Chapter 8: Find the Fairy Fountain

Find the Fairy Fountain


This quest can begin as soon as you complete the Locked Momentos quest in Kakariko Village. Start by looking for a painter by the name of Pikango in front of the Goddess Statue in Kakariko Village. Agree to help Pikango search for a “fabled fountain”, and start to follow him up a pathway overlooking Kakariko Village. As you begin to ascend the pathway, Pikango will run out of breath and inform that he can no longer continue. Continue up the pathway until you reach a treeline.

Proceed inside the forest until you see what appears to be a large orange flower bud. Proceed to the flower bud and a voice will ask you for 100 Rupees. Upon granting the voice’s wish, the Great Fairy Cotera will emerge. She will offer to give you upgrades to your armor, assuming you have the right materials to do so.

Once the Great Fairy returns inside of the fountain, take a picture of the fountain. Return to Pikango and show him the picture. Upon noticing the picture, Pikango will offer his ability to help you identify memory locations all around Hyrule. He can now be located at many the Stables across the land. This will serve beneficial to completing the Captured Memories Quest.

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