This Valentine’s Day, Nintendo fans don’t have to sacrifice their love of video games when they’re expressing their love to someone else. One website is releasing a handmade Nintendo Valentine a day until February 14th, and they’re definitely not neglecting our favorite Zelda characters…

If Hallmark has never really been able to convey your Valentine’s emotions properly, maybe you’ll have better luck with They’re going to be releasing a series of video game V-day cards until the special day – one card for every day until the holiday. Some of their cards are fairly crass and won’t be very appropriate to hand out to 3rd graders, but a large number of them are cute and will be appreciated by any Nintendo fan.

They’ve already released 12 of the cards – including not just one or two Zelda-themed ones, but f o u r of them, and you can probably expect more to come out as time goes on.

At the moment, there are already cards that feature characters from Zelda, Kirby, Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Metroid, and Star Fox. More will be released in the future, so keep this page bookmarked and make sure you check back often. If you can’t decide which ones are your favorite and you want to download all of them quickly, check the link to a .zip file at the bottom of PlayNintendo’s article.

I’ll be updating this page with links to the Zelda-themed ones, so you can use this as an easy reference page.

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