James: Hey everyone. Sorry about the mailbag delay, my computer just randomly decided to flip me the virtual finger, and not work anymore. So, naturally the mailbag was saved on it, which made me angry. This mailbag was going to be 25+ emails! I mean, I was a answering machine (no pun intended)! Well, thanks for all who resent everything in. I answered them as close to what I answered before, which isn’t that hard to do. So, Enjoy!

From: Ryan Burkland
1. I can,t find mirror shield on OOA
2. I can’t find level 3 sword on OOA.

Zelda Universe:
You really need to specify what game everytime.
Both the Master Sword (Lv. 3) and The Mirror Shield (Lv. 3) in OoA can only be obtained through a password linked game. Check out the OoA Walkthrough.

From: Ryan Burkland
At Zora Domain (the first circle of rocks you see) play the song of storms a hole will open there will be two deku shrubs ones you beat it they will sell you a red potion and/or green potion.

Zelda Universe:
I’ve heard of these secrets, but I have never tried it out. If I get a chance, I will. And if anyone who doesn’t know that, you can try it now!

From: fab
Once upon a time, I typed in “Zelda” on Google and found two great sites. These were of course, Zelda Elements and Zelda Universe. Entering these sites for the first time, the available content seemed pretty well balanced, and I chose Elements because they were currently making frequent updates and had a nicer looking layout… I’m sooo ashamed! *kicking myself* Then they stopped updating as they prepared to redesign the site. I stuck with them until it was done, and I wished I hadn’t wasted the time. Everything went downhill after that –I won’t go into detail– and as time went on, I began to pick up on an attitude that the site had. I can’t quite describe it, but I guess it was sort of like they thought everyone was lucky just to be visiting their site or something… It was time to switch to the one, the only, the greatest, Zelda Universe! What a great move I made! Your site is awesome! With this January 20 attack from ZE, I felt the time was right to announce my disgust towards them, and give you the praise that goes through my head each time I visit ZU. Anakin, you do a simply fantastic job all around, keeping the site #1 and constantly updating the old stuff to make it even better all the time! You’re always on top of the latest Zelda news, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else to hear it! Zephka definitely deserves a pile of praise as well, seeing as so many of the updates and upgrades seem to be because of him lately. Thank you both and everyone who helps to make Zelda Universe what it is! Since I have your attention, I might as well ask when the Fan stuff will be updated? I know there’s a lot of other stuff going on right now, but I couldn’t help but notice that it’s been awhile. A big congratulations on the big 1,000,000! Later!

Zelda Universe:
I really shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire, but it must be said. I haven’t had my chance to actually say anything about the situation, so here goes.
I had never visited Zelda Elements before that attack on ZU, and when I got there, I basically saw ZU. But to say who started what first, only the people who have been there from the beginning can say. Ever since hyrule.com.ar went down, I needed to find a new Zelda fan site to find all my Zelda information from. That’s when I stumbled upon ZU, and have been loyal to ZU since about Summer of 2002. This attack on us was just childish and silly. To think that one site copied off the other… BIG DEAL. Us Zelda fan sites are just copying from the game itself, all these screenshots, prerelease news, rumors, all come from the game itself. So we are all copying from something. So just put it in the past!
Webmaster’s comment: Thanks for the support, and fan works update is coming your way very soon. I am working on it right now, and I hope to have it ready within a few days.

From: Mr. Frodo of Middle Earth
I have finally preordered The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and supposedly it will come with the new updated Ocarina of Time and the Ocarina of Time “Master’s Quest”. How can I ensure this? Also, on a messageboard I once saw that with some preordering bonuses, you get other things too, such as a random Zelda action figure, a cloth map of Hyrule, and a “Making of Zelda” cd. I am not sure if this is true. Please confirm it. Thanx

Zelda Universe:
Different stores have different ways of ensuring that you will get the extra games. The EB (Electronics Boutique) around me said I needed to place a minimum deposit of $15 to ensure all three games. I would just ask the store you preordered from what you need to do, and take it from there. As for the other stuff, are you all GREEDY? Isn’t OoT and Master Quest good enough for free stuff for all of you? A Zelda DVD might be released with summaries of the games and interviews, but that is a rumor.

From: Allstar700
I looked at the zelda oot action figures and I was wondering where you can purchase them

Zelda Universe:
Probably at any auction site, like Ebay, or Yahoo! Auctions.

From: chris de cooman
how many dungeons will there be? or are you currently unaware of this awnser? keep up with the great work and congrat’s with your visit number.

Zelda Universe:
We do not know how many dungeons The Wind Waker will have, but we do know that there will be many islands in The Wind Waker, and the big islands will probably hold the towns/dungeons. We still don’t know all the facts at this time though.

From: Bruno
Sorry, but i can’t see some videoclips of TWW, like boss battle. is everything allright with them? keep the good work, your site is the best of zelda on tha net, hands down, and i’m portuguese so you see that not only americans like zelda 🙂

Zelda Universe:
Yes, I believe all of them work. Maybe it’s the program that you are using to try and view them. I found that I can only use Quicktime when I view the movies. Try that, maybe it will work.

From: Unknown
hey, I just wanted to tell you guys. In Ikana in Majora’s Mask, if you shoot the gibdos that surround the music box house with a fire arrow their bandages will burn off and they will turn into a re-dead! I don’t know if this works in OOT but it’s worth a try.

Zelda Universe:
I’ve never tried the gibdo trick, but the visitors can try it and see if it works!

From: SoccerPeanut1
1. which do u think makes a creepier sound: a Re-dead or a wallmaster? i say wallmaster. how about u?
2. u guys have it stated in the boss info for Oot “some of ganondorf’s attacks are too powerful to block”. well, that isn’t quite true. ganondorf’s fist slam attack can’t be blocked, but his black hole thing can. all u need to do is charge you’re sword, wait for the right moment, and swing. if you’re timing is right, the blast will go right back at him. chances r he won’t knock it back. try it. it works.
3. how come some enemies r weak in one game and strong in the next and vice versa? i mean, in mm, a big octo is killed by one hit of a zora boomerang. in oot, big octo is a mini boss and takes several hits to kill.
4. is there a possibility that someone will make a zelda movie? btw, ZU, in my opinion, is the best zelda site around!

Zelda Universe:
1. I don’t know, those re-dead have a really annoying high pitched scream… That’s creepy… :shivers:
2. To block, as the kind of blocking you do with your shield.
3. I guess it’s either a glitch in the porting of the enemies from one game to the next. Or Miyamoto made it that way on purpose to throw you a curve. Or, it’s because of the strength of your sword at the beginning of the game.
4. The possibility is out there. There is now a rumor that a Metroid Movie will be made, so all we need is for someone to buy the rights to the movie idea for Zelda!

From: dcstetson
I was curious of who Roc, as in Roc’s Feather and Cape, because I’ve always wondered

Zelda Universe:
We don’t know who Roc is… Anakin was actually thinking about that when you sent this! He was probably some guy in the past who made those tools for someone to use on a grand adventure.

From: Allstar700
You know how zelda master quest is coming out? Is ZU going to have a walktrough or a updated items section for it, because i have gamecube and i might get a LITTLE (blushes) …. stuck. please reply or else……. i might be stuck on the same game for a year!

Zelda Universe:
If we get a qualified walkthrough writer to write a walkthrough after the game is released. Of course, that will take a while, so just enjoy the game, and when you get stuck, just stick around :-D.

From: Link3491
Hi there. My name is Lonnie, a dedicated Zelda fan, and I fell in love with your site. I wish I could find a way to promote your site somehow, when I decided to make a Neopets guild. This guild is a Zelda Universe guild, having a link to your site, attracting more hits for you. I was just wondering if it was O.K. to do so, and if you need to take a look, the site URL is http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?oid=zeelock, and it is not completely finished yet, needing more members since it just started out, and more links. I hope you like this outside addition to your site, and if y! ou don’t like it, please tell me what might be changed.

Zelda Universe:
I couldn’t see it because I don’t have a Neopets Login. But, whatever brings us visitors is fine with me. If Anakin has a problem with it, then he will ask for your email, and you’ll get an email. Just keep it up until I hear something from Anakin.

From: Toby
I’m sure dozens of people ask you the same question, but what are your feelings on the cel shaded graphics? At spaceworld 2001 I saw all the pictures and the video of Link and Ganondorf fighting. I almost had a seisure. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. But then when I saw the video for the new graphics, I was quite dissapointed at first. I didn’t think it made sense to change the graphics from something everybody loved, to something alot of people hate. But now I realize that this change was for the better. And whenever I see new pictures of the Wind Waker, I get so excited and can’t wait for it to come out. I guess it just takes time to get used to them, because now I am in love with the new cel shaded graphics. What are your opinions on the change?

Zelda Universe:
It’s Zelda and it looks good. People are are all about fancy graphics, and fast loading games. Sometimes, all it comes down to is whether the game is good enough to play, and has a great story. That is what The Wind Waker looks like, and it doesn’t need fancy graphics to get its point across. I can’t wait until it comes out, and that’s that. It should also be mentioned that the graphics for The Wind Waker are actually more powerful and requires more of the hardware, rather than the normal so-called “realistic” graphics.

From: Keiko Z
Dropping off a great job comment and to say that you guys have the best site ever! I have a question–how can you get screenshots of games at home? I’m doing a little Dragon’s Mask Proof Operation here…

Zelda Universe:
You can use a digital camera, or you can do like we do to catch our screenshots. Get a PCTV card for your computer, and an RF Switch/Modulator to hook up your Nintendo 64/ GameCube etc, and then just use Print Screen!

From: Nash Pop
Just in case you don’t know how many copies the Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker has sold in Japan, here is the total for the week of January 19th. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo, GC) [16,039 / 563,611] And it’s coming at #6 in all the video games in Japan, but #1 in Nintendo GameCube Games. (Cool) for more information go to www.gamepro.com or just click here http://www.gamepro.com/index.html?/news.shtml

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for telling us about that. See people thought that The Wind Waker would do bad, and it is doing good. See!

From: Allstar700
I have two Questions. 1. The Impa in oot is WAY!!!! different from the one in oos and ooa. why is that?
2. In a link to the past for gba, I got the magic powder and I fell in a well next to the shop where they get you a tempered sword and I sprinkled the powder in the small well thing north in the well and a devil said he lowered my magic to half. Was I supposed to do that or is there more to it?

Zelda Universe:
1. It might be the fact that they are in two different periods of time. Or it could be the fact that it is 2D as compared to 3D.
2. As quoted from the ZU Walkthrough:
OK, so you’ve dived into Smithy’s well and sprinkled Magic Powder on the cauldron. This funny genie zapped you, said “I laugh at your misfortune! Now your Magic Power will reduce by half!” and now there’s this 1/2 sign on your Magic Meter. How do you undo it? The bad news: you can’t. The good news: YOU DON’T WANT TO REVERSE IT!! The genie did you a favour! OK, so he’s a little confused, but he did a good thing! Your Magic Power will reduce by HALF THE NORMAL RATE: in other words, when you use Magic Power, you Meter reduces at half the rate it normally would. This effectively doubles the amount of Magic Power you have.”

From: Youngs
the light world switch does its job and raises the water level in the SP but the switches in the dark world swamp palace dont change the water level – i cannot go down the stairs in may of the rooms to get to other rooms……

Zelda Universe:
Again, seek the power of the walkthrough. There are some rooms where you DON’T want to walk down the stairs… 😀

From: Tristan
Here’s a good one for you. if the triforce is a peice of the gods and who ever has it is a god why are link and zelda both dead arent they gods or even demi gods? because in the wind waker it says that they both are dead and the game is on there dicendence. and even if they are dead why would the dicendence both look exactly like the old link and zelda?

Zelda Universe:
Ok, Link and Zelda are destined to hold the triforce when there is a time of crisis, to protect the third piece from being used the wrong way. Once they make sure the third piece is restored, their two pieces go with it, to its original resting place. It then breaks up when there is another time of crisis, like in The Wind Waker.

From: Keiko
Anyhow I have something to say about that so called crappy Celda Wind Waker. Ever seen Mini-style anime? You know, like Hamtaro and stuff? Those cute little puffy faces and huge eyes on the characters? Well, you need to be blind not to see it’s a complete influence on the cel-shaded Wind Waker design. The screenshots definitely confirm this. So all in all, I don’t think it’s that bad. I draw comics on things daily and use both sophisticated (like, really into detail) and mini-style anime. I know what this looks like, and this, as in mini anime, is definitely the art used to do the Wind Waker cel-shaded design. Check it out and correct me… IF I am wrong. By the way, if people have a problem with the cel-shading, wouldn’t it be better for them to just not BUY or go NEAR the game? Conflicts would be less frequent…

Zelda Universe:
I don’t know if that style of animation influenced Miyamoto in creating Wind Waker, he just felt that Cel-shading made the emotions more apparent. But, you believe what you wanna believe, because that is what makes you unique. And, if big Zelda fans, like here at ZU, don’t like the style, they’ll still buy it because it is Zelda.

From: Nestor Beltre
I want to know, which of the 3 Zelda games 3 Zelda games Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker is the most enjoyable. I also want to know which is the hardest and overall best (not including graphics) of the three games.

Zelda Universe:
I can’t really judge on The Wind Waker because it hasn’t hit stores, but I will when I go to EB tomorrow! But I think OoT was better than MM, and I think WW will be better than both. I just think that the Cel-shading looks cool, but other don’t. I think it will be a great game, and from what I heard, I think I am right.