James: This mailbag is full of spoilers because many people either beat the game, or really wanted to know. So, if you see an answer with some of it missing, highlight the whole answer; you’ll then see the spoiler. If you don’t want to know, then don’t highlight any of the answers. Your welcome in advance. (Note: This was true in 2003, but doesn’t ring true now)

From: Davedude13579
where can i get a master quest walkthrough?:)

Zelda Universe:
We have one at the site, of course — Just go to the Master Quest section and you will find one of the best and most describing MQ walkthroughs available today. Simple eh?

From: Victor Fiore
how would you explain the lack of dungeons in majora’s mask compared with the other zelda games? this usually varies from 7 to 13 dungeons per game.

Zelda Universe:
I would just guess that Miyamoto thought he would put out a game that would tie you over until you got Wind Waker. But I think that it was really because the Gamecube was under construction, and as was an idea for a game of Zelda for it. So, they turned their attention to that rather than a good N64 game. But I don’t know the real reason.

From: Kida
Hi, my name is Kida. I really enjoy ZU, and I visit every day. ^_^ Anyway, I want to talk about Ganondorf. In previous mailbags, people have thought that the Ganondorf in The Wind Waker is the newest Gerudo male, but how could this be? Sure, he has a beard, but that doesn’t really matter.
1) Ganondorf did say that he would destroy Link and Zelda’s descendants at the end of Ocarina of Time. With the Triforce of Power, he probably just broke out after a century.
2) In one WW screenshot, Ganondorf is holding Tetra by the neck and the Triforce of Power mark on his hand is glowing. Basically, he has the Triforce of Power. How could this Ganondorf be the new Gerudo male if he has the Triforce of Power? The OoT Ganondorf still had it when he was sealed away by Zelda and the Sages.
3) I read that he is using the giant bird to find all of the young girls in Hyrule in order to capture Princess Zelda. See? He said he would get rid of Link and Zelda’s descendants.

Zelda Universe:
Well, hello Kida. I guess I can answer your questions about Ganondorf, because I have more sources that can help me in the form of the Strategy Guide that came out BEFORE the game.
1. Well, he kind of did.
**spoiler** Highlight below to read Once Link pulls the Master Sword out of the pedastal in Hyrule castle, Ganon is released from the realm, and is receiving power throughout the game.
2. **Another Spoiler** Highlight below to read He does have the Triforce of power, but the reason it glows is because he has found another decendant of the triforce, Zelda. But, OoT Link does the smart thing and hides the Triforce throughout flooded Hyrule. Man, this storyline rules..
3. I haven’t heard that one, but I guess it does make sense that Tetra is captured to begin with.

From: Unknown
At the end of Ocarina of Time, Gannondorf said that he would destroy Link’s descendents. To me, that is foreshadowing, and since Ww takes place 100 years later, it would be easy to assume that Ww Link is a descendent of OoT Link. What I’m confused about is that, why would Shigeru put foreshadowing in Ocarina of Time? If Gannondorf is a bad guy in Ww, wouldn’t that make Ww Link a descendent. If so, why doesnt Ww Link know that OoT is the hero of time? It be pretty hard not to know that a relative played an important role in Hyrule.

Zelda Universe:
Wind Waker Link is a decendant of OoT Link. Foreshadowing is a good tool in games and books. The reason that WW Link does not know of OoT Link is because the things of OoT are a Legend to flooded Hyrule. On every boy’s 12th birthday they are told of the legend, and given clothes that remind people of the Hero of Time, and try to find a new Hero. The legend will be explained further in the game itself.

From: Darrell Harvey
I was reading your mailbag for 3/14/03 and you just made me realize something about OOT. Remember when you first meet zelda and she talks about her dream and says that your name sounds familiar? Well thats because that dream was the battle between you and ganon. Ya see?!
P.S. Im getting Wind Waker tomorrow and i can’t wait 🙂

Zelda Universe:
I am also getting Wind Waker, I can’t wait either. And the dream, I thought she said that she had a dream of a man causing black clouds, and that a light from the forest appeared, and it was Link. That’s probably how he knows your name.

From: Lilac Cooper
First, I just want to say that your site is one of the best Zelda sites I have ever seen. Second, Do you know if Nintendo has any plans of bringing MM to the Gamecube like they did with OoT?

Zelda Universe:
I don’t know. Not that many people I talk to like MM all that much. But there is always the chance since Miyamoto said that another Gamecube Zelda is likely. So another preorder deal could come out, if you ask nicely.

From: Slider
Hya! I AM the biggest and best Zelda freak in my school! my friend (a Zelda freak…*cough* cheater *cough*) got the W.W. cheat guide. i was flippin through it and iit turns out that you dont fight Gannon himself but you fight his shadow and puppet. and i mean puppet LITERALY! you can see the strings and everything! also, only 2 people from OoT are in the game, Gannondorf (or Gannondork, i mean thats him at the end of OoT) and the Great Deku Tree. y? remember the sapling? yeh. he scares the living crap outta Link. and remember how somewhat 2 mailbags ago? with the pronounciation of Hyrule? its pronounced ‘Hi Rule’ due to several timelines ive read. before this land the Goddesses made got a name, people refered to it as the land of high rule for its greatness. this kinda brings me to another question…when does the Wind Waker take place? no, im not stupid, duh. 100 years after Link slayed Gannon. but theres the thing! if its 100 years after ADULT Link id understand but if it is kid Link, how could Gannon BUST out of the SACRED REALM? i think that right after they started Zelda GCN (no title remember?) they expected Gannon to break out and mainy go through with the Link venturing into Hell to find Zelda (from your WW rumors section) but when they realised their mistake they made the game so itd work around that. o yeh, and Jabu in WW? no, i think its his son or somthin…his name is Jabun…that extra ‘N’ makes a HUGE difference!

Zelda Universe:
I am the biggest Zelda freak in my school as well. If I am reading though the same guide (which I think I am, since they are almost all the same), I see both a puppet and himself. I won’t go into much detail about it, not spoil a lot about this game. Yes, the sapling grew over the 100 years of peril, lying in the same spot, which in The Wind Waker is called the Forest Haven. I thought I said it was “Hi-Rule.” I think that the game is 100 years after Adult Link because that’s what the legend in the game says. And I had no idea a Jabu was in the game, thanks you ruined it (just kidding).

From: Firebird20000
I just love your site its so cool. I check it out all the time. I exspecially love the hyrularity it is is the funniest story around america. I have a question in windwaker I heard its 100 years from the point link was an adult. who did link marry to keep the generation going malon or zelda?

Zelda Universe:
I like Hyrularity as well, especially last week when MissKari put herself in the comic. As for your question on the generation continuation, everything about The Hero of Time is mysterious, so no one really knows who he married.

From: Unknown
YO Zelda U. Firstly I’ll give you MAJOR props on the site and the frequency that its updated. Now I have 3 questions
1. More of a comment that a question. I’ve heared that when you beat TWW you get a special 2nd quest. This may sound cool but when you think about it, it would suck! You wouldn’t be able to just run/sail around Hyrule, This was a heaps cool thing in OOT, MM, LTTP and others as it let you collect all the stuff that you missed out on. Can you please clear things up for me. Thanx
2. When will the new layout be ready(if its already done by the time the mailbag is published… COOL)?
3. What is your personal All time favourite game?
Once again, Great work on the site

Zelda Universe:
1. I don’t think you get a special second quest. You get some random bonuses that weren’t in the game the first time you went around. I won’t tell them all, but one is that Aryll wears a dress throughout the game that she only wore after a certain part.
2. I don’t know, I only do the mailbag, and am not told much. The rations here aren’t that meager either.
3. All time in any game other than Zelda: Super Mario Bros. 3
All time favorite Zelda Game: OoT, of course.

James: The next question is going to look weird, but it isn’t. Two people sent in two very similar questions (1 and 2 below), a separate one, and one person sent in the same question as #1. So instead of making it three separate questions, I made it one. 3a represents Colin Bilz, and 3b represents the Christian.
(1) Malonsboy
(a) Colin Bilz
(b) Christian

1) The question and answer to seeing Epona i the credits of OoT (question by Victor Fiore): “what happens if you finish the game without winning Epona and without saving the ranch?”. Isn’t it kind of difficult to complete OoT without Epona, as you need her to jump over the broken bridge to Gerudo Fortress, or are there any chickens around there you can use that I’ve just never noticed?
2) Someone mentioned Ganondorf’s speech at the end of OOT. He doesn’t say that his descendants will destroy Link, he says that HE will destroy Link’s descendants. In other words, he will break free and exterminate the next Hero in Link’s bloodline (which means WW Link, though you know he’ll still win…he’s the Hero after all).
3a) I’ve noticed that in terms of the Zelda timeline, the games generally come in twos. LoZ/AoL, LTTP(/LA?), OOT/MM, OOS/OOA, and I’m assuming they’ll only have one sequel to WW and then they’ll move on to another point in the timeline. What I’m trying to say is I really don’t think they’re meant to be directly connected. And you said that if they’re not part of an actual timeline then they’re not part of the legend. That’s not true: the legend states that a Hero will always rise to combat evil. Even if the games had no timeline at all they’d still follow the legend.
3b) The all-Caps-Lock from Laura Waxmonsky – I just hope that was all a lie, because it’d really suck having that part being spoiled once I (and others) play the game. I won’t get it for another month, being a Swede with too much patience to order TWW from the US 😉

Zelda Universe:
1. Even though the ZU Walkthrough doesn’t mention this, you can cross the bridge to Gerudo Valley using the Hookshot. Since the only real way over is being an adult, Link can use the Hookshot to cross the bridge, thus allowing you never to receive Epona. That is the only place you REALLY need her, and there is a way around it.
2. Ganon does come back to try to get rid of Link. You’ll just have to play the game to find out how and what happens.
3a. Actually, LA is more linked to OOA/OOS, being that it is the same Link. But yes, there usually is a trend of twos, and Miyamoto already said he plans on making another Gamecube game, but it may not connect to The Wind Waker, or it might. We’ll just have to wait.
3b. I have yet to read that part, and really don’t want to ruin it for me as well. But I don’t know, I don’t usually trust ALL CAPS.

From: Tremmor500
1. You may have answered this already but i was wondering, if the party at the end of oot takes place in 2280 when link is a kid, then what reason do the people have for partying? nothing has happend yet. Gannon hasn’t risen to power.
2. If the 4541 Link (III I presume) has to awaken Zelda III from the sleep spell that according to your timeline was cast on her in 3937, wouldn’t that make Zelda at least 604 years old?

Zelda Universe:
1. Man, do I hate explaining the theories of OoT. Because it could go either way, like you explained. I guess they heard something about Ganon being defeated sometime, and partied over it.
2. The spell cast on her caused her to not age.

From: Brendan
Hi im Brendan i have questions for you……
1.This is a stupid question But in OoT how do you get Epona?
2.Do Zelda and Link have a connection because in all the Zelda games (exept WW) Zelda takes a role in it so I want to know..
3.In Oot Is there a order the way you beat temples with Adult Link?
4.How do you get the sinking lure in Oot?

Zelda Universe:
1. You go to the Lon Lon Ranch as a child, learn Epona’s Song, turn into an adult, go back to the Ranch, pay the money to ride the horses for a time limit, play Epona’s Song, and she will come over. You’ll leave after the limit, but do it again, but this time Z-target Ingo, and talk. Ingo will challenge you to a race, and if you win, you get Epona. But he tells you can’t go out the way you came, so you need to speed up, and jump over the wall on the far end of the ranch.
2. I guess wherever there is a Princess named Zelda, there will always be a hero named Link. *spoiler* Highlight to Read: Zelda is in Wind Waker, she’s hidden as Tetra, the pirate, and you don’t find out until you enter the Castle under the water.
3. The usual order that people do it is Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit, since I think that is the way the game sends you. But if you want to try to beat them in any order, be my guest. You won’t get far, seeing as the next temple has some puzzle involving the items from the previous temple.
4. Since ZU doesn’t have an in-depth Fishing FAQ, this is from GameFAQs: “Before I explain it, just remember that if you use the sinking lure you won’t get a prize for your catch. Okay. When you’re a kid, the sinking lure is found on the stick that’s sticking out of the pond. Just walk over that stick until you find it. As an adult, the sinking lure is in between two of the three rocks at the tiny stream. Keep in mind that you can’t see it.”

From: David Quick
First of all, I really like your site and I was wondering if you’ve been to Kasuto.net? That site is really popular among Zelda fans, you could gain a large amount of hits by affiliating with Kasuto.
Here’s my question, I bought Electronic Gaming Monthly today because it had the Wind Waker in it, I found some information about the Wind Waker Songs and Boss Stradegies, but I’m too scared to read it because I don’t want to spoil anything about the Wind Waker. What do you think I should do?

Zelda Universe:
I have been to Kasuto.net once, but everytime I go back to find something, I can’t. So, I rely on my favorite site, ZU!
Anyway, to your question. I, being one who works at a Zelda fan site, did read up on some spoilers for the game, that and I always do that (no reason really). I would say, you’re going to learn the songs anyway, so read those, but the boss strategies I would read up on if you die many times trying to beat one of the bosses.

From: chased1111
In response to the question posed about why Navi turns green on the ledge of the room with the rolling stones in the Fire Temple is that this is a spot for using the Scarecrow song. However, it won’t work unless you move right to the edge of the platform where you enter the room and you are facing the platform were Navi is floating. If you do it right a scarecrow will appear and you will be able to get the the floors above where you can get 2 spiders of the curse and also a huge rupee. If it doesn’t work the first time try moving around to another spot but always make sure you are facing where Navi is or it won’t work. I also recommend you cast Farore’s Wind before you go up so you can easily return to that spot and don’t have to go through the Temple again. This also allows you to jump from the top floor when you are done collecting everything and fall 5 stories (this is the longest drop in the game that I know of). You can just cast Farore’s Wind again and return to where you were before. I also have a question I would like to ask. There has been one thing that I have never been able to figure out. When you are young as soon as you enter Zora’s Domain from Zora’s River in OOT there is a ladder directly to your left. If you go down the ladder there is a small square piece of land that comes out of the water. If you have the Stone of Agony it will begin to tremble as you move around on the small square. I have tried everything even getting the gold scale and trying to dive to the bottom to see if something was there. I can’t find anything and don’t know if this is just a glitch in the game or is there really something there. Thanks.

Zelda Universe:
Stupid glitches in games. I wish they didn’t exist, but they do. As for your question, I have often pondered that myself, and I have even used a GameShark to try and discover what was hidden there. Unfortunately I am not any wiser than you on this.

From: Michael Thomas
This is Really puzzeling me is the Link in WW a direct decendent of the OoT Link? I believe in the multiple Links Theory but are the other Links Decendents of OoT Link? Because Ganondorf says eliminate his decendents wich would make sence if he was the OoT Links decendent. So if the WW link is a desendent of the OoT link that would mean if it was 100 years later the WW link would probably have the OoT Link as his grandfather meaning that the Grandmother of WW Link is really the OoT Links Wife.

Zelda Universe:
He is not the DIRECT descendant of The Hero of Time, but he is in the bloodline. Since The Hero of Time is first in the timeline, that must mean that he begins the whole thing, and every other Link follows. No, The Wind Waker Link’s grandfather is not OoT Link, because The Hero of Time was never found.

From: David Quick
Can you get attacked by cuccos like you can on the Zelda games?

Zelda Universe:
If you are refering to The Wind Waker, I really don’t know if Cuccos even exist. If you’re talking about games in general, I know in OoT and A Link to the Past you can get attacked.

From: Mike Thomas
I just realized this WW is 100 years after ocarina of Time and there is a male Gerudo born every 100 years. Is this a cowincidence? I think not!

Zelda Universe:
a) That was already discussed in an earlier mailbag and b) It has been discovered that (spoiler: highlight to read) The Ganon in Wind Waker is the same Ganon from OoT.

From: JAsawn
Hey, the site kicks mucho butt! I love Hyrularity, and I like the layout of the site. A couple of questions: a) I was wondering that since the Link in Wind Waker and the Link in Four Swords look exactly alike, would it be wrong to say that they are the same Link? b) Are you planning on fitting Wind Waker’s events into the timeline? (No hurry) c) Is it just me, or does Wind Waker atmosphere feel Super Mario Sunshiney? d) Do you like OoT or WW better? Personally, I like WW better because in OoT, there really wasn’t much to do besides what you were actually supposed to do. In WW, there are loads of mini-games, and side quests, treasure hunts, etc…

Zelda Universe:
a) No, because that would contradict the Timeline Theory. That, and Link only has an Uncle in LttP, and a Grandmother and Sister in Wind Waker. But, you never know, it could be possible, I really don’t know where those dates on the timeline come from.
b) As soon as Anakin finds time to look at that, while thinking about all the Wind Waker stuff he is missing. Or did he get the game yet? I don’t know, i’m not really told much around here.
AnakiN- adds: The store I imported the game from (I live in Europe) messed up my order, and then when they finally sent it they forgot to put the game in the package — So chances are I will not be getting the game until May 3rd (Euro release).
c) No, it feels Zelda on Gamecubey to me.
d) I like both because they are Zelda, but Wind Waker does seem easier/cooler/better than OoT.

From: LinkinParkFan54
I just need to find the ghost ship in the Wind Waker for my last triforce piece.

Zelda Universe:
I left my guide at school, so I couldn’t tell you. But our newest Wind Waker Walkthrough may help you.

From: Steven Boswell
I was reading in your last mailbag when I saw a question about gorons in TWW. What about subrosians? Are we ever going to see them again? Are yall at ZU ever thinking about having a fan club. I know you have Honored Fans but what about aspiring zelda freaks who have no fan club ever since the Zelda Fan Club decided that the last time they were going to update their site was 1999. The rest are pretty lame. I know yall could do better than the competition. That’s the point. There is no competition.

Zelda Universe:
I think Subrosians are only in one of the Oracle games land (too lazy to look it up), and the Oracle games take place longer after Wind Waker. About the fan club, if you, or someone you know, want to create a fan club, and submit it to our site, feel free. I mean, there is Anglefire, or Yahoo! Groups or any other sites that allow you to create clubs.

From: Freya the Soul Collector
Hi. Right now I am in the Gerudo Fortress in Ocarina Of Time ( my first Zelda game, by the way) Any way, all over the game in almost every temple, I keep noticing this symbol, a star next to a crescent moon. It seems to be mostly on Blocks and the base of Crystal Switches, and also on the sign leading into the Gerudo fortress. Is this a religious symbol, left by the Goddesses? Or maybe a sort of calling card for Gannondorf and his minions (ooh, big word!) Or is it just a private joke of the creators of Zelda? You might find out later in the game, which makes me look like a complete dork, but that’s ok with me because my curiosity right now is just a little more important than my pride.Thanks a lot for any input.

Zelda Universe:
I believe that the Crescent Moon and Star are on things in the game that relate to the Song of Time, or anything to do with the Hero of Time. If not, I thought there was a dungeon in the The Legend of Zelda (the first one) that was shaped like a crescant moon. So, maybe it was just trying to relive the past.

From: Slider
i just beat the Wind Waker last night! (last night meaning the Sunday after the game came out). The ending is REALLY awsome! (James: SPOILER IN A QUESTION)Link stabbs Ganondorf in the head and he turns too stone!the only way to find out how cool it is is to beat it yourself (or highlight that spoiler)…and i didnt die once!..well i had 3 faries but only used one of em!

Zelda Universe:
Thank you for the spoiler that I didn’t have to spoil. Thank you for ruining it for most.

From: Jack
First off, I love your site. I became a Zelda fan when OoT came out, I was pretty young when I played the NES Zeldas came out and had a lot of help with them cause they were so dang hard. But I have a new look towards them and like them more because now I know the story behind it. Anyways, I thought I’d suggest something that I’d like to see on your site. Like you have the zelda cartoons, what if you put the Zelda commercials on here too for the games and/or cartoons. Don’t know how many there are, heh, I haven’t seen any but I’ve heard of them. I like seeing little teaser trailers for games and movies, after I play or see them. Even if this is a good idea you probably can’t get your hands on the commercials to put them on the website, can you? And when are they gonna make a Zelda movie? they did it with Tomb Raider.

Zelda Universe:
Commercials = Movies , Movies = Huge Bandwith Hog , Huge Bandwith Hog = Much Bandwith Used , Much Bandwith Used = Big Bills , Big Bills = Sucky. In other words, if you want the commercials and such back, you have to click our ads, so that we can afford the server costs after that without having to pay out of our own pockets. And about the movie, if Metroid can talk about making a movie, then a Zelda movie is possible.

From: Victor Fiore
1)are the zoras saltwater or freshwater creatures?
2)about the wind waker, who the heck are you supposed to save in the game Zelda or Aryll? could you please explain this part of the story to the fans that don’t have the game yet? i’m kinda confused.

Zelda Universe:
1. They can survive in both fresh and salt water, so they are both.
2. Initially, you are supposed to save Aryll, but (spoiler, highlight to read)you do have to save Zelda at the end of the game from Ganon, because, being as unoriginal as possible, steals Zelda again, thus putting all three Triforce holders in the same room at the same time.

From: Exmorpheus
Hey dude, great site! It’s gotta be great having that get old because people say it so much. Anyways I read the latest mailbag and I saw Swish75 said they didn’t know if the intro to OoT had the LoZ flute warp was in it. You said you didn’t know because you didn’t play the game or something. Well just to let you and whoever else is curious, it is in there. If you don’t want to play the game just play the end of the 2nd episode of the Zelda series I think it is with the unicorn, he plays the flute and summons a wind to carry them back to the castle. It’s the same as the NES sound. And if memory serves me right, it’s in the game too. If you still want me to send it I can, but if you want to check it out yourself you can do that too. Also the Song of Time is sort of an offspring of it too. It’s just a lower pitch and has some extra notes added to it to sound better. (not the part you play, the part the game plays after you play it) I’m not too sure about that though, it’s just what it sounds like to me.

Zelda Universe:
I think it is best to send it in, since most of us are still playing The Wind Waker, or have school, and the sort. Send it over.

From: Link Todapast
I’ve read your view on how it would be messed up if Link and Zelda “hooked up” in every game because of multiple Links and Zeldas. But correct me if I’m wrong, but in the Wind Waker, Zelda is an heir to Zelda, but Link is not an heir to Link. The boat was talking to the temple or whatever and he said that. So if that’s true, then the triforce of courage goes to whoever matches it’s standards, not necesarilly Link’s bloodline. The triforce of wisdom though goes to Zelda. So therefore, they can conceivably fall in love and have kids and still not be a messed up family.

Zelda Universe:
Yeah, he’s not of the bloodline, but I guess your right, a person of the right amount of courage could get the Triforce.

From: Analystic Link
Have you played Wind Waker after beating it the first time? You know, that special orange file? If you know what Im talking about then you know what your grandma gives you when you first see her I’m not going to say what it is (or what it’s not rather *wink*) but it totally goes against everything Zelda! If you choose to say what Link is or not getting 2nd time round Wind Waker as a response go right ahead…hmph..invisible..mumble..mumble..uh thanks!

Zelda Universe:
What, you mean that he doesn’t get his Hero’s Clothes the second time around, and you walk around the whole adventure in his Pajamas? What, you mean that invisible? Of course I could do that, and then I could say that even though it’s the first game to do what’s in the invisible, then I could see the problem, but its just the bonus adventure, not the real adventure.

From: Victor Fiore
1. hey guys i’ve been checking out the lands of hyrule section of the website and i noticed a land called Calatia. could you guys tell me in what game is that world in?
2. also i noticed that there are other tricks that were forgotten in majora’s mask. it’s about the ikana ruins. when you face King Igos du Ikana’s soldiers you can make them march around the room while wearing the bremen’s mask and playing the marching song.and something else, king Igos also reacts differently when you wear the captain’s hat during the battle, and thinks that you’re captain Keeta (sheesh miyamoto sure loves to fool around with these characters!! ) well, that’s about it for now. till next time

Zelda Universe:
1. Calatia is the birthplace of The Legend of Zelda Link, you know the original game. It’s also his resting spot, according to the page itself.
2. I know of those two, thanks for telling us, it will hopefully put on the page ASAP.

From: alex dunn
hi. i love your site!! IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways, the wind waker is awesome too. i haven’t played it much though. i let my brother cause i’m being nice. he’s almost done too. he just needs to get the rest of the pieces to one of the “Golden Triumph Forks” and beat the game. if you know what those forks are, tell me, and i’ll tell you if you’re right. if you can’t figure it out, say triumph forks really really fast. Bye!

Zelda Universe:
I think if I work for a Zelda site I think that your Triumph Forks are really…TRIFORCE. And it really doesn’t sound like my word at all.

From: The “Forgotten Hero”
Yes, I must say, it is the only Zelda site I ever go to. 😉 Now, I’m mailing you to tell you something I heard from my friend (who was supposedly quoting from an “official Nintendo magazine,” Nintendo Power I assume). He says that a more mature, darker Zelda game for the Gamecube will be presented at this year’s E3!! Yes, you heard me right. For all those cel-shaded haters still remaining, and even for all the other Zelda fans, this is certainly great news! We will probably see the same Link as the one from the Spaceworld tech demo! Boy, I can’t wait at all to see what Shigeru has in store!

Zelda Universe:
I have heard something on that sort, and something on another Cel-shaded version. Miyamoto said that if he could, he would stick with Cel-shading again, because it was easy to work with, and it is fun to play. But, if he had an idea that would only work with polygons, he would use polygons. You won’t know until E3 takes place, and I believe that Zephka will be able to make it to it, but I never know anything.

From: charles halterman
that rumor about adult link in zora’s domain is bull. if you look closely you’ll see why, He only has 4 hearts!

Zelda Universe:
So, does it matter? There are ways to sequence break these games. It wouldn’t be to farfetched.

From: Unknown
I was playing The Wind Waker (duh), when I discovered a problem. Things like this have happened before- in Metroid Fusion and Banjo-Kazooie. I had solved those, but I am seriously worried about this. Last night I had made it into The Earth Temple. I was battling my way through the dungeon, but soon had to come up for supper due to the demands of my mother. I saved the game. Once I turned my GameCube back on, and fired up Zelda, I discovered something terrible: When Link flew down from the beam of light into the entrance of The Earth Temple, Medli was not with me, although it had worked before. Before, I had gone through the dungeon with her, flying and completing puzzles and such. But when I turned the GameCube back on, she wasn’t with me. Thus, I could not fly across the gap in the first room of the dungeon. Did I accidentally ‘save’ her into another room in the dungeon? I cannot use the Command Melody to retrieve her… I feel like Nintendo has prevented me from continuing my game; that it is impossible for Medli to join up with me again. Please, could you help?

Zelda Universe:
You should try to use some magic transport pots to get further into the temple. If not, then search the room to see if you can find something else to help you across the room.