NES copy of The Legend of Zelda sells for $3.3k at auction
By on January 17th, 2019 0
A sealed copy of  The Legend of Zelda, the debut title in the massively popular series released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is undoubtedly a sought after piece for...
Modders add more titles to the Switch’s slate of classic NES games
By on September 20th, 2018 0
It didn't take people long to start adding their own NES titles to the Nintendo Switch's original slate of games. In under 24 hours, modders had already got other NES classics...
Switch NES controllers only compatible with NES titles, unusable attached to console
By on September 18th, 2018 0
It seems that anyone hoping to get their hands on the set of beautifully retro Nintendo Switch-compatible NES controllers, first introduced during the most recent Nintendo Direct...
Switch your Joy-Cons for NES-style controllers to enjoy online NES games
By on September 14th, 2018 0
Following a recent announcement from Nintendo, you can now change up your Joy-Cons for NES controllers that snap onto your Switch and charge up. The preorders will be just in...
Nintendo files trademarks for the NES, Zelda, Balloon Fight, and Ice Climber
By on June 4th, 2018 0
Continuing their latest trend of claiming trademarks, Nintendo appears to have their eyes on the NES as of late. Recently, Nintendo filed for an N64 trademark in Japan, but this...
Realm of Memories: How Zelda II brought me closer to my family.
By on February 8th, 2018 0
Video games are a hobby that, for a short time, ran in my family. My older sister has "fond" memories of having me in her lap while I was two, trying to press the buttons on her...
Realm of Memories: A Link to My Past
By on February 1st, 2018 0
This is a story about love at first sight -- a love that was lost. In a previous article I mentioned how A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game I owned, and that it is also...
No coding, no problem: Create your own NES game with NESmaker
By on January 17th, 2018 3
As a kid, I loved my NES and eventually I wanted to make my own video games. So I asked my all-knowing big sister how I could go about doing so, to which she replied, "You have to...
The hole truth: The mystery of Famicom cartridge holes uncovered
By on October 20th, 2017 0
Released in 1983, the Family Computer, or Famicom, was Nintendo's first successful foray into the home video game market. While it was later released in the West as the Nintendo...
Nintendo trademarks a few retro console icons
By on August 7th, 2017 0
According to Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo has applied for the trademarking of these cute logos for home consoles in Japan. The Super Famicom D-pad, however, is for merchandise...
Play the demo of this fanmade Breath of the Wild 2D prototype before it’s gone
By on April 28th, 2017 1
During this year's Game Developers Conference, fans were shown screenshots of the prototypes used to help create the open-world vision for Breath of the Wild. After this viewing,...
Music Monday: A song of beginnings
By on March 27th, 2017 0
If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, then the Legend of Zelda title theme was the song that launched a thousand quests. The videogaming world was never...
An early piece of Satoru Iwata’s legacy has potentially been found
By on August 18th, 2016 1
The Famicom board in the picture above may not look like much, but according to Frank Cifaldi this board may hold the first ever code the late Satoru Iwata wrote for the company...
The AVS is an HDMI NES by RetroUSB, up for pre-order now
By on August 18th, 2016 0
If the recently announced NES Classic Edition by Nintendo doesn't suit your fancy -- since it doesn't support cartridges and instead has 30 pre-loaded games -- perhaps the AVS by...
Fan beats Nintendo to the punch with his own mini NES
By on August 8th, 2016 4
If you ever find yourself transformed into a Picori, don't fear as you'll still be able to get your gaming fix. Before the Big N announced the upcoming release of the NES Classic...