From: Connor
My friend told me that he went in the house of skulltulas and nearly killed a spider-person-thingy-mo-bob on OoT. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to try it yet. This is how he said you can hurt them. First you must z-target the one in the middle of the room and swing your sword at him. He should start swinging from left to right for a while. While on z-target, circle around the swinging spider and slash at his soft brown thing behind him. He should then turn blue and be paralysed before he lets out a big yell. Now you can start slashing at him for ages. But be careful-when the spider becomes unparalysed he will swing at you and hurt you if you don’t move away in time. This is what my friend told me but I don’t know if it is true. Please tell me in your mailbag!

Zelda Universe:
You can actually hit the father of the family, and he will not die. If you do not move after hitting him of course, you will take a serious amount of damage. The little things that amuse people. 😀

From: Taylor Yust
I am eagerly awaiting The Wind Waker, and would like to know how much memory the game will take. Also, it would help if you knew how much memory the two bonus games that come with pre-ordering the game take up. If you know anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, this is the BEST Zelda site I have ever seen.

Zelda Universe:
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker according to, will take up 13 blocks of your memory card. Master Quest and OOT for GC are unknown to us at the moment, but i’m sure it will be known to us soon.

From: Ryan Burkland
Dear ZU,
1. I can’t find the mirror shield for OOT where do find it?
2. Where can I find level 3 sword please tell me these things ASAP.

Zelda Universe:
1. The Mirror Shield is in the Spirit Temple as an adult after defeating Iron Knuckle.
2. If by Level 3 sword, you mean Biggoron’s sword, then you need to go through a series of events. It starts with the Pocket Egg and ends with the Sword.

From: ZoombiniG
Hey, I just read the last mailbag and in it someone asked whether or not you can get the Triforce in OOT. You told her no. That’s wrong. You can get it. In fact you must get it to beat the game. You just can’t get the whole thing. The instant Ganondork touches the Triforce it splits leaving him with just the Triforce of Power. The other two pieces go to Zelda and LINK!!!! From the time you first pull the Master Sword out you are in possesion of the Triforce of Courage. When you finish the game you STILL have the Triforce! Just wanted to clear that up.

Zelda Universe:
What I told that person was the truth, you cannot obtain the triforce. They were asking if you could obtain it as an item. Can you actually find the triforce and use it as an item? No. What happens is that you were you destined to inherit the Triforce. Just as Ganon and Zelda were. So, no you cannot obtain the Triforce as an item.

From: Zachariah
Just, eh, saying hi. You really do have a great site, I haven’t seen any better. In fact, hehheh, I’ve only seen Zelda Elements and you guys, but I’m sure you still beat all the others! Thanx for having so much info. I told this about my friends and now we all check it out daily. So, hey, more fans for Link and for your site! Great job! Keep updating cool things! BTW, about the Dragon Mask, I read the Jan. 3 mailbag, and I think it’s real, but my friend has rated it utterly impossible…

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for the compliments! Unless someone actually finds the mask in OOT, and sends in the screenshots proving it, we will stick by the fact that there is no dragon mask in OOT.

From: Domenic Mercuri
Yo, kudos on the site! The first thing I do when I get home from school is check the latest Zelda info, and you guys have helped alot. Anyway, I was wondering, do you know if Kaepora Gaebora will make an appearance in TWW? Thanks!

Zelda Universe:
I don’t think that dreaded owl will make an appearance in TWW, since there are no screenshots of a cel-shaded owl. Let’s just hope he was sleeping during the flood and didn’t make it out.

From: Omar
I am wondering if you can tell me if there will be a European release of The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker and as i have heard that if Japanese and American gamers pre-order their Zelda copies they will get The Ocrina of Time and it’s Add-On free with The Wind Walker. Will this be available for European or UK gamers as well?

Zelda Universe:
The same day you sent me this, Anakin updated that Wind Waker will be released in Europe on May 3, 2003. As for preorder add-ons, that’s up for NoE to decide, and it is unknown what their decision is yet.

From: EchoSideNinja17
Zelda Universe, as the brilliantly thought of half-assed multiple Link theory brainwashes most zelda fans, I seem to be the only one to dissagree with it. Taking my theory into persective, lets say Link was to die at the hands of Gannondorf or Gannon, depending on the form, is there anyone else in who is able enough to take him out? Lets exclude the possibility of Zelda, because she already seems to have alot of trouble with the great evil.

Zelda Universe:
I would say that Ganon would rule the world until another Hero of Time was born. Whoever it would be would destroy Ganon, and restore peace in Hyrule.

From: Chris
Hi My names chris and i love zelda and ive heard somewhere is you get a remade version of OoT and a japanese only sequel when you preorder TTW is this true if so i have one long word SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Zelda Universe:
Yes, my friend, Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time: Master Quest (AKA Ura Zelda, or your “Japanese Only Sequel”) will be available to anyone who preorders Wind Waker.

From: Lisbeth Valdez
Is TWW a long game or short are the Island big or small?

Zelda Universe:
I would expect it to be longer than OoT, and the islands to vary in size. The more important islands will the be the biggest (the ones that hold the temples/dungeons and towns) and the less important islands to be the smallest (the ones with only small items, like rupees).

From: SoccerPeanut1
Hi. I love ur site. I have 1 quick question: What is Link’s real hair color? I’ve seen blonde, brown, and orange. Which one is it?

Zelda Universe:
I believe that Link’s a natural blonde, since that is what he is in most of the video games.

From: Carlos Hernandez
I have a question.. I am kind of an amateur so I need help… I have Links Awakening DX for color game boy… In level 4 Angeler’s Tunnel – I can’t win in the first stupid room. It says to beat all the enemies and then go right into the second room.. But the door won’t open so I must not have killed all the enemies.. the only thing I see is the orange slime.. and the 2 blue sentries swimming around… I don’t know how to kill them and don’t know if they are even supposed to be killed. There is a part of the room to the west (Left) with a skeleton type guy, which I killed and jumped up for the bombs..but I don’t see anything else to kill… If the 2 blue guys are to be killed, how do I do it? thanks

Zelda Universe:
From the beginning of the temple you go up one room, and then you encounter the orange slime, which you can kill with ease. The blue enemies with spikes can be beaten by hitting them with the shield, and then slashing them with the sword.

From: Mark
I’ve become adult link and accidentally saved it. I had wanted to go plant beans and get the last mask etc. but didn’t get a chance before I became big. Is there any point where you can go back to the past as a kid so I can plant the beans etc?
Please let me know or I may just start over.

Zelda Universe:
You become Young Link again when beat the Forest Temple and find the Forest Sage. Only then will Sheik teach you the Prelude of Light and move so that you can change back.

From: SoccerPeanut1
I have a question and a comment: 1. my brother and i were having a big argument over whether ReDeads and Gidbos were the same things. i said they were, because both their gazes paralyze u and they will suck ur life out if u get too near. my brother said no because they have different names and r in different games. r they the same or r they different?
2. i don’t know if u have this somewhere already (i’m not very good at finding specific things online), but i have an Oot tip. in the graveyard, under the second grave in from the isle (the row in front of the dude’s house, btw) there is a hole. fall in. there is a chest. inside is the hylian shield (or whatever the thingee is). if u do this, u don’t have to pay lots of rupees to get it from the market. u probably knew this, but ah well….

Zelda Universe:
1. Gibdos are more like mummies while Redead are more like zombies. They both appear in Majora’s Mask, while redeads only appear in OoT.
2. Yes, that is a very well-known tip about OoT, a true Zelda fan knows all about Zelda games. 😀

From: Michael Collins
HI! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!! Rating: I’l give it a um 15 out of 17 Oh here’s your cow from Oot and your farmer. So will anyone be purchasing Zelda The Wind Waker? I’m waiting grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! good.

Zelda Universe:
For those who don’t know what he is talking about, he sent me over some Yahoo smilies… Anyway. EVERYONE who visits ZU will be purchasing Wind Waker, no questions asked.