jenkins puts the smack down on folk out of touch with the New Media. Link

And I’m spent.