Trading Sequence
  1. 1 Yoshi Doll
  2. 2 Ribbon
  3. 3 Dog Food
  4. 4 Bananas
  5. 5 Stick
  6. 6 Honeycomb
  7. 7 Pineapple
  8. 8 Hibiscus
  9. 9 Letter
  10. 10 Broom
  11. 11 Fishing Hook
  12. 12 Necklace (or Pink Bra)
  13. 13 Mermaid’s Scale
  14. 14 Magnifying Lens

Yoshi Doll


la-trade1aRequirements: 10 Rupees

In the southeast corner of Mabe Village, you can find the Trendy Game, a minigame that’s not all that dissimilar from a claw game that one would find in arcades. The notion is that you manuever the claw to a position where you pick up the item that’s directly below it. For 10 Rupees, you can have a go and select any item you want.

Most of the items in this are on a conveyor belt, making them difficult to obtain. However, there’s one item in the dead center that’s not spinning about the conveyor belt, and that’s the Yoshi Doll, the beginning of the trading sequence. To snag it, first move the claw to the right and align it vertically with the doll; then move the claw down so that its shadow is directly over it. Wait for the claw to grab the doll and deliver it onto the conveyor on the left side of the house in order to grab it.


Requirements: None

In the north part of Mabe Village, just to the west of the Dream Shrine, you will find a house with two entrances into it. This is the quadruplets’ house and is home to Papahl, his wife, and five children, one of still very young. That Yoshi Doll is what the baby of the family has been asking about for quite some time, and you just happen to have one available. If you give him the doll to placate the child, he will give you a Ribbon in return.

Dog Food

Requirements: None

To the west of Marin and Tarin’s home is Madam MeowMeow’s house, and there’s an extension built onto the right side of the house for her collection of BowWows. Enter the extension of the house to find a miniature female BowWow; talking to her while you have the Ribbon will cause her to be ecstatic as she apparently loves to accessorize. If you give her the Ribbon, she will give you a can of Dog Food in exchange.


Requirements: None

Down by Toronbo Shores, one screen north and one screen east of where you found your sword, you will find a small cottage called Sale’s House O’ Bananas. Sale happens to be an alligator that harvests bananas from the trees on the beach, but he also has a predilection for canned food, and Dog Food—for some reason—beckons his stomach to trade. If you give him the Dog Food, he’ll toss it down the hatch straight away (can and all!), and apparently it’s super yummy! In thanks, he’ll give you some Bananas.

Essential Item
The Bananas are plot-essential. Without them, you will not be able to enter Kanalet Castle and thus be able to enter the third dungeon.


Requirements: Power Bracelet

The gate to Kanalet Castle is shut, and there’s no other apparent way in. However, just east of Kanalet Castle’s gate is one Kiki the Monkey who seems rather famished. As a monkey, he naturally has a penchant for Bananas.

If you bring him the Bananas, Kiki will call all of his monkey friends to do you a great favor. The monkeys will swarm the channel between you and the island on which the castle rests and build you a bridge to the other side, allowing you access via the secret passage. In addition, the monkeys will bring one extra Stick for the bridge-building project that ends up not being needed. If you walk out onto the bridge, you’ll pick it up, effectively continuing the trading sequence.


Requirements: Power Bracelet

In the center of Ukuku Prairie, just south of the Cemetery and just north of the large rocky skull that blocks eastern parts of the prairie, you’ll find a tree that has a beehive hanging off of it. Normally, you can’t do anything with it; however, if you happen to return to this tree when you have the Stick, you’ll find Tarin lingering about once again looking for food.

He’ll offer to take that Stick off of your hands; agree to it, and eventually he’ll go poking the hive with it, hoping to get some delicious honey out of it. However, he’ll end up agitating all of the bees, which will then presumably chase him all the way back to Mabe Village. Once he is (and all the bees are) gone, the Honeycomb will fall off the tree. Without any bees, you can feel safe taking it.

Essential Item
You will need the Pineapple when you go to Animal Village. When you trade the Pineapple away, you will trigger the advice asking you to fetch Marin and bring her to wake the walrus. Without doing so, you might not be able to meet Marin at the beach.


Requirements: Pegasus Boots

Once you have the Pegasus Boots, you can journey over the river flowing into Martha’s Bay to reach eastern Koholint. There you’ll find a small town called Animal Village near the entrance to Yarna Desert.

The town is entirely populated by animals. If you visit the house with the purple roof in the lower-right screen of the village, you will find Chef Bear looking for something sweet for his next delicacy. That honeycomb is just perfect. In return, he’ll give you a Pineapple in exchange.


Papahl is easy enough to spot. He's slightly trickier to reach.

Papahl is easy enough to spot. He’s slightly trickier to reach.

Requirements: Pegasus Boots

On the way Angler’s Tunnel, all the way up in the central Tal Tal Mountain Range, you’ll find Papahl, the husband of the young woman whom you traded the Yoshi Doll to for the Ribbon. Just as he will have told you much earlier in the game, he’s lost and sitting up on a ledge, trying to wave to you and get your attention. You should definitely heed that signal.

To reach him, head into the cavern that’s just down and to the right of him on the same screen. The small little tunnel heading through the mountainside isn’t difficult; the only enemies you’ll find here are green Zols and Keese, nothing to pay too much mind to. Along the way, you will find a treasure chest, but it’s booby trapped with an enemy, thankfully not a harmful one. Exit the cavern system, and you’ll find yourself on the same ledge as the lost soul. Hand him the Pineapple to treat his weariness, and he’ll give you a mountain flower in exchange.

Exit the cave after ascending the stairs, and then go down one and left one screen to find Papahl. Talk to him and give him your Pineapple. In exchange, you’ll receive the Hibiscus.



Requirements: Pegasus Boots

Once you’ve obtained the Hibiscus, return to the Animal Village. The easiest way to get back is via the warp just south of Angler’s Tunnel. Instead of heading to Chef Bear’s house, however, continue north one more screen. Enter the leftmost of the two houses you’ll see there.

Inside is a goat by the name of Christine. If you talk to her before this, she’ll rebuff you as rude. But when you come in with the Hibiscus, she’ll assume it’s for you and treat you much more kindly. She’ll take the Hibiscus off of you, and instead she’ll ask you to deliver her Letter to Mr. Write on the other side of the map.

10 Broom

Requirements: None

The Letter you’ve been asked to deliver is, unfortunately, a long way from its destination. Hop into the warp just south of Animal Village to jump back to outside Mabe Village. Carefully make your way up through the Mysterious Forest until you reach the chest with the Tail Key. Continue from there by heading west one screen and then north one screen. Hop over the gap of pits to reach the house to find Mr. Write’s house.

Mr. Write will take your Letter (complete with a photograph that does not look like a goat) and, for your trouble, give you the only other real possession he has: the Broom.

11 Fishing Hook

la-trade11aRequirements: None

The next item of the trading sequence can be found in Mabe Village. Return to Mabe with the Broom, and then travel to Grandpa Ulrira’s house, which is the screen just to the south of Madam MeowMeow’s house. Talk to Grandma Ulrira just outside, and she’ll be fretting over the fact that she doesn’t have a broom. Offer to give it to her, and she’ll give you the Fishing Hook in exchange.

At some point during the game, Grandma Ulrira will relocate herself from Mabe Village to the northeast corner of Animal Village. This tends to happen once you’ve after you’ve beaten Level 5: Catfish’s Maw. If you can’t find her in Mabe, you can always try Animal Village.

12 Necklace (or Pink Bra)

Requirements: Flippers

The twelfth item of the sequence is harder to find. Once you’ve obtained the Flippers from Level 4, head over to Martha’s Bay in the southeast part of the island. Just to the east of Catfish’s Maw, you’ll see an island with an owl statue sitting atop it. Continue swimming clockwise around this small island until you spot a bridge leading up to it from the south.

la-trade12cApproach the bridge, and when you’re touching it, dive down into the water. You’ll swim underneath the bridge and fine a fisherman sitting atop a boat. Use Roc’s Feather to hop up onto the boat so you can talk to him. If you give him the Fishing Hook, he’ll offer to give you the next catch he obtains from his trusty fishing rod. Turns out that it’s a good one; he’ll dredge up a Necklace from the bottom of the sea.

The Japanese version of this game actually has a slightly different variation. The item is still obtained from the same guy in the same spot, but instead of a Necklace, you’ll receive the Pink Bra. The reasons for this will be made obvious in the next section.

13 Mermaid’s Scale

The American localizers covered up the Japanese fairly well, but this mermaid seems a little too eager to get her necklace back, don't you think?

The American localizers covered up the Japanese fairly well, but this mermaid seems a little too eager to get her necklace back, don’t you think?

Requirements: Flippers

Visit the Mermaid who also happens to live in Martha’s Bay. She seems to be residing just one screen north of Catfish’s Maw. She seems to be frantically searching for something, something lost beneath the waves… and something that, for some reason, she doesn’t want to come out of the water for. Something that she isn’t all that thrilled with you diving beneath the waves for.

At any rate, she’ll be desperate to get her Necklace back. She’ll thank you by offering you to take a scale off of the edge of her tail.


14 Magnifying Lens

This inlet is right next to the island bridge where you traded away the Fishing Hook.

This inlet is right next to the island bridge where you traded away the Fishing Hook.

Requirements: Hookshot

Once you have the Hookshot, head to the southeastern side of Martha’s Bay. Just south of the bridge that leads to the island in the middle of the bay, two rocks exist over a small inlet of water leading out to the ocean. Use the Hookshot to grapple onto the rock on the western bank.

Avoid the Buzz Blob as you continue north and west. Eventually you will see a golden statue of a mermaid near the point. When you near the statue, you can insert the Mermaid’s Scale into the statue, completing the masterpiece of the artist Schule Donavitch. In so doing, the statue will slide to the very tip of the point, exposing a staircase beneath.

Head north within the cavern system. You’ll eventually find the Magnifying Lens atop a small dais.

Essential Item
The Magnifying Lens is required for three things in the game: (1) obtaining the Boomerang, (2) collecting the ninth Photograph, and (3) most importantly finding the correct path through the Wind Fish’s Egg.
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