Ocarina of Time is almost upon us. Again. Maybe you’re one of the lucky that has been able to receive the bonus disc already, but if you’re like me, you will have to wait until the 16th (if you’re in the USA) to pick up yours. (My phone call to EB Games: “Hello, I was just wondering if you receiv-” “Yes we did, but you can’t pick it up until the 16th.” “Well, uh, you mean, uh . . .” “Yeah, Zelda.” “Wow, you must have gotten a lot of phone calls today.” “Yeah, bye.” *click*.) But ahh, the nostalgia you will feel as you play through the N64 masterpiece on your ‘Cube. But I would guess that you will be more inclined to breeze through it more quickly this time around. If that’s the case, then I would suggest that you use one of the most useful but neglected weapons in the game: the Deku Nut. Yes, you heard me. The Deku Nut.

The Revelation

I have a friend who absolutely loves Link to the Past. He has played that game through countless times. For some reason, however, he doesn’t like the 3-D Zeldas. But there was one thing that stood out to him about Ocarina of Time. The Deku Nuts. Out of the blue, he would mention them, and talk about how great they were. Indeed, they are very creative weapons. They have virtually no anticeedent in weaponry, although they certainly have some characteristics of modern flashbangs. “The Zelda on the Nintendo 64 had the most awesome weapon,” he’d say. “They were so cool. They were these nuts like little bombs, like little flashbangs that were nuts, and you could fling on the ground and it would blind the enemies!”

Flashforward to Majora’s Mask. I had completed the game, and wanted him to try it out. He quickly became bored, as usual. So, I decided to let him play on my file and go to Ikana Canyon and battle the monsters behind the sun switch. I figured that he’d have fun with that. When he faced the Garo Master, he did something I didn’t expect. Instead of defeating him in the manner that the game hints you should defeat him, he opened up the inventory and got out the Deku Nuts. I was surprised. I had practically forgotten Deku Nuts even existed. And then my friend used a nut. The Garo Master was stunned, and the gilded sword was soon hacking the ninja to pieces. It was that simple. Throw, hack, repeat. That day I learned the power of the Deku Nuts.

Use ’em!

For many enemies, Deku Nuts make battling too easy, taking the joy out of the battle. But if you’re playing through Ocarina of Time again, and don’t want to take time to battle it out, just use a Deku Nut. Or more likely, maybe you’re playing Master Quest, and you’re up against hordes of the purportedly harder enemies that appear in that game. A Deku Nut can save you with a simple press of the button.

The moral of the story? Try them on everything! You’d be surprised what they can affect. For instance, did you know that they work on Armos Knights? Or did you know that one nut can wipe out hordes of shaboms (those bubbles that appear in Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly)? So when you play the bonus disc, don’t forget to use one of the most powerful weapons of them all-the Deku Nut.