Welcome to the Mailbag! This is my first attempt at helping out a website, so be easy on me! I will be answering the questions you give me with the best of what I know, which is enough. Also, I hope to bring out this mailbag bi-weekly, so if you send in those emails in bulk size, I will throw them out to you just as fast. Enjoy the mailbag!
– James

From: Matt
hey. i’m a huge zelda fan and i’m just wondering if u can answer a question for me. on the zelda: a link to the past remake, on the 4 swords part i read all over the internet that u can play 4 players on it. but can u complete the like whole 4 swords part w/ only using 2 players and be able to do everything?? because i think it would be really hard to get 4 ppl that have the game and a gameboy advance to be able to do that. well thanks and please send me what u think.

Zelda Universe:
I agree, I don’t even have three friends that have both GBA’s and would own the game. From the movie I saw, it shows four players; that doesn’t mean that you can’t have less. Since the game is only a month away from release, we’ll keep our eyes open and Anakin will probably update you.

From: Darrien
I remember a long time ago there was a station Nintendo released called ‘Virtual Boy’. I was wondering did Nintendo released any Zelda games for it? I read somewhere there were eight, but I don’t believe that. (Great site, best on the net!)

Zelda Universe:

Ah, the Virtual Boy. The only failed system of Nintendo (to my knowledge). I do remember the system, and I did have a chance to play Wario Land for that system. But, since the Virtual Boy was not successful, there were no Zelda games made for the Virtual Boy. Thanks for the compliment, too, Anakin appreciates it. 😀

From: Darrien
We all know that there are pretty much two sides for Zelda GCN; the ones who hate it and the ones that can’t wait to play it. Your right in saying we should keep an open mind, we haven’t played it, but have just judged it on the way it looks. I doubt Nintendo would mess up on this game, and it will probably be very great.

Zelda Universe:
Well, you are right, and there are usually two sides to any topic and video games are no exception. Nintendo is not going ruin one of the most influential and inspiring game of our time. Besides, when a game in a series goes face down, the series does not usually follow. Take any of the educational Mario games out there, they have the Mario name associated with it, the series did not flop. If the Gamecube Zelda does flop, Miyamoto will review the situation and retry new styles, perhaps those of the first movies of E3. Don’t worry, Zelda will be around until the end of time!

From: Taylor Yust
I was wondering if it is possible to get to the Gerudo’s Fortress in Ocarina of Time as a kid by going through the Haunted Wasteland backwards. It would take a lot of time and measurement, but I was wondering if it was possible.

Zelda Universe:
I really don’t know why anyone would want to go backward through the Haunted Wasteland, after going through it forward. But, there is no definite answer to this. I am not going to say that it is impossible, but you have to remember how you got across the wasteland as an adult. Hover boots and a hookshot, things that only Adult Link could use because of his size and strength. Young Link wouldn’t stand a chance walking across the Wasteland without those tools. But, if you want to go ahead and try it out, send us an email (James edit in 2007: Don’t bother sending emails, as this mailbag is old) if you do find a way across the Wasteland. And if you do get to the fortress, hope you don’t get arrested for trespassing, you know how those Gerudo’s hate men. 😉

From: Stephie Mwaz
In reading your timeline theory, you said that Link II and Zelda II are born in 3000 (in the Hyrulian Chronology). I don’t get it. Does that mean that there are two (or three) different Zelda’s and Link’s? How’d you figure that? How could they look the same, and be the same person? Also, in OOT, when Link goes back in time at the end of the game, and meets Zelda AGAIN, doesn’t that mean that everything he did in the future would be reversed BACK?

Zelda Universe:
First you have to realize that two things: 1. This is just a theory proposed by Zelda Universe studying the art from all the different games. 2. All people have to die once in a while. If you go back and look at all the Link’s and the Zelda’s from all of them look different. So, fans of the game decided that the Link from OOT and MM were not the same as And as for Link going back in time, that is also another theory between every Zelda fan. If Link reappers in the same place at the end of the game, does he live in a repeating loop? No one knows for sure, but you had to get to the Majora’s Mask storyline sometime.

From: Fred Beebe
hello, Not sure if you guys keep up with planetgamecube, but they have a story of the awesome deal that Japan is getting for preorders. I just hope America gets a similiar deal! If you have any info about it please let me know.

Zelda Universe:
The same day you asked this, Anakin posted the update on the front page. It is true that OOT and Ura Zelda (which I myself need to read up on) will be released to Japan preorderers. Whether or not the disc will be released in America is unknown.

From: Shoobhoy
In the ninty official mag, it says there might be a second zelda game. it says there are three discs- a game, music and something else. is it true that it is going to be the non-cel shaded version.
p.s. I think its great to see some other zelda fans at last. No one I know likes it.

Zelda Universe:
That rumor is almost as old as sliced bread. There is no truth to that. If Nintendo does decide to make a non-cel shaded GC Zelda and includes two more extra CD’s with it, we will update you about it.
p.s. Don’t tell anyone, but all of us have been around for a while. So, sit down, and stay a while 😉

From: Paul
Why was the silver arrow the only thing that can destroy gannon?

Zelda Universe:
Take this quote that Anakin found in a A Link to the Past comic, “He who corrupts the land of Gold shall fall to the shaft of the enchanted arrow of silver.” Just the same in ALTTP as in the NES Zelda, that quote applies to both.

From: PSMITH676
I can’t figure out how to get into the Shadow Temple. Please help!!! Thanks

Zelda Universe:
Well, first off you should have gotten the Nocturne of Shadow from Sheik when you saw the fire in Kakariko Village. Then, you should’ve stopped the Willmill with the Song of Storms in the past. Then, you should’ve gone through the Well and gotten the Lens of Truth, THEN you should have played the Nocturne of Shadow to get to the entrance of the Temple, THEN you should have lit Din’s Fire from the center of the next room. All the torches lit, you can now enter the temple. If you are missing some of those items (which are underlined), they can be found on the OoT Walkthrough page. Hope that helps.

From: tenzin
Can you get the master sword (in Oracle of Seasons) without a gameshark?

Zelda Universe:
The only two ways to get it is by your way, using a gameshark, or by actually playing the and getting the password for it. The OoS walkthrough is where you can find more information on the password system way.