Chapter 13: The Hero’s Sword

The Hero’s Sword

North of the Woodlands Tower is the entrance to the Lost Woods. The whole area is covered with a fog layer restricting the amount that you can see. You can only reach the Korok Forest once you have successfully navigated your way through the fog. This area can be split into two parts, the first part is guided by following the torches but the second may take a couple of tries. Any changes in direction will imply a 90 degree turn in that direction, unless told otherwise.

Warning: Even though the first part is helped with the torches lighting your way, if you step too far into the wrong direction, the fog will approach you and take you back to the beginning. There will be a noticeable change in the music as the fog begins to rapidly approach you. If you are quick enough, running back to where you were fast enough may stop you from being forced back to the beginning.

As you enter, you will see the first torch. Look to your right and you will see another torch in the distance; head in that direction. When you reach the next torch, scan the area for your next target. At the third torch, turn to your left and continue to follow the torches. After another three torches, turn to your left again to see one torch on it’s own. When you reach this torch, turn to your right and head to the two torches in the distance. This is the end of the easy part!

The second path can be tricky.

  1. At the two torches, turn left an head towards the large tree.
  2. Use your Magnesis rune here to locate one of the DLC chests containing the Korok Mask. Unfortunately, the mask will not add any benefit here.
  3. From the large tree, you will need to turn to your right and head forward until you reach a small hillock on your left.
  4. At the rock, turn right and head forward. You should now be heading in a northerly direction.
  5. In this direction, you will reach a small canyon on the left. Head through this and you should now be heading to the entrance to the Korok Forest and safe from here.

As you head in to the Korok Forest, you will soon see The Great Deku Tree and trigger the cut scene.

If you have less than 13 heart container, you will not be able to pull out the Master Sword from its resting place. If you attempt this without the correct amount of heart containers, the Deku Tree will revive you but only on the first attempt.

To the right of the Deku Tree, you will find the Keo Ruug Shrine. Activating this shrine will mean that you can fast travel back to the Korok Forest without going through the Lost Woods again. Also, if you have completed the Lost Maracas side quest and at the Woodlands Stables, Hestu will also be in the Korok Forest and can expand your inventory.

If you have purchased the DLC, once you have pulled the Master Sword and fast traveled to new location, Zelda will speak to you and unlock the Trial of the Sword quest.


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