There are many spoilers contained inside this mailbag, so if you have not completed The Wind Waker, please turn back now, or just be observant when reading the questions. Many people this time told me there were spoilers, and if I included it, watch for it. Other wise, be very observant. I was really lazy, and didn’t want to make text highlightable. Sorry. Enjoy otherwise.
From: EchoSideNinja17
What is Link’s last name? I only seem to know gannondorf’s.

Zelda Universe:
Link doesn’t have a last name, while Ganondorf Dragmire does.

From: Victor Fiore
1. why does the king of hyrule make very few appearances in the Zelda games??? he only appeared at the end of ALTTP, in TWW and in AoL (well his tomb I mean)
2. in ALTTP when you enter the castle through the secret passage you find link’s uncle wounded and on the floor. now my question is what was he trying to tell link?? his last words were, ” please save princess Zelda, she is your….” and passes away.
now speaking of dead people (sorry to say that) in OoT after you get the ocarina from Zelda (not many people know this) there is actually a wounded hylian soldier waiting for you in the back alley if you talk to him he tells link that ganondorf betrayed the king, bla bla bla….( everyone knows that part) and tells you to hurry to the temple and dies.
one last thing, you might already know that in MM in the zora hall and enter in the bandleader’s room you can hear him playing the “game over song” from LoZ. if you go to the other bandmember’s room you can also hear them playing the “cave song” from ALTTP and the dungeon song from LoZ. ( people miss very small details in these games huh?)
Zelda Universe:
1. He doesn’t play a major role in the games, that’s why he isn’t in the games as much.
2. I know you want me to say sister, but hey, I can’t it not true. He was trying to say destiny, because that is what she is! I did not know that Hylian Soldier was there either, so they fooled me too. I have been hearing a lot of old songs inside The Wind Waker, and if Video Game Music Archives are correct (since I haven’t gotten that far yet) when you get the Triforce, it plays the title to ALttP. If I am not correct, please tell me.

From: Linkoooooooooooo
I have a problem with your timeline theory. If the Wind Waker takes place hundreds of years after Ocarina of Time, Then in all the other games wouldn’t Hyrule be flooded? It says OoT Happens first.

Zelda Universe:
First of all, if I don’t correct you, I might have more people on my behind. The Wind Waker takes place hundreds of years after OoT. 100 years after OoT, a flood occurred, and then hundreds of years after that a boy named Link went on an adventure to save his sister. OK, now to your question, I have heard people say that they think the next game in the timeline, A Link to the Past, looks dry, so Hyrule must have been drained sometime after The Wind Waker and before ALttP. The difference between OoT and LttP is 800 years, do you think that’s enough time for it to be flooded and drained?

From: Unum22083
To start with, I really love the site. Yay for updates! Yay for content! Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve been playing WW for a while but there’s still something bugging me about MQ. I finished the water temple with an extra small key, and I don’t know where it goes. I’ve been in every room, and I don’t know where it goes. I found the key in a crate in a part of the temple that wasn’t necessary to go threw in order to complete the level. I think the room was on the basement floor. There’s a room with a large square pool with some whirlpools and a waterfall on the side. I played the scarecrow’s song, hookshotted up to the watterfall, and the room was in that general direction. It was a small dead end room with several crates on each side. The key was hidden in the first crate on the left. So, here I am, walking around with this useless key. Well, I guess it’s pretty and shiny,! in a useless sort of way.

Zelda Universe:
I guess you are just like you said, walking with a random, useless key.

From: Caleb Shupp
1.How come there’s only a male Gerudo evry 100 years? Do the female Gerudos
have some kind of magic inside them that makes them only produce a male Gerudo evry 100 years?
2.You said that WW took place centuries after OoT. If that’s so how come there’s only one male Gerudo.
3.What happened to all the sages in OoT? Do sages die just like evrybody else?
4.How come at the end of OoT when you stab Ganon in the head he doesn’t die?

Zelda Universe:
1. It is just the way their race works, no other explanation.
2. Because there aren’t Gerudos around the area where The Wind Waker takes place, so without the race around, there is still only one male.
3. No one knows, but it is presumed that sages either die, or they don’t get seen often because they have descendants (the princesses in LTTP)
4. He does, he just turns to stone, and is sent to the Dark Realm.

From: Leigh Johnson
1) Okay, some people wondered about the endless loop of OoT because Zelda reverses time. If that were the case then no game taking place after OoT would ever occur! But even better proof is that when you originally go into the sages temple or realm or whatever it is after you put in the three jewels, the Sage there tells you that it is another realm. Ganon is also sealed in another realm… or maybe the same one as the sages, it’s been a while since I played. Nevertheless, another realm could have it’s own time. So although hyrule went back in time, the realm of the sages didn’t. Course you kind of already said this and now I’m being hypocritical… Well this is a bit different. Whatever. Moving on.

2)Now my question: My brother and I have a bet. He thinks that the Deku Tree in WW is a new tree (not from OoT) but I think it’s the same one because he speaks the “Old tongue” and since Ganon is destroyed and never came to be once time was reset; then the Deku Tree would have lived until WW takes place. Well, if Great Deku Trees live that long… On a side note: Time being reset, how would the Deku Tree remember Ganon or Link? Once time was turned back he would never have been cursed with Gohma.

Zelda Universe:
1. At least there are people out there who have opinions that kind of make sense, and there are a lot in this mailbag.
2. Actually, I think that the original tree was destined to die no matter if time is reset, because like you said, time might be different in another realm. But, the tree in Wind Waker has unknown origins, but it might be the sapling, because it knows the old tounge.

From: Josh
People say that in WW Link releases Gannon by removing the Master Sword. But, when Link tries to rescue Aryll the first time and the big bird gets him and throws him to Windfall, you see Gannon throw his head back as if to say “Thow him”.
Think about it.

Zelda Universe:
People say wrong. Ganon in the game says that the Master Sword held his power in check, not himself. When you released the sword, you released his evil. That’s why all those monsters came back to life. He was already out of his realm before you take the sword out.

From: Craig Torbenson
Hello again. Before I start, I just want to say this: My name is Shayne Torbenson, not Craig Torbenson. I have to use my dad’s e-mail. That aside, I’ll say what I have to say.
I just wanted to comment on many of the e-mails from the last mailbag.
Zora-Rito Evolution: I just have to say this. As soon as people see the Rito name, and notice there are no Zora’s in WW, they assume Zora’s evolved into Rito. This cannot be true. Why would the Zora’s evolve to fly, when they are in the perfect habitat to suit their needs. Evolution in to help creatures adapt to their environment, but the Zora’s evolving into Rito actually hinders them.
The only proof is that Medli has Ruto’s blood in her, but I personally think it’s much more likely that some Zora guy who was a descendant of Ruto wandered off or got lost, found and fell in love with some Rito, and they had Rito kid, which was an ancestor of Medli.
Ocarina of Time paradox: The paradox I refer to is that when Link and Zelda go back in time, everything is undone and they continuously redo that adventure. I belive that everything is undone, even the Sages seal on Ganon. It is clear that Ocarina of Time was the Imprisoning war mentioned in LttP. But in LttP, it says that the imprisoning war was a great war fought with large armies and many casualties, including almost every Hylian knight. The Ocarina of Time sure doesn’t fit that description very well, and even if it did, nobody would remember it, so it couldn’t be told in LttP. The adventure in Ocarina of Time was nothing more than a way for the Good Guys to get a second chance at stopping Ganondorf before he was in control of the world. After Link entered the Temple of Time, Ganondorf got the Triforce of Power and it was too late to stop him. Later the good guys realized the only way to set things right was to go back and change everything from the start.! Ganondorf was sealed away by the sages for the sole purpose of allowing Link and Zelda to go back in time with the knowledge of Ganondorf’s intentions without Ganondorf stopping them. When they did go back, everything was reverted back to how it was except that Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf had knowledge of the adventure, probably because they also were still holding the Triforce pieces. After they got back, Link and Zelda were able to warn everybody and the real Imprisoning war happened.
Ganondorf: Ganondorf in WW is the same as in OoT. I fact, he is the same Ganondorf and Ganon in every single Zelda game (Too tired to prove now, maybe later)
Ocarina of Time fishing pond: Did you know, you can actually catch the fisherman’s hat with the fishing rod? He gets all angry and demands you give it back. I caught it once, but the first fish I hooked swam away with it, and I can’t get it back. From what I hear, though, when you combine the hat with the Sinking Lure you can catch the Eel with it. Then, you give the hat back, and the guy runs away screaming. Then you can use bombs and blow up the cracked wall with the little stream to reveal a bigger pond with larger fish. Don’t know if it’s true, but I really want to try!
Link’s Marriage (OoT): Link has to marry Malon. The only real eligible bachelorettes are Zelda, Sariah, Ruto, Malon, and Naborro (don’t ask me about the last one). However, all are sages except Malon, and Ruto said Link cannot marry a Sage.
Ganondorf’s Prison: Ganondorf’s prison was the Sacred Realm, where over the centuries he turned it into LttP’s Dark World.
Fado: It’s Fado, not Fido, and he’s the Wind sage, not the Forest sage.
Cuccoos to Pigs: I don’t mean to be mean or rude, but how can chickens turn into pigs?
Game n’ Watch: Just for reference, the Watch with the Zelda game is not called Zelda Game n’ Watch. It is a watch with the original Zelda game (NES) on it. There is a separate thing called Zelda Game n’ Watch. It was a totally different Zelda game and was part of a not very successful portable game system that was before Gameboy. If you’re intrested in either, the Watch usually runs around 15-20 US dollars on Ebay, and Zelda Game n’ Watch around 30-60 US dollars on Ebay.
Master Sword Location: My theory for this is that the Master Sword and Pedestal never did change locations. In Hyrule, in OoT, it was in the Temple of Time. However, when you go underwater in WW, it is in Hyrule Castle. But that Hyrule Castle looks mighty bigger than the one in OoT. Who says that between the end of OoT and the flooding of Hyrule that Hyrule Castle didn’t grow larger and eventually encompass the Temple of Time? And later, when the world eventually drained, people migrated south-east into the area of LttP. That would put the sword and pedestal in the Northern corner of the map. The Castle had already washed away, so the sword was left standing in the middle of a new forest. Southern migration after WW can also explain why in the original Hyrule, there was one mountain, but in later games Hyrule had a large mountain range covering most of or all of the entire northern part of the map. The Death Mountain was just the edge of a large Mountain ra! nge, the rest of which was not reachable in OoT. But that’s something for another day.
Darknuts: My theory is that Iron Knuckles either evolved into Darknuts, or just gave up the traditional axe, took up swords, and changed their name.
Fado and Mido: I think Fado is not Mido, Fado is too nice and happy to be Mido. However, I think Fado is one of the Kokiri who Mido is bossing in OoT to pull weeds or lift rocks. He just didn’t change with the rest of the Kokiri because he was in the Wind Temple. (see below for explanation on the Kokiri transformation)
Fierce Deity’s Mask: When Link was separated from the qualities that made him a hero, it cannot mean the Fierce Deity’s Mask. He was separated from them Before he went to Termina, and he received the Fierce Deity’s Mask in Termina.
Also, this was originally an e-mail I sent to the webmasters at ZU as a comment to the newly updated Characters page. It explains why the Zora and Kokiri are not extinct. It is directly off the e-mail, and abridged. I’d just like to let others see it.

The Kokiri are described in Ocarina of Time as the Children of the Forest. The Koroks are also described as Children of the Forest in the Wind Waker. Also, the Great Deku Tree in Wind Waker tells Link that the Koroks once had human form, but had changed/evolved into their present form. Add it all together, and you get Kokiri = Koroks. The Koroks were once Kokiri. The only Kokiri who kept human form was Fado himself, and that was because he resided in the Wind Temple.
With the flooding of the world, the Zora’s wouldn’t have perished; if anything, they would have flourished and prospered. However, their home was destroyed in the flooding, and they probably would have migrated to another land and created a new home, possibly the beginnings of the Zora city in Oracle of Ages. If you look closely, you can almost see the remains of Zora Fountain (Ocarina of Time, where Jabu-Jabu is) in Birds Peak Rock, drifted slightly south

Zelda Universe:
The only thing I will comment about that is that it was long. I think there are some good points in that, but I must tell everyone (except the many that are coming) to keep emails to a relatively small amount, just for my sanity. Thanks.

From: Wielder of the Sword
Okay, in your last mailbag, Tucker Crim stated that, in Majora’s Mask, Link was the one who said (quote) “Hey, give the old lady her purse!” (unquote) Those were the exact words used in the game. But didn’t it occur to anyone that it might have been the old hag herself? I mean, c’mon! It’s the first thing that came to my mind! Heck, lot’s of people talk in the third person, myself included! But that’s only because I’m a writer, it helps my literacy skills. I am not mentally ill…

Zelda Universe:
But why would Miyamoto make one of his characters talk in third person? That is kind of, um, I don’t know a word that would not be mean. But hey, you never know, but just let him live in his glory of find something that Link might have said.

From: Teresa Arispe
You responded to someone’s comment about there being no Gerudo in TWW by saying that the details about how the Gerudo are able to give birth with there being only one male Gerudo every 100 years are “a bit sketchy.” Actually, in OoT, there is some dialogue that explains this (I believe it is if you talk to certain people in the marketplace while wearing the Gerudo mask): The Gerudo occasionally come out of the desert and raid the rest of Hyrule, taking male Hylians to be their husbands along with all the other stuff they lot and plunder. However, for mysterious reasons (probably relating to the genetic makeup of the Gerudo race conflicting with that of the Hylian race), their offspring are all female, except for the once-a-century male. I hope
that clears that little mystery up.

Zelda Universe:
I think I remember that somewhere, but just don’t know where. Thanks for clearing that up.

From: Tom Bennett
After reading your last mailbag, it seems to me that a lot of people are confused about a lot of things when it comes to Wind Waker, so I thought I’d try and clear some of them up. (THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS AND SHOULD NOT BE READ UNLESS YOU HAVE EITHER BEATEN THE GAME, OR DON’T CARE IF IT GETS RUINED)

1. First of all, where does Wind Waker fit in the grand scheme of things? Well, in one of his interviews, Mr. Miyamoto explained that Ocarina of time has two endings: the one where adult Link defeats Ganon and the one where young Link seals the door to the dark realm. Miyamoto then said that WW is the sequel to the ending in which Link is an adult (while Majora’s Mask is the sequel to the young Link ending). I feel this pretty much confirms ZU’s theory that the sacred realm had to be sealed in both the past and the future in order for Ganon to remain trapped; the door swings both ways
as it were. This, then, means that we now have two alternative time lines to deal
with in the history of Hyrule. Now, not only do we have to look at when the games happen chronologically, but also into which time line they fall. What this means as far as how Wind Waker fits in, is that it definitely follows Ocarina of Time, but could have absolutely no bearing on any of the other Zelda games. We’ll have to wait for the next Zelda game to find out more.

2. Lots of people are wondering what happened to the all Zoras. The world of WW is a great big ocean so you’d expect them to be thriving, right? Well, in the game it repeatedly mentions that the Great Sea is a FISHLESS sea. Because it is an unnatural sea that serves to hide the frozen Hyrule, no life can truly thrive in it. Only enemy’s and that weird fish man actually live there. The Zoras, adaptive race that they are, evolved into the Rito. The proof of this is that Medli is a decendant of Laruto, the Zora
ghost. It even goes so far as to say that Laruto’s blood runs in Medli’s veins.

3. Those three travelling merchants are the last remaining Gorons. Proof of this (aside from the fact that they look exactly like Gorons) is that they have the Goron symbol from OoT all over their stuff. Although, I did get the impression that they don’t realize they are Gorons.

4. The Gerudo either died in the flood or integrated into the current population of the Great Sea.

5. Another point of confusion is how Wind Waker’s Link is connected to Ocarina of Time’s Link. Though these two are not physically related in any way, they were both deemed worthy, by the Triforce of Courage, to become the legendary hero. OoT’s Link was the original hero, and WW’s Link continued the legacy. We all know OoT’s Link is the Hero of Time, and the King of Red Lions declares the new Link to be the Hero of Winds. Also worth noting is that Ganon, after seeing WW Link holding the Master Sword and Mirror Shield, comments that he is “truly the Hero of Time reborn.”

6. Someone wrote in confused about what happened to the King in the ending.
This confusion comes from the fact that, after the credits, we see Link sail off in the King of Red Lions. Here’s what happened: the King perished when Hyrule was flooded. If you look closely at the King of Red Lions in the ending, you will see that its eyes and mouth are closed, and that it makes absolutly no movement. It is just a boat now; the King’s spirit has left it.

7. Finally, I just wanted to comment on what happens to Ganon at the end of the game. This is purely my interpretation, and I just felt like sharing it. A lot of people seem to think that Ganon was killed at the end of Wind Waker, but I really don’t think so. I mean, he’s been stabbed through the head before (at the end of Ocarina of Time) and he pulled through then, right? I’m pretty sure that the minute that sword gets pulled out of his head he’ll be back and kicking again. Anyway, the impression that I got as I watched Ganon breath his last (for now) words, was that I was watching
Ganondorf, the human part of the monster, die. After losing his triforce piece, Ganon’s power must have subsided, leaving him with only the strength he had before he got it (which is still rather a lot). After being stabbed, the body of Ganondorf turned to stone, and I believe that body is gone forever, but the evil power known as Ganon should still be there, sealed by the Master Sword once more.

Well, sorry that turned into a bit of an essay, but hopefully it will clear some things up, and hopefully give everyone something else to think about. Thanks for listening, you guys are the best Zelda site on the net!

Zelda Universe:
1. I really sometimes hate the fact that the first game deals with time travel, because it messes up the whole theory of a timeline. But that person above said it good, that the Imprisoning War mentioned in ALttP came from the second run around of OoT. But I really don’t know.
2. Not necessarily, they could’ve just moved off to a different land, like one of those in the Oracle Games (because there was a Zora City). Also, Medli could be the descendant is that she could have a Zora Mother/Father, and a Rito Mother/Father (one being one, and the other being the other one).
3. After finally looking at the picture of them in the characters page, I finally see why everyone says it. They probably are the last remaining Gorons, but just weren’t told of their past.
4. Or integrated into another part of the world, or another world, like those in the Oracle Games.
5. More spoilers! But yes, OoT Link and The Wind Waker Link are not related, only the Triforce brings them together in “connection”.
6. I really have to start playing The Wind Waker more, because I am missing a lot. But I am not that far from the end though, still at the Earth Temple.
7. More opinions, I like them, because some make sense, like that one.
Don’t be disappointed, there are more long emails to come, so sit back and grab a popcorn.

From: Daniel
1. First if sages cant marry like ruto says than how could the maidans in lttp be related to the sages.
2. I agree with you that the sages power are not limited by time.
3. How could the king of hyrule in TWW survive for so long.
4. I think the Zoras are alive under water in their own underwater world, and they kind of devolved into those things that attack you in lttp.
5. In answer to a question in the last mail bag the master sword can not be moved but like mentioned somewhere in ZU you could hypoteticly digg up the pedistal in which it lay and moved that. But if you look at the map of lttp compared to the map of OoT if you would see that if you turn the OoT map to where death mountian is where it is in lttp the master sword is in the same place just the temple of time is gone. my guess is it dissovled over time. other thing are also where they should be like the desert.
6. if coocos went exticted how could they be there in lttp.
7. One thing people are missing in TWW is that there are more islands thatn you can go to but the king of red lions wont let you go that far. this could explain some things people are wondering like where the gorons and other things are.
8. One final thing, I think I found out why the hero of time did not show up when gannon returned as told in the WW. In the game im sure it say that the hero splitt the triforce of courage into eight pieces and scattered it throught hyrule. So when Gannon returned no one had the triforce of courage so no one was powerful enough to stop Gannon, so the gods had to flood hyrule.

Zelda Universe:
1. Just because they can’t marry, doesn’t mean they can’t procreate. Think about that.
2. Of course, the realm which they were in might also not be limited by time.
3. He didn’t, his spirit did. That’s why at the end of the game the boat is just a boat, and not alive.
4. Or they moved to a land like those in the Oracle Games (wow, deja vu).
5. There are many theories on why the Master Sword moves every games, but the real answer is unclear.
6. There probably are Cuccos somewhere in The Wind Waker, just on some Island not in the game.
7. There are Gorons in the game, they just don’t know it. Other than that, I haven’t tried going off the map yet, but I will take your word for it.
8. There are people who say the Hero split, there are people who say the Gods split it, but no matter what, it was split. And Ganon tried to get power again, and the land was flooded.

From: Renato Leduc
I’ve been reading through the mail bag, an I send you my humble opinions on various matters about the theories of The Wind Waker.

The Gorons indeed are in the game, and they are the traveling merchants. They look just like gorons, and they have the goron symbol on their bags. Funny about this is the fact that the merchants don’t know each other directly. They’ve only know there are more merchants somewhere. How could this happen, to have some gorons wandering the world, not knowing there are more of their kind? Maybe gorons are an incredibly lasting race. Maybe these incredibly lasting gorons are the only goron survivors of OoT, and with time and due to the flooding they lost track of the other surviving gorons, so now they wander on their own. After all, gorons are a strange race. Just look at Biggoron!! If they can be incredibly big, why can’t they be incredibly old too?

Some people think Cuccos evolved into Rito, and other think they evolved into pigglets. Logic would say they evolved into Rito, but i think not. This is supported by Medli and Laruto. When Medli gives you the grappling hook she tells you they used it before they evolved wings, meaning that at some point in the Rito’s history they were wingless creatures. If they were evolved from Cuccos, the wings would have been with them during the evolving; besides, it is necesary for Rito people to get the scale and blessing from Valoo in order to grow wings, meaning the wings in the Rito are not part of their nature, but a change induced by magic. Finally, when you meat Laruto, she tells you that the new sage is part of her bloodline, meaning that some how the rito evolved from the zoras. I think that, for some unknow reason, the godessess used magic to make the zoras evolve into the rito, but only the worthy would be able to fly; this would explain why there are no zoras in t! ! he game although there is no reason for them to get extinted (come on!! zoras are fish people; the flood should have been good for their race!!) and why they need Valoo’s scale to fly.

And what happen to cuccos? Maybe they just disappeared, or survived in some distant island, or evolved into pigglet. I think that some cuccos survived in some distant island, and some other evolved into pigglets somehow. That would explain where the pigglets came from since they weren’t in OoT, and why do they get angry if you attack them.

Now with the Kokiris. Some people says that they can’t don’t die, but in fact they can die. In OoT they die if they leave the forest, so definitly they can die. And what happened to them in TWW? The answer is simple: they became the koroks. Proof of this is given by the Deku tree: when you first meet him, he tells you that the koroks are forest spirits that, after the flood, took the form of koroks, but no matter the form they have, they’ll be always be his children (if you remember OoT, the Kokiri were his children then). Besides, before you go into the forbiden forest, the koroks tell you that a long time ago it used to be their home and that they lived in stump-like houses. Want more proves? Well, Medli is in Laruto’s bloodline; although Fado doesn’t tell you Makar is in his blood line… why not? I mean, is not impossible at all, and besides they have the same instrument; I think that a new sage must be descendant of the old one in order to be worth of the titt! le.

Finally, I’ll go to the hottest debate. Is the waker of the wind a descendant of the heroe of time? Well, although there are some good observations that state this is not, I think that, in fact, the wind waker is a descendant of the heroe of time.

As proof of this is the shield. Grandma tells Link that shield is the family’s shield; later, before leaving outset island, grandma gave the shield to Link. When you receive it, you are told that this shield is said to have been used by the heroe of time!! If the hereo of time used that shield, and the shield belong to the Waker of the Wind’s family, that means that both of them belong to the same family!!!!
Some people says this is not because the shield in TWW and the shield in OoT are very different. But… come on!! Look at the whole game!! nothing in it looks like it was in OoT. Besides, hundreds of years have passed between OoT and TWW. The shield must have to get a little old after all those years, and lost some of its color and even some of its motifs; some former owner could have even made some changes on it.
People says, too, that WW Link is not descendat of OoT Link because King says to Jabun that he has no connection to the heroe of time. Well, this is not a denitive proof. Think on this: the heroe of time left the land and was never seen again (because he was leaving the land, he was separated from the triforce of courage and it was fragmented and hidden through the land); no one knows what happened to the heroe of time, not even King; when King says to Jabun that Link has no relation with the heroe of time, it’s because of his lack of information about the destiny of the heroe of time; the hero of time could have married someone on a far land, have children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren… and passed away; after hundreds of years, some descendants of the heroe of time could have returned to the flooded Hyrule and established there. Final proof to me that the waker of the wind and the hero of time are related is in the final battle: Ganondorf tells you that you! are ! the heroe of time reincarnated.
Besides, there are some other minor proofs. When the Triforce parts are separeted from their owners, they seem to pass to a descendant of the former owner. This is true for Princess Zelda: the only person worth of having the triforce of wisdom was Tetra, a descendant of Princess Zelda. The triforce of power stayed with Ganondorf, so we’ll never know who could have been the one worth of having it after Ganondorf, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t have passed on a Ganondorf’s descendant. Finally, the triforce of courage passed on a blond boy dressed in green and named Link, worthy of wielding the master sword. Mere coincidence? I don’t think so.

Finally, I have a question. TWW waker is supossed to be next of OOT, and before the rest of the games. But at the end of TWW, King wishes Hyrule to be washed away. Then… when and where do the rest of the games take place!!!!! I think that, somehow, Hyrule will be bring back. Otherwise, the whole series wouldn’t have any sense.

Zelda Universe:
I’ll only answer the question, because I have nothing to comment about that. The King wished for Ganon to drown with Hyrule. Zephka told me that a new Hyrule must have been built. Where I don’t know.

From: GlenLibbons
1. In the last mailbag some one wrote in about the differences between the gold & gray versions of OOT. They mentioned a chant in the Temple of Time that appears only in the gold edition. This was, in fact a Muslim chant. Nintendo decided to remove it after some Muslim groups protested, saying that it was disrespectful. The same thing happened recently with the XBox game Tao-Feng, in one of the characters endings a Muslim chant plays in the background, it was later removed.

2. In the last mailbag someone asked about the zelda watch. You mentioned the GB Game & Watch Gallery games. They are in fact two different things, the Game & Watch series are ports of tabletop games released by Nintendo in the 80’s with the misleading name of Game & Watch. what they were refering to was a game in the Watch & Game series, which were actually wristwatches that played VERY basic LCD games (one per watch). I owned the Zelda and Donkey Kong watches when I was a kid, i actually enjoyed the DK watch somewhat but i could only recomend the Zelda watch to the MOST die hard of Zelda fans. The worst part of these watches was the VERY uncomfortable plastic wristband that not only chafed your wrist but left a pink watchband imprint on your skin for at least an hour after removal.

Zelda Universe:
1. Thanks for clearing that up, I really didn’t know there were any differences between the two games, except color.
2. Thanks for clearing up that it is a watch, and not a game.

From: Cal Thomas
Anyway, do you know where the 4th Tingle is in Wind Waker? I think it’s the blue one, and according to your character section, his name is David Jr.

Zelda Universe:
You can use our wonderful The Wind Waker Walkthrough to find the 4th Tingle.

From: Adam Awad
The traveling merchants are gorons just use the deku leaf on them

Zelda Universe:
Do the caps blow up a little bit and reveal more of the face that looks like a Goron anyway? I might have to try that soon.

From: Christian
This must be the last game of zelda because of the ending i hope you already finnished it because i did ok here is : in the cinema before the battle with ganon the king of red lions make a wish to the triforce so ganon can’t make more wishes so it is over!

Zelda Universe:
No. First of all, according to the timeline, this is the SECOND game in the series, right after Ocarina of Time and before A Link to the Past. Second of all, even though they made a wish to the Triforce, that doesn’t mean Ganon can’t find a way to take over power again, A.K.A., being the puppeteer to the puppet of Agahnim. So, no, this isn’t the last game in the series, because there will be no end, because the Legend will live on forever.

From: Caroline
Hello, this is Kida. What’s up with the Sages in the Wind Waker? (Spoilers) Medli is the Earth Sage, and Makar is the Wind Sage. Shouldn’t these positions be switched around? Medli is a Rito, after all, and, well, you know, birds fly. Makar is a child of the Great Deku Tree, Guardian of the Forests. So shouldn’t Makar be Sage of the Earth? And Medli Sage of Wind?

Zelda Universe:
It’s that way just to confuse you. No really, I have no idea. The only thing that I could say is that the Koroks use the wind (aka the Deku Leaf and their cool little helicopter leaves), but I don’t know why the other one is the way it is.

From: Wolter Otten
How do I defeat the running man in OoT?

Zelda Universe:
Since our walkthrough doesn’t have any tips about it, I traveled over to my other standby, GameFAQs and looked it up. It says that you accept his challenge in the future, warp to the Temple of Time, become a child, find him in the field, and throw bombs at him, until he takes a fall. Warp back to the future, find him again, with a bandage, and accept his challenge. Take Epona to the Lost Woods, and he will huff in 7 seconds after you. The problem with this is that the person who submitted this to GameFAQs says it isn’t 100% accurate, so if it doesn’t work, I gave you a disclaimer about it. Try it out, if it doesn’t work, I don’t know how to beat him.

From: Jasper Wijnholds
first of all congratulations with THE BEST ZELDA SITE EVER!!
i have not seen a site with suh perfectness and perfect information about the zelda series and such a good forum (claps with hands)
but why am i writing this letter
why not make a section in you mailbag section wich holds all of the letters with spoilers because always when i look in your mailbag i see spoiler (i know you have to highlight em) but curse my frikking curiosity i dont know if miss kari is going to read this but please for the sake of my insanity DONT STOP WITH HYRULARITY!!!!!!! because that is about the best thing on this site
i think that about wraps it up
goodbye and may your site live on till Zelda 238 or something (after all OUR universe is also al lot of billion years old or something) =)

Zelda Universe:
Well, sorry to inform you (if you already don’t know) that MissKari has left us. So Hyrularity is gone for good. As for the spoilers section, I don’t know, that actually sounds like a good idea. I just have been doing them by the date I receive them, because that seems like the simplest way to do it. I will consider it next time.

From: Victor Fiore
i remember that in one of the mailbags that talked about the hero of time in the wind waker. you know saying that he mysteriously dissapeared. well i have a possible theory about this. first of all the way i think of it is that the links from OoT MM OoA OoS and link’s awakening are the same “link”. the reason is because after OoT he’s in search of navi which leads him to termina (MM). after saving the land he continues his search which leads him to labrynna and holodrum (oracle series) when that’s done, since there is no way to return back to hyrule to reunite himself with epona. he desides to set sail heading back to his land and suddenly get’s caught up in a storm which leaves him shipwrecked (link’s awakening) and thinks that he’s in koholint island. he wakes up in the middle of the ocean and finds out that it was all a dream and since there is no land nearby to swim to he dies misteriously! . this is my theory that could explain the hero of time’s dissapearance. it should make some sense.

Zelda Universe:
That’s does make a lot of sense once you think about it. It still keeps with the Multiple Link Theory, but with less Link’s. Thanks for the opinion.

From: fiercedeitress
I read about where you guys think The Wind Waker takes place, and I thought something different. In OOT there are basically two different timelines, one where Ganandorf is beaten, and the other where there is Hyrule with no Ganandorf, right? The Director of the game said the WW takes place hundreds of years after the timeline with Ganan. It sort of makes sense. All the others games take place after the timeline where Navi left and MM starts up, ect… But, if the WW takes place after the
other timeline, they can make practically a new story line, since [spoiler] the original Hyrule was destroyed. [/spoiler] and now they have a new land to work with. What do you think?
To answer one of the questions in the last mailbag about King being in the end of the game: yes, the boat was there with the pirates, however, it was just a regular boat. It wasn’t alive with his spirit anymore. You could tell because the eyes and mouth were closed.

Zelda Universe:
There are many possible theories that could work because the game that starts the whole thing is a Time Travel game. Double edged sword really. I am seeing a pattern, when I don’t answer a question in a mailbag, about 10 people answer it in the next one, thanks!

From: Unknown
Hi! ZU!!!!! I love your site,it is the only thing I do on the computer and I visit it every day! I used to think I was the only one who loved zelda so much! Anyways, I have a few questions/comments.
1. I dont see how Hyrule`s people died, because when hyrule was flooded, the water never touched ground. When you look at the (you probubly noticed this) sky the water is in the sky,and we know oxygen can go threw water. Thats been buging me.
2.An awnser to a simple question in last times mailbag, about how the kokiri could not leave the forest. The Deku Tree died.(duh)
3.Your sites great!!!!!!!!
4. Is there ever going to be any other parts to the interactive story, and upgrades to the fan fiction and pictures!?! I know you will say “When we dont have any updates” but just a few days ago you said “No updates today”. Whats the deal?
5.LOVE YOUR SITE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.On MM (dang I love this site) Im in the stone tower. In your walkthrough (you guys and gal are cool) you said “Kill the dragonflyies and go to the door on your left hand side.In the room are three switches clone yourself on each. Now find the cracked wall, and bomb it. Put abomb on the miss colored tile”. When I went in there were four switches and when I bombed the wall there was no miss colored tile!!!!!!!!! This has given me many headachs.

Zelda Universe:
1. It had to of touched the ground, and since it was a torrential downpour of rain, the land flooded fast enough for everyone to drown.
2. The Deku Tree died, but another takes its place when Link defeats the Forest Temple. That’s not the reason they can’t leave, because if they leave, they become stalchildren.
3. Thanks!
4. When there aren’t any updates to report AND Anakin finds time to make the pages for each story, update the whole site around it, you know all the detailing!
5. Thanks agains!
6. 2007 Reply: Hmm… still have issues, email them in.

From: Jin
acctually i do have some facts to support it
the first is that when he put the master sword away what reason would that make him less of a hero so he would still have the triforce, also the qualities of a hero are courage honesty and desency when he went to termina he still had those qualities and he became a hero there. now if this is true just because he went to a different world does not mean he would lose the triforce which is true trough the oracle games because link3 (i think)went to 2 different worlds and still had the triforce. now throughout that whole game (majora’s mask) link did not do 1 thing that would make him less of a hero except put on the fierce deity’s mask and remember what majora’s child said lets play cops and robbers ure the bad guy this implies that the fierce deity’s mask was more evil than even majora’s mask and that is the only thing that makes sense when he put it on the evil energies that were contained in the mask clashed with the heroic qualities of link which the triforce held on to therefore it left him and returned to the land which had hid it i also think that the evil energies in it broke the triforce in pieces from the shere power of the mask

Zelda Universe:
OK then, I retract my statement. Those are really good points behind it, but the only person who really knows what is going on is Miyamoto. Thanks for the opinion.

From: alex dunn
SPOILER: i read in the latest mailbag someone said something about king being there at the end of WW. the boat was, but you can notice the eys are closed. so, the kings spirit is gone, but it can still be used as a regular sailboat. glad to clear that up.

Zelda Universe:
Thank you again.

From: Caleb Shupp
You said that you were gonna look those travleing merchant dudes and see if they were gorons. Well if you look at the character page of WW it
says that some people say that they’re the last of an ancient Hylien (I know I didn’t spell that right) race.

Zelda Universe:
I knew someone told me to look at the character page, but I forgot who. Thanks, because now I see why everyone is saying that, because it is clearly obvious.

From: DeathMore3182
I just discovered this site and am impressed. Three questions. If you put in a boss list for Wind Waker here’s a list of their official names in order of when you beat them, Gohma, Kalle- Demos, Gohdan, Helmaroc King, Jalhalla, Molgera, and that floating shadow guy is Phantom Ganon, and the guy before Ganondorf is Puppet Ganon. 2nd question. To send in fan fiction, do I just e-mail it in like this?. 3rd question. If Koume and Kotake are Ganondorf’s mothers, does that mean it’s a girl/girl thing? ‘Cause that’s the one thing missing from Mario and Metroid games.

Zelda Universe:
I think we would have put in the bosses correctly, seeing as though we are a Zelda site, but thanks for the help. I would send your fic like this:

Title of Fic
The Name You Want to be referred to as
The Fiction

The one thing missing from the Mario and Metroid games is a girl on girl action sequence or something? That is quite sick. But I know that’s not what your referring to. Those two aren’t his mothers, that is just something you may have heard somewhere.

From: HeroofTime6432
first off, your site rocks! i visit it almost every day. i have an idea of what the zora are in WW. they could be the fisherman. also please tell me why in MM when u enter the moon u come up in a field with kids. also if u are looking for the triforce, i have proof that the triforce does not exist in OoT. in the OoT Mysteries and Romours Section of your site there are pictures that show u Link getting the Triforce. in the Deku Tree one it shows u getting it from a chest. from looking at the scenery that is one with the dungeon map. also in that section it says that u can buy it from a shop in kakariko with 999 rupees. u can not get 999 rupees and if u can, please correct me. also i would like to know how far AnakiN is on WW because if he needs help i can help him. i know he needs to write a walkthrough and the least he needs is to get stuck. i also have a suggestion on your site. u can make ! an exact map of the WW grid with islands, submarines and Beedle ships. of course this could be hard and it could put alot of pressure on u. of course this is a suggestion and u do not have to do it. thanks for the advice and tips in the past

Zelda Universe:
When you enter the moon, it is supposed to be like a dream sequence, where the kids are there to help you on your quest (they give you the fierce deity’s mask) As for the Triforce, any person with the right programs and know-how could doctor that picture to make it look real to make it look like that the Triforce was in the game. Anyway, we made it apparent that that was made on April 1, and that day is the favorite holiday of my favorite cartoon Spongebob. Anakin was close to beating the game the last time I talked to him, and I think the last update was him saying he beat it. That, and we have a walkthrough for the game right now. You know, I could just scan the poster on my wall that has all the islands and if it has a sub or not. I might just have to do that.

From: Sergio
If the red lion king is the king of hyrule talking through a boat, how can he talk to you before you remove the master sword from it’s pedestal if in those moments hyrule, including it’s king is frozen in time??? I like very much your site, it’s the better that I have seen!!! (specially this section)

Zelda Universe:
The reason he can do that is because it really isn’t the King himself, but his spirit. He is really dead, and that is apparent by the fact that the boat is “dead” at the end of the game, signifying that the spirit of the king is now gone.

From: Bryan Stevens
While I was reading the last mailbag a thought popped into my head. It came after reading the mail about Hyrule being frozen in time and after the question about the Master Sword resting place. The area where the Master Sword was in TWW could have been a commemoration to the Imprisoning War. If you look around you’ll see a stain glass pictures of the sages in OoT. This could have been built after Ganon was sealed away and just before the huge flood. The castle would have been frozen for 100 years while time flowed normally above the water.

Zelda Universe:
Good observations, I think that is a good theory. Thanks for your opinion.

From: Quaz5000
I was wondering, are the sages (Saria and Princess Ruto) from OoT the same characters as those in WW (Fado and Zaruto, I think.)? Everything makes sense that they would be the same except the names. And I don’t remember Ruto and Saria having those instruments.

Zelda Universe:
They are not the same characters as those in OoT, but they are somehow related to them in a way, maybe not exactly. They all share something in common that makes them the sage of their respective temples.

From: AdvanceSP
Hey ZU! I still think your site is the best and I probably will for as long as I live. Anyway, I’ve seen some people send in things about the races in Zelda change through out the series. For example, one person was askin where the Zoras are in WW. And another one is wonderin about the gorons, well, this is what I think. I think all the Zelda races are still alive but just aren’t in the WW to interact with. Although, I could be wrong (I’m wrong a lot about these kind of things)
I have a few questions,
1) Do you think the Zelda maker people could convert Ocarina of Time into a Gameboy Advance game? Because I was thinkin about it and I think it’s possible…
2) I was readin somethin and I saw a Zelda Game History chart. It had this strange game called “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars” What is it and how is it connected to Link?
Well, I guess I only had a couple of questions, not a few.
Anyway, I was thinking about the ending in Ocarina of Time, and I think I have a basic perspective of what happened. The Sages sealed Ganon in the Evil Realm or somethin like that. Then Zelda transported Link back to his own time. Navi left Link and Link walked away from the Temple of Time. Now, I know that the whole adventure was forgotten, but it wasn’t forgotten by Link. If Link had forgotten the adventure, then why in Majora’s Mask would he be lookin for Navi? Anyway, what I’m tryin to say is that Link remembered the adventure and the others didn’t. There are a couple of things that kinda prove my point, first off, when Link get’s the Ocarina of Time back in MM, he remembers Zelda teaching Link the Song of Time, but Link didn’t learn it from her directly in Ocarina of Time, so, Zelda didn’t remember the adventure. Second, Skull Kid was Link’s friend in Ocarina of Time (except when he was an adult) but in Majora’s Mask, Skull Kid mugs Link, sure the Majora’s M! ask might have influenced it, but hey, friends are friends, right?

Zelda Universe:
1. Well since those same Zelda Maker people were planning on release Yoshi’s Story for Gameboy Advance, anything is possible, but nothing is confirmed. If they do plan it, I don’t think you would see it anytime soon, since it was just re-released for Gamecube.
2. It shouldn’t be, and its probably out of place. I would contact whoever did that list and ask them what they were thinking.
You have some good points, but Zelda does remember the adventure, because she was a part of it, and she holds the Triforce.

From: Mike Fireball
On the mailbag on 4/25, RGimenezMiguel wrote about differences between the grey & gold Ocarina of Time carts, namely Ganondorf coughing up blood & chanting in the background music of the Fire Temple. I own a grey cart, & both of these things are in the game, so unless he’s saying that they’re missing from the original gold cart, he’s wrong.

Also, I’ve heard people rejoycing that they’ve come across a gold NES cart of the original Legend of Zelda, as if it was a rare find. As far as I knew, they were ALL gold. I’ve never ever seen a plain, grey colored Zelda 1 cart in my life. Did they actually make grey ones later down the road?

Also on 4/25, you responded to Nick Something’s inquiry about Calatia by saying that Zephka told you that it was in the manual for Zelda 1. Actually, Zepha is mistaken. I have the manual right in front of me, & Calatia isn’t mentioned in here. Actually, the idea of Calatia comes from the old Valiant comics series. The writers of that series made up a kingdom called Calatia & said that this is where Link was born & raised. The game’s manuals never makes mention of where Link is from. Personally, I never bought the existence of Calatia & shrugged it off as a writer’s creative liberty. I always believed that Link was Hyrulian born, since in the Adventure of Link, he receives the mark of the Triforce on his hand. In the manual, this mark is referred to as the crest of the kingdom of Hyrule.

Zelda Universe:
Since I don’t own the gold cartridge, I don’t know if there were differences. But, I think about the chant, I think in the gray version, it may be a little less Muslim, and more Zelda. But I don’t know exactly. As for the gold cartridge of the original, I don’t think my family owned a gold one, I believe if I can remember that far back, mine was gray. I believe that Nintendo has been doing this for most of the games on TV Consoles, not handhelds.
I was just put down what Zephka had told me about Calatia, since I had never heard of it myself. But thanks for the correction.

From: Unknown
1.You really need to upgrade fan art,fan fiction,and the interactive story.
2.I doubt that the rito evolved from cucco, because there isnt anything that can get that smart from something so stupid.Plus there is no proof, so I say they came from Zora.Oh, and there is know way they could learn to talk.If you have a way to prove it or disprove it tell me.

Zelda Universe:
1. We are still trying to get over The Wind Waker rush of things, please be patient, it will happen eventually.
2. But like everyone has been saying, if any race would not evolve because of the flood, it would be the Zora. We say that the Zora just went another world to prosper.

From: GamecuberErick
So you guys fired misskari?

Zelda Universe:
I really don’t think she was fired, I think it was more she probably had too much to worry in her life to worry about putting out a comic for a site online. I really did enjoy the comic, but real worries take more precedent to a comic.

From: Unknown
I know it’s been debated before whether the Link from Wind Waker is a descendant of the Link from OoT but I came across an interesting theory which may prove that Link is indeed a descendant of Link the first and it has to do with the triforce marking. After all was it not the King of Hyrule who stated that Tetra was Zelda and had the marking of the Triforce of Wisdom because she was the last of the Hyrulian Family’s bloodline. So if Tetra got the mark of the Triforce of Wisdom because she is a direct descendant of the Zelda in OoT then that would mean Link would also have to be a descendant of the Link in OoT because of the Triforce of Courage marking. Since the marking would mean that the Link in Wind Waker is part of Link the first’s bloodline. It’s just a thought I’m sorry if I spoiled anything in the game I just thought this to be a really interesting theory

Zelda Universe:
Link didn’t have a Triforce marking in The Wind Waker, he had to find it from under the sea, so that doesn’t make him a descendant. Sorry.

From: Unknown
Okay, I have lots of points, so it’s a big mail, but I trust it’ll put a few debates in motion.

1- Something made me flinch a little in the Wind Waker’s intro. They speak of Ganon’s first rise in darkness, and how the Hero of Time stopped him and the seven sages sealed him in the Golden Land. That’s okay so far, but then they say that Ganon returned and no one rose to stop him, then the flood comes. I thought the events of Ocarina of Time led directly to the events of A Link to the Past, as in no other Ganon-realted events would happen between OoT and LttP. How come all the other heroic deeds of the other boys in green named Link before the Great Flood weren’t mentioned?

My theory is that the legend-writers of the Great Ocean could only find records (as in, hearing rumors) of the two most important events, the first rise of Ganon, and the last one, when they wrote those legends. Though I doubt that the exploits of the Hero of Worlds against Agahnim would be so easily forgotten, this is the theory that seems more plausible. Of course, there’s also the down-to-earth, real-world theory that the game designers probably skipped all of the other games’ storylines to make the
explanation shorter. But where’s the fantasy in it?

2- Why does everyone says that the blue shirt with the crawfish design worn
by the Hero of Winds is his pajamas? I mean sure, he was sleeping when first
seen with that outfit in the game, but if it was his pajamas, wouldn’t he be
in his bed instead of at the top of that watch tower? I say that that morning, he got up from bed, changed into his blue outfit, then took a stroll on the island, and climbed up to the top of the tower. Then, because of the nightmares he had that night (Links always have nightmares the night before they go on their quest), he was restless and just fell asleep in the corner of the tower.

Personally, I prefer to see him wearing those blue clothes instead of masquerading as some long forgotten hero. When I realized that he would keep them on the Wind Waker’s “Master’s Quest”, my first thought was “That’s more like it. It feels more like it will be HIS legend instead of a mimickery of someone else’s legend.”

3- The Ritos. ^_^ I wuv that new species. I’ll just share my theory of how they came to be. They’re the descendants of a specific group of humans, probably sheikahs or gerudos who had to live on the summit of Death Mountain, and developped technology to allow them to survive by the air (the Grappling Hook). Then Valoo came, and with his great power, he gave them the chance to evolve into birdmen. As specified in the game, their wings aren’t natural: they have to have them granted by their guardian spirit.

Another thought: The Great Deku Tree in WW is obviously the Deku Sprout from
Oot, and Jabun is clearly related to Jabu-Jabu (if he is not Jabu-Jabu himself after a name change). Could Valoo be related to Volvagia? Dragon attitudes sure change over the generations, if that’s the case.

4- On another topic, I have a theory about Agahnim. At the end of the game,
Ganon refers to Agahnim as his alter ego. By definition, an alter ego means another identity, like Batman is Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, or Sheik is Zelda’s alter ego. Could that mean that Agahnim was actually Ganon in disguise and that he managed to find a way out of the Dark World earlier than we thought?

5- A side thought about LttP, Link’s house is located south of Hyrule’s Castle, and in OoT, that was where Lon Lon Ranch was located. Though I’m not the kind to match up heroes and damsels in video games, that might help support the Link/Malon couple theories.

6- I heard rumors about an upcoming Capcom-made Zelda game for GBA. How
much do you know about that?

Since Capcom has become the other Zelda game developers, they will bring a
lot of new ideas, characters and cool elements to the legends. Maple is a great example of such. I wonder if Nintendo will be open to Capcom’s ideas or if they will ignore them and keep doing THEIR Zelda.

7- Just because Link is the legendary hero, does it mean that there can’t be
other heroes in the story? When I saw Ralph for the first time in Oracle of Ages, and I saw how determined he was to rescue Nayru, I thought “Cool! That guy will surely bring a lot to the story.” And I was expecting scenes where the two cooperated, or even Link getting in trouble and having his little green-clad butt saved by Ralph I even saw possibilities of multi-player team up stories in future games. But as the game progressed, it was quite obvious that Ralph was intended to be a total loser-jerk kind of guy who’d do everything wrong, probably so Link would hog the heroics spotlight all
for himself.

Do you think giving Link competent active allies would actually ruin his legend and reputation as a legendary hero? I like Ralph, and I think he deserves to be called a hero too.

Lately, I’ve read the A Link to the Past manga that’s online on Zelda Universe, and I’ve been feeling the same about Roam, the archer that was looking for the Enchanted arrow in the Dark World in order to defeat Ganon.

Oh well, I think I spilled my bag for now. I might come back with a few more
theories and stuff. I can’t wait to see what responses I’ll get. ^_^

Zelda Universe:
1. Apparently they wanted to spread the gap between OoT and ALttP, but I don’t know what they were thinking.
2. Maybe, they look more like pajamas to me, and I sometimes go outside in my pajamas, so it is quite plausible. And I can’t see a Zelda game without Link in his green clothes, it would look weird.
3. I totally forgot that they get there wings from Dragon Scales, how could I be so stupid. And since to some fancy looking-at-OoT-and-WW-maps, me and friend determined that Death Mountain and Dragon Roost island look like they are in the same place, so anything Death Mountain related could still be there, like races, and Volvagia relatives.
4. I believe what he meant was he was puppeting Agahnim from the Dark World, but he could have escaped earlier.
5. The Ranch Shippers will be happier knowing that.
6. Haven’t heard anything about it, but they did do a good job creating two games for the creators. I also don’t know how much input they had when they were creating it either.
7. Well, Zelda helps him fight in the last battle of The Wind Waker, does that count? And the two sages help him through the temples of The Wind Waker, do those count?

From: Bt100best
I just wanted to let you know that you have the best Zelda Info Website ever!!!!!!!!!! And I do mean the best. The “Official Zelda Website” by Nintendo sucks horribly and I am so glad you can fill in that gap as the “Unofficial Website” that is so freakin’ good. I do have one complaint. I was on your website one day looking patientlly…Welll actually not so patientlly for the new issue of Hyruality which is the best Zelda Comic ever created. The day it was suppost to come in, you said Miss Kairi had internet connection problems, which was ok, I suppose. Then the next Monday, when I came to check on the new Hyruality, you said Miss Kairi was no longer working on ZU!!!!!!!! That really sucks horribly!!!!! I mean really bad!!!!! I am so freakin’ pissed right now I could kill somebody!!!!!!!!! Please tell me what happened so I can cuss her out by e-mail!!!! Thanks.

Zelda Universe:
First off, please don’t cuss her out by email, she doesn’t need it. Second of all, I think she, like I said before, has real life issues to do deal with other than worrying about putting out a comic every week on a Zelda site. I don’t know exactly what, but even if I found out, I probably would keep it a secret to let MissKari live her life. Sorry, I enjoyed the comic as well, but these things happen.

From: Lori
i just got four swords and want to play it!but…..i need my friends.do they need the game for me to play with them?

Zelda Universe:
Yes, they need the game in order for all of you to play the game. You also need a Gameboy Advance link cable in order for all of you to connect to play.

From: Victor Fiore
1. why is the ballad of the wind fish song in majora’s mask different from link’s awakening?
2. since misskari had to quit (this is very dissapointing for all of us) are you gonna continue with hyrularity or start a new comic? i was wondering this because i got a great idea for another comic series, in ths case “four swords”. i can come up with a good script based on it ( i suck at drawing) even though i haven’t played that game yet

Zelda Universe:
1. Replied!
2. Contact AnakinThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , we need an Artist and I do believe a script writer. Maybe you could help us out here at ZU, you never know.

From: Adam Awad
i have a theory about the ending (do the highlight thing) in the end when you are going to sail Tetra says something like ” as for our destination the wind will guide us” so maybe in the second time through if you go i the direction of the wind you can find the pirate ship? I know it sounds dumb though

Zelda Universe:
No, the wind at the beginning of the game only brings you to the destination you need to go, which is Dragon Roost Isle. Go any further, and your stuck. I think it was just another reference to the wind, because that game has a lot of them.

From: Kai the Destructor
I think that the Rito tribe may have migrated from some other land. Also, it’s foolish to assume that any races have gone extinct. Remember, Termina still exists, completely separate from Hyrule, so maybe in some future Zelda game, the supposedly lost tribes will show up again, via Termina. I can, too, confirm the presence of Gorons in ‘The Wind Waker.’ Look closely at the traveling salesmen…

Zelda Universe:
Termina does exist, but under a lot of water. The portal to it was in the Lost Woods, and I bet if it was reopened, then Termina would be flooded as well. But hey, aren’t Termina and Hyrule linked in fates? Hmm…

From: Unknown
1. Is there going to be an another Zelda game for GCN? If when?

2. Is There going to be a game where Farore is the Oracle of something?

3. Is there a way to get in the pirates place from Ikon?

Zelda Universe:
1. There are going to be two new puzzle games that were released at E3 2003. As for another Zelda adventure game, only time will tell.
2. She was an Oracle, she was the Oracle of Secrets, don’t you remember?
3. If you can specify what game your talking about, then maybe I can help. Never heard of that place.

From: MadCowChuck
1. Is it said anywhere in WindWaker at all that the original 6 sages
from OoT (Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru) were killed by
Ganon? I’m not wholly sure about it…I tend to forget things like this
easily. I know the 2 sages within the game were killed (and now spirits),
but not sure about the other six. And if they were still spirits if
they were killed….hmm. Interesting potential plot device?
2. Maybe someone could clear this up for me? The Deku Sprout left in
Kokiri Village replaced the infested Great Deku Tree of old…yet, the
sprout is still full grown and living. Now again, maybe I missed something here. Would that make Forest Heaven, Kokiri Village? I already thought I read that Koroks were indeed transformations of Kokiri…well, I dunno. That’s why I’m asking!
3. Finally (and I don’t know if you’d cover this up for the highlight thing or not), I believe there is another benefit to replaying the game…don’t hold me to it, bvut I believe “old-world” language (like that of Valoo) is translated in the second play. This is just what I’ve heard, hopefully I can test it soon.
4. I saw in your encoylopedia towns named “Saria Town & “Rauru Town”. >From what were these towns created in (like, which game were they mentioned in)?

Zelda Universe:
1. It doesn’t say anything about Ganon killing the sages. They were probably killed just like everyone else in Hyrule. There pictures of course being put in the castle as windows.
2. It’s not exactly Kokiri Forest, probably just a version of it pushed above the water. The Koroks are the Kokiri, because it is said in the game.
3. Yes, you do see the “Old-World” language in the second play, as well as hearing it in your pajamas.
4. They are mentioned in The Adventures of Link for NES. They are two towns you visit throughout the game.

From: Elizabeth Morgan
I was reading an article and it was the one about Ruto and Link. Well, in the Wind Waker, I saw Laruto. Does this mean Link and Ruto get married, since they are probable desendents and all.

Zelda Universe:
Sages can’t marry, so it would kind of be impossible for them to have a child.

From: KbBaby26
hello again! I have a little info on a question asked by RGimenezMiguel in the last mailbag, about differences between the gold and grey cart of Oot. In the original version of OoT there was a chorus chanting muslim like words in the fire temple. In issue 148 of nintendo power a person asked about this difference and they replied that the singing was indeed removed in later games, as it resembled a holy Muslim chant. It wasn’t the game’s creators intent for that to happen, but it was similar enough that nintendo decided to change the music. Weird.

Zelda Universe:
Weird. People get so offended easily nowadays. Geez.

From: Javier
1. I know a cool tip for Zelda in the Oot. If you go to Kakariko village and you go up with the hookto the purple roof house. Then you will see the windmill and there, there will be a wood where you can shoot your hook. Then if you are there go up and you will find a cucco. Grab it, equip with the hoover boots and go to the outside part. Turn back and you will see the fences. When you get there press B and do the jump attack while dropping the cucco in the air. You should be abble to pass the fences and then you can go outside Hyrule.
2.What is the GameShark? And were do you buy it?

Zelda Universe:
1. Ok, I’ll try that out sometime.
2. It a device that looks like a memory card, that I believe attached to a Playstation One and N64, and it held cheat codes for games for their respective systems. It was like game genie. You could probably buy them at any gaming store, or online at gaming sites.

From: Anthony Whitehead
I have tried several contacts at several sources and no one has been able to help me answer this question regarding Triforce Chart 5. I have destroyed the ships at Needle Rock and I assume I recovered the Chart that the Golden Ship drops, yet I do not have it. Now when I go back there are no ships and I can not find any glowing treasure rings-day or night. Do you think it is possible that I did not recover the treasure chest with the chart in it and it is still there, or is there a glitch in my game, or something else. I would hate to restart my game just to get that one chart. Just so you’ll know, the ship on the IN-credible chart is not crossed out like all of the other charts and Triforce pieces are. It is the only thing I lack before I can complete the game. Any help you can provide will be helpful.

Zelda Universe:
The only thing I would say is to sail around for one day, then so back to Needle Rock and see if it reappears. If not, it might have to be a glitch.

From: Frodo
In AnakiN’s review of The Wind Waker, he mentioned something about Dragon Roost Island being a remix of an old Zelda song. What song is he talking about??

Zelda Universe:
2007 Reply: There are comments on that Midi in our soundtrack: It is either a remix of Gerudo Valley or Zora’s Domain. I don’t hear it, but I don’t have that ear for music.

From: Master Dube
1;Will there be a new Cel-shaded game for GC
2;Did you beat the WW

Zelda Universe:
1. More than likely, if there was another game for GC, it will be Cel-shaded becasue Miyamoto likes that style because of the emotions.
2. I haven’t beaten it because I have other things happening in my life for me to get to video games. That’s also the reason that the mailbag hasn’t been out in a month.

From: Shinysocks941
Ok, I reserved the Wind Waker… but i guess too late. And never got the master quest i was looking forward to. I have already beatin the wind waker and am now extreamly board again, so Do you know if you can buy it sepratly from somewhere?

Zelda Universe:
2007 Reply: As you probably found out, you could buy it at some Gamespots for like 20-30 dollars. Whether you can nowadays, I don’t know. You could probably buy one on ebay though.

WW Is The Best Game Ever But I Want To Know Is How To Get The Man Dancing @ The Tomb Stone To Teach Me The Song Of Passing?

Zelda Universe:
You talk to him a few times, then bring out the Wind Waker. He will tell you to conduct him, and you move the Wind Waker in the direction of his movements. That’s how you learn it.

From: Stalfos_King
yo your sites cool i check every day for updates and i was wondering if theres a way to get the enemy and boss names in tww

Zelda Universe:
The only way to find out is to find a site with their names, like ZU, or have the player’s guide.

From: Unknown
hey ZU, my next question is this one, i went to another zelda website just to see if they have any other zelda related info, at that moment they mentioned something about the next game that will be displayed at this year’s E3, saying that it’s probably based on a dead rumor that was circulating 2 months ago on the net. according to the page, the rumor was:
“nintendo is purportedly going to show a new,darker zelda similar to the first demonstrations of the gamecube using more realistic models of link and ganon.”
now, could this be true?

Zelda Universe:
Apparently not, because E3 has come and gone, and the new Zelda will probably be shown at next year’s E3.

From: Darrien
After reading Anakin’s article, I talked with my Zelda friends. Most of them are the Wind Waker haters, just because of the cel-shaded graphics, even though they haven’t played it! I personally have loved all of the Zelda games I have played (yes, I do own the adventures of Link and thought it was fine) so never put down the entire series, unless you have played every game (which after playing every game I hope you would like them even more!)

Zelda Universe:
I love this game (if I would ever get back to playing it), and all of the game (besides of course AoL), and even though I don’t care much for AoL, I still like the series no matter what.

From: Rebecca Rowe
1. I was flipping through the index of one of my sister’s many celtic lore books, and I came upon the name “Epona” – I was like, ‘wait, I’m pretty sure celtic lore has nothing to do with the same Epona I’m thinking about…’ Anyways, I flipped to that page, and it said that Epona, was the name of the celtic horse-goddess of sweet water. I thought that was kinda neat, Link’s horse shared her name with a goddess!
2. I was looking through one of my little field-guide books on fish that I’ve had since I was kid and kept seeing these strange names like “Black Tetra”, “Silver Tetra”, “Rummy-nose Tetra”, “Emerald Tetra”, “Bleeding Heart Tetra”. I was kinda like ‘Wait, what the ****?’ I wasn’t imagining things like I sometimes do after I play Zelda for 4 hours straight – Those were the real names, of real fish. So I’ve just got one thing to ask:Is Tetra from LoZ:TWW named after a common aquarium fish that’s indeginous to South America, or is this just a really weird coinscidence?

Zelda Universe:
1. I didn’t know that, and now I do. Thanks.
2. Tetra, I believe, is also the prefix for four (like Tetris). But, if it from a fish, it would make sense because she lives out on the ocean with the Pirates.

From: Stalfos_King
just criticizing your ww enemy guide it says the only way to kill a darknut is to hit its back but you can also use a jump attack on its head to knock its helmet off and keep using jump attacks on its head to kill it

Zelda Universe:
We’ll get that fixed, because I think our webmasters may have forgotten it.

From: PacTeach28
I checked out your info on the new Zelda games (Four Swords and Tetra’s Crackers) for NGC and I’m rather disappointed. These games seem like Nintendo is begging for sales. Are they only multiplayer? What is the one player game? And is Nintendo going to release another Gamecube game like the Wind Waker? Because that is what a true Zelda game is. Thanks.

Zelda Universe:
I think these two games are just a couple of games to tie us over until they start working on the next one, which at the moment will most likely be Cel-Shaded.

From: Unknown
Why don`t you put a picture of Ganon on oot boss page and your oot enimies list is incomplete!!! How do you get the pictograph box on ww?

Zelda Universe:
You get the pictograph from the hole in Tingle’s cell. You go through a hole in his cell, and you go around a maze, and you get to a room with the pictograph. To get the Deluxe one, you need to do some errands for Lenzo (I believe that’s the pictograph guy) and you end up with the Deluxe one.

From: Unknown
1.Are the four swords gameboy advance and gamecube the the same?(excuse my grammer)
2.Do you use any kind of weapon in Tetra`s Chase?
3.Do you know when they come out?
5.Which one of you enjoyed the wind waker the most? Im guessing anakiN.
6.Are you going to add Tetra`s Chase and Four Swords for gamecube, to the timeline? Maybe Im asking these questions to early. Am I?
7.OKKKK. Here it goes……..what is……..E3?
8.So the wind waker truly conferms that the multi Link theory is true? If so, GREAT!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NA NA NA NA NAAA, the one link theory people were WRONG!!!!!!!! HA HA!!!! If not, then the battle still goes on.
9.Tell me if Im acting stupid.
10.You want me to tell you something stupid? Some idiot claims to have rode a T-rex on a zelda game and he said he made link have a kid with Zelda!!!! Does the insane fool expect us to believe that?(I cant stand people like that!!!)

Zelda Universe:
1. It looks more like an upgraded version of the Game Boy Advance, because you can connect to the Game Boy. But I don’t if I read that correctly.
2. It’s Tetra’s Trackers, and nothing much is really know about this game so far. We’ll keep you updated.
3. No release date for either was mentioned yet. We’ll keep you updated.
4. When you upgrade your grammar and spelling.
5. I think we all equally enjoyed the same, because it is Zelda.
6. I don’t know if either is part of the timeline.
7. Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s a place where video game companies, video game retailers, video game personnel (like some websites), and electronics personnel go to show off video games that will be released in the upcoming year. That’s why we have some screenshots of the new Zelda games, because they were shown at this Expo. It’s usually held out in California, you need to be 18 to enter, and must be connected to a Electronic retailer, company, or website.
8 & 9. Ok, you are acting pretty stupid now.
10. I’ve heard that before, and it is untrue. No possible way to do that.

From: BonsiaNick
I have Zelda, the Wind Waker, and I need some help badly. Im on the pirate ship, and I cant figure a way to swing on the ropes and get to the other side and get the bombs. How do I do this? It seems impossible. I get to the stack of crates that you can’t get to unless you swing, but that’s where I get lost. Please send me some tips or detailed intructions on how to do this.
Thanks for your help

Zelda Universe:
I believe from the switch, you go forward, left, forward, forward again, and forward right, then the platform. *Checks player’s guide* Oh yea, you just need to watch out for the swinging of the rope. You shouldn’t end up on the crate, you just need to use trial and error. You’ll get there soon enough.

From: Unknown
I have a question about the 2 new games that Nintendo announced at E3.

As for 4 swords, I do not really understand. It says something about linking the GBA & the GameCube. If you do that, then what do you do on your GBA, and what on your GameCube?

Tetra’s Trackers; sounds like a great game, but again the same story. What do you do on your GBA and what on your GameCube?

Zelda Universe:
In Four Swords the overworld is displayed on the TeleVision, and once you enter a cave or a dungeon, the gameplay will be on your GameBoy Advance. In a similar fashion you will get hints on the whereabouts of the various pirates you are looking for in Tetra’s Trackers, meaning that only YOU can see the hints, and not the friends you are playing with.