EX: Trial of the Sword

Place the Master Sword in the pedestal to start the quest. You can use an elixir before entering and the effects will continue into the trial of the sword. Everything else will be taken away.

Beginning Trials

Level 1

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (3)
Weapons: Tree Branch (2), Boko Club, Woodcutter’s Axe, Boko Shield

When you teleport into the first level there is a stick in front of you. The best approach here while you have little weapons is to make use of your sneak abilities and your bomb runes. By sneaking round the edge of the room and moving towards the log with the enemies’ weapons, you can grab some before they spot you and have better chances. If you are spotted, use your bombs to destroy the enemy camp. Do not forget to explore the room and grab all the equipment and food that you can.

Level 2

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (3), Large Chuchu
Weapons: Boko Bow, Boko Club, Boko Bat, Traveller’s Sword, Traveller’s Shield

Entering the room, you will see two enemies on lookouts that will be watching out for you. Moving towards the enemies base you will have a large red Chuchu appear. You can use this to glide onto the enemy base and attack some of the Bokoblins. If you attack the lookouts first, you will get access to a bow and arrow, which will allow you to attack them at a distance and save hearts.

Climbing trees in this room will give you access to slow motion techniques and get more shots in that in a normal attack. Search the room fully as you need as much equipment, weapons and food as you can for later levels.

Level 3

Enemies: Blue Chuchu, Small Red Chuchu (5), Large Chuchu (5)
Weapons: Boomerang

As you move about this room, Chuchus will appear. Save your gear and use bombs to destroy the Chuchu. The red ChuChus will cause updrafts and allow you to paraglide to higher levels. Use this technique round the edges of the room to get the chests, which have a boomerang and fire arrows for later levels.

Level 4

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (5-6), Blue Bokoblin (2)
Weapons: Boko Spear, Spiked Boko Bow, Traveller’s Bow, Boko Club, Spiked Boko Bat, Soldier’s Broadsword, Solder’s Shield, Traveller’s Spear

Use the trees in this level will give you a lot of protection when moving towards the enemy fort. You can use the metal crates as weapons but do not lose the items inside. Avoid the ladder platform as the Bokoblin has a spear and attacking him may detonate the 4 explosive barrels. Approach the enemy base to start defeating the Bokoblins. The first two are red Bokoblins but the next is a blue and will take more damage before he drops his weapons.

The second blue Bokoblin has a solders sword and shield, defeat him for stronger defence Collect all the arrows that have been dropped. You will build up a decent number of arrows for later if you also use your runes rather than the limited weapons you have at this point.

Level 5

Enemies: Mobilin (2), Blue Bokoblin (3)
Weapons: Moblin Club, Moblin Spear, Spiked Boko Bat, Spiked Boko Club, Spiked Boko Spear

Use sneak techniques on the two Mobilins patrolling the base. Shoot the hanging lantern in the enemy cave will inflict a lot of damage on the remaining enemies. Be careful with the blue Bokoblins as they are carrying spiked weapons, use flurry rushes to avoid damage. The enemy base contains boxes with arrows and food.

Level 6

Enemies: Stone Talis

Search round the edge of the room before approaching the Stone Talis. Use your strongest weapons here at his weak point. Avoid his arm throws. You can always use your strongest bow and use arrows to finish off this enemy. Remember to pick up any arrows that miss to try again.

Level 7

Enemies: None
Weapons: Shield of the Mind’s Eye, Eightfold Blade, Serpentine Spear

This is a rest room and as soon as you come into the room, sneak. Head for the fairy as this will be handy later on. Collect all three of the chests containing a Shield of the Mind’s Eye, Eightfold Blade and a Serpentine Spear. Collect all the food in the room, including the fish in the water. Cook all the ingredients you have as they will give you more health rather than leaving them in their raw state. The boxes contain fire arrows and meat.

Level 8

Enemies: Lizalfos (4), Electric Chuchu
Weapons: Lizal Boomerang, Lizal Bow, Boko Spear (4)

Head right straight away and take care of the two Lizalfos that are on their own. Use your Boomerang and spears here as they are the most effective. Getting the first hit in with an arrow will also help you at this stage. When coming to the pair of Lizalfos, shoot the electric Chuchu to stun them will save you time and health. Getting an arrow shot in from a vantage point will also help you. Do not stand still too long as they will spit at you costing your health. Do not forget to pick up the roasted bass being cooked.

Level 9

Enemies: Water Octorok (2), Electric Wizzrobe
Weapons: Lightning Rod

Take out the Octorok in the water first of all. Grab the arrows from the chest on your left after using Cryonisis. Climb up the tall rock to your left to get a vantage point on the other Octorok and the Wizzrobe. Paraglide over to the Wizzrobe and use your slow-motion techniques to take him out. Collect his Lightning Rob after he has dropped it.

Level 10

Enemies: Lizalfos (3)
Weapons: Lizal Bow, Lizal Spear

Taking on all three of these enemies at once could be dangerous here so be careful. Using the lightning rod quickly can prevent the closest Lizalfos from spotting you and give you the time you need to prepare. Knocking the Lizalfos into the water can buy you time but they can still attack from the water.

Level 11

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (2), Blue Bokoblin (3), Moblin
Weapons: Spiked Boko Bat, Spiked Boko Spear, Dragonbone Boko Club, Dragonbone Boko Shield, Spiked Boko Bow, Soldier’s Spear

Cut the rope holding the raft and start making your way to the enemy base. The Bokoblins closest will start shooting fire arrows. Long shot the closest Bokoblin with arrows. Remember knocking a Bokoblin into water will destroy them straight away. If you have a Korok leaf, then this may be a good strategy here. The Moblin is up towards the top of the enemy base and is armed with a shield. Sneak attacks may save you some health here. The metal chests contains 10 Fire Arrows. Do not forget to collect the dropped enemy weapons.

There is a chest in the water between the rocks. You will find 10 Shock Arrows inside.

Level 12

Enemies: Hinox
Weapons: Knight’s Broadsword, Knight’s Bow, Knight’s Shield

To get some of the weapons off the Hinox before he wakes, sneak onto his hand and he will put you on his chest to grab them. The Hinox’s legs are protected from attacks, use the fire arrows from the last room to burn them off. Using a two-handed sword and a spin attack will take his health away quickly. Just remember to move out of the way when he drops down. Shooting his eye with a well-aimed arrow will give you some time to plan your next attack.

Completing the trials this far will allow you to wield more power in the Master Sword and the attack will increase by 10. Head up the stairs and draw the Master Sword.

Middle Trials

Level 13

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (5)
Weapons: Boko Spear, Boko Club, Boko Bow, Woodcutter’s Axe, Spiked Boko Blub, Soldier’s Bow (2), Soldier’s Broadsword

You need to dodge some fire arrow attacks as soon as you enter this room. Head to the ledge and jump and paraglide. The room has two main areas with enemies to attack and one that is not, head there first. Collect the spear on the platform on the right. The arrows heading towards you can be used to burn the wooden crates and this will prevent you wasting your weapons durability on them.

Go straight forward to the area in front of you and destroy the two Bokoblins there and collect their weapons. Use the explosive barrels to attack the remaining enemies on the final main area. This again will avoid damaging your limited supply of weapons. Metal boxes can be used as weapons here as well using your rune ability.

Before leaving the room, collect the contents of the two treasure chests. Use the fire arrows from the barrels to bring them down.

Level 14

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (2), Blue Bokoblin, Fire Wizzrobe, Meteo Wizzrobe
Weapons: Soldier’s Spear, Soldier’s Sword, Soldier’s Shield, Spiked Boko Bow, Fire Rod, Meteor Rod Feathered Edge

Entering this room again has two enemies to fight off straight away. Use your spear from the previous room to take them out. You can always paraglide away and come back to these enemies. Straight in front of you, on the platform above, is the last Red Bokoblin. This the last easy kill.

The two Wizzrobes in this room are your main challenge, one with a fire rod and one with a meteor rod. Using your paraglider and your slow-motion attacks will give you the best chance of defeating them.

In this room, there is also a chest that will need fire arrows to bring down. If you are low on fire arrows, then you can always use a Wizzrobes attack to bring down the chest. Conserving your arrows in this set of rooms will be important.

Level 15

Enemies: Red Bokoblin (4), Blue Bokoblin (3)
Weapons: Enhanced Lizal Spear, Spiked Boko Bow (2), Phrenic Bow, Lizal Forked Bow, Boko Bow

Move as soon as you finish teleporting in. All the Bokoblins in this room will be coming to attack you. Paraglide to the left will give you the best chances here. Blocking some of the arrows coming at you but not all. You will need to make use of your bow and arrows here. Take a bit of extra time and get those head shots in will save you arrows and time.
On a platform with balloons will be a chest. Shoot down the balloons to bring down the chest but be careful not to lose the chest. Every bit of equipment is needed.

Level 16

Enemies: Guardian
Weapons: Knights Shield, Knights Bow

A stationary Guardian is not the most difficult enemy to go up against but its blast will inflict a lot of damage. You can head beneath the Guardian if you need a safe place to hide. Your best form of attack here will be using your bow and arrow to stun the Guardian. Use your strongest bows here and aim for the main eye.

The room does have some wooden crates where you can get some useful items. Make sure you break all of them to gather as much as you can. There is another balloon platform here with a Knights Shield, which will be very useful. A wooden platform with another chest has a Knights Bow.

Level 17

Weapons: Knight’s Broadsword, Falcon Bow, Woodcutter’s Axe, Hylian Trousers

This is another rest room with no enemies. Use your sneak techniques to gather the fairy before it flies away. Opening the three chests will give you some useful weapons and some clothing. Open the crates for food and arrows. Do not forget the fish that are in the water. Cook everything. When you have prepared, head to the next room.

Level 18

Enemies: Fire Keese (5), Big Electric ChuChu

There are a lot of enemies here but this will be an easier room than the rest. Take out the Keese as they spot you. Use a wooden weapon as a torch and move around the room. Finish taking out the rest of the Keese and then use an arrow on the Electric ChuChu.

Level 19

Enemies: Fire-Breathing Lizalfos (2), Lizalfos (3)
Weapons: Forest Dweller’s Spear, Flameblade, Strengthened Lizal Bow, Torch

This room as 5 Lizalfos so will be a lot more difficult than the last room. Your best strategy here is to get each Lizalfos to spot you on their own. Avoid quick movements so that you can take them out one by one. You can light the grass on fire to give you some more light in the room. Avoid using your ice arrows as you need them for the next room. Use your spears will give the best results against any Lizalfos. If they use their special attacks, using a bow and arrow for a head shot will stop their attack and inflict the most damage.

The main enemy skull camp has a hanging light, shoot it and inflict as much damage on the remaining enemies. Once done, head straight inside to collect any weapons left over. You can still salvage burning weapons, if you get to them quickly.

Level 20

Enemies: Meteo Wizzrobe, Black Bokoblin (3)
Weapons: Meteor Rod, Dragonbone Boko Bat, Dragonbone Boko Bat, Soldier’s Broadsword, Rusty Broadsword (2), Rusty Halberd

Climb up the tower to your right to get a view of the enemy camp. Avoid the Wizzrobe for now. These Bokoblins are now black and will take a lot more to destroy. Make use of your sneak attacks here take them out one by one.

The Wizzrobe will be easy to take out if you have an ice arrow left over from the previous rooms. The ice arrow will take out the Wizzrobe with one shot.

Level 21

Enemies: Guardian
Weapons: Torch (2), Rusty Broadsword, Rusty Shield

This room is the same as the last guardian but this time it is in the dark. Avoid the Guardian from seeing you will be your best strategy here. His gaze will be drawn to the light in this room. Using fire arrows in other parts of the room will draw his attention away from you. Stunning the Guardian in the eye will give you time to move around and avoid his attacks.

Level 22

Enemies: Black Hinox
Weapons: Knight’s Broadsword, Knight’s Bow, Thunderstorm Rod, Rusty Halberd, Rusty Claymore, Torch

We now have a Black Hinox to destroy in a dark room. If you are low on weapons, then you can do the sneak techniques discussed before. Move onto his hand, he will raise you to his chest where you can collect some weapons.

Lighting up the room will help you see but the Hinox’s eye will glow in the dark making it an easy target for you. Hiding between the walls will give you some protection from this enemy, if you need time to plan your attack.

Use your bow and arrow to attack the Hinox’s eye and then release a large amount of attacks with any high attack weapons that you have.

Level 23

Weapons: Forest Dweller’s Spear, Forest Dweller’s Sword, Hylian Tunic

Rest time. Begin again with your sneak technique and collect the two fairies in the room. Open the chests for some more weapons and the Hylian Tunic, finally clothed.

Use the same strategy as before, open everything, collect everything and cook everything. Once you are ready, we will move onto the next room.

Level 24

Enemies: Guardian Scout I (6)

A lot of enemies but an easy room. Use your bow and arrows and take them out one by one. Do not stand still too long and use your Cryonisis rune to collect the chest.

Level 25

Enemies: Guardian Scout II (3)
Weapons: Ancient Battle Axe, Guardian Spear, Guardian Sword, Duplex Bow

Only three Scouts this time but they are slightly stronger. Take them out one by one and use your Magnesis rune on the block, to find the chest with a Duplex Bow inside. Collect the Guardian weapons that were dropped as these will be handy later.

Level 26

Enemies: Guardian Scout I (4), Guardian Scout II (2)
Weapons: Guardian Sword (2)

Avoid the Guardian Scout II in the middle of the room. Make your way round the edge of the room and take out the Guardian Scout I. Once they are out of the way, you can take on the stronger two with little hassle. Make use of your flurry rushes here to take them out quicker.

Before leaving, head to the water and grab the metal chest.

Level 27

Enemies: Guardian Scout III (2)
Weapons: Guardian Sword +, Guardian Spear, Ancient Battle Axe

Now a step up and the Scouts are now level 3. Try avoid taking them both on at once and being over whelmed with their attacks. Both will go through their three stages of attacks. Using the updraft caused by their laser attacks will give you some time to use your bow and arrow and get some shots in.

Level 28

Enemies: Guardian Scout IV
Weapons: Guardian Spear+, Ancient Battle Axe+, Guardian Sword+

Level 4 Scout next, which you would have handled in the major test of strength. Use the guardian weapons you have collected from the previous Scouts and attack as quickly as you can. Flurry rushes here will give the best results.

Final Trials

Level 29

Enemies: Stalkoblin (4)
Weapons: Bokoblin Arm (4), Spiked Boko Bow, Spiked Boko Spear, Spiked Boko Bat, Spiked Boko Club, Rusty Halberd, Rusty Claymore, Rusty Broadsword

Take out the the Stalkoblin with the bow first as he will cause you the most damage at this stage. Collect his arms as they will not attract the lightning in this room. Collect any metal weapons you find but do not use them for now. Using the Stalkoblin arms may not give the strongest of attacks but it will stop you being hit by the lightning. Before you leave, break open everything and collect your supplies.

Level 30

Enemies: Electric Keese (2), Stalzalfos (3)
Weapons: Spiked Boko Spear (2), Lizalfos Arm (3), Lizal Forked Boomerang

We will use the technique of searching the outside of the room first and use the bow and arrows to clear out the Electric Keese so we can keep our distance and not get damaged. Avoid the enemy base for now. Before shooting the torch in the base, use a bomb to blow the explosive barrels. This should help you here. Before you leave, there is a buried chest in the room, use your runes to pinpoint its location.

Level 31

Enemies: Big Electric ChuChu (2), Stalmoblin (5)
Weapons: Spiked Moblin Spear, Spiked Moblin Club, Dragon Bone Boko Bow, Moblin Arm (2), Knight’s Bow

A bit more of an easier room here. Shoot the electric ChuChus to clear them out. The Stalmoblins are weak but you can use your bomb runes to take care of them easier. Avoid wasting your weapons on them as you need these for later levels. Open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Shield and in the metal chest a Knight’s Bow.

Level 32

Enemies: Stalkoblin (7)
Weapons: Rusty Broadsword, Rusty Halberd, Rusty Claymore, Bokoblin Arm

As soon as you teleport into the room, you will be under attack. Use your bomb runes straight away to blast them apart. This will give you time to take them out and preserve your weapons. Avoid the attacks of the enemies with spears as they will inflict a lot of damage. You can also use your stasis rune to get the Stalkoblins off their horses and make them easier to attack. Break open the crates before you leave to get some shock arrows.

Level 33

Enemies: Stalnox
Weapons: Thunderblade, Flamespear, Great Frostblade

Another step up from the Black Hinox and with lightning. Use your bow and arrows to attack his eye and destroy it. Grab all the weapons that he drops and avoid carrying the metal ones as you will get hit by the lightening. Find the metal treasure chest buried in the dirt behind the broken rock skull containing Ice Arrows. The other skull has normal arrows.

Level 34

Weapons: Double Axe, Knight’s Bow, Ancient Arrow (3)

Time for another rest area and again sneak straight away to crab the fairy in the room. Again, open everything, break everything and cook everything. One of the chest has ancient arrows and we will need those for the later levels. You will also get some more clothing at last and equipe them now, striaght away.

Level 35

Enemies: Big Fire ChuChu, Igneo Pebblit (2), Rock Octorok
Weapons: Rusty Claymore

Swap to your non-wooden weapons as they will not be able to stand the heat here. Take out the ChuChu with your bow and arrows and throw a bomb at the Pebblits before they wake up. If you have any rusty weapons then we can use this time to throw them to the Rock Octorok and get some cleaned up weapons instead. There is a Rusty Claymore in this room to use if you do not have any in your equipment.

Level 36

Enemies: Fire-Breathing Lizalfos (3)

Time to make use of those shock arrows you got in the previous room and shock the Lizalfos. Paraglide to the next rock and while in the air get a few arrows sent to take out as much of them as you can. Head shots will get the most damage and save you some time and equipment. Again, search the room, break everything and collect everything.

Level 37

Enemies: Meteo Wizzrobe, Black Moblin, Fire-Breathing Lizalfos (2)
Weapons: Meteor Rod

I hope you saved some of those ice arrows from the previous room as you now need them. Both the Wizzrobe and Lizalfos will go down in one hit with these. Take out the Wizzrobe first and then head to the skull camp and do the normal attacks on the base to inflict as much damage as possible. Making use of sneak attacks will avoid alerting them to your presence and bringing them outside where they can attack you. Use your bomb runes as this will preserve your weapons for later.

Level 38

Enemies: Fire-Breathing Lizalfos, Black Moblin (3)
Weapons: Strengthened Lizal Bow, Knight’s Claymore, Ancient Arrow (3)

We can make use of our sneak techniques in this room. Take out the closest Lizalfos first, which will leave you with the enemy camp. Paraglide to the enemy base and take out the first Moblin. Knocking a Moblin into the lava will kill them straight away so plan your angles here. If you have ice arrows left, then the Lizalfos will be easier to handle. Before leaving the room grab the treasure chest and get 3 more ancient arrows.

Level 39

Enemies: Igneo Talus

Sub boss time and this time the Talus is heated up but nothing we can not handle. Before taking on the sub boss, break up the rock piles so that you can reveal their updrafts. This will give us the chance to paraglide around the room and make some slow motion attacks and hit its weak point. Using ice arrows will cool down its main body for a short time and you can then use your normal weapon attacks on its weak point to destroy it faster.

Level 40

Weapons: Stone Smasher, Royal Guards Shield, Hylian Tunic

Another load of rooms done and another rest room. Once again, sneak over to the fairies and capture them. Open everything, break everything and cook everything. You know the pattern by now. Equipe the Hylian Tunic for more defence against attacks. Make use of the hot peppers to prepare for some cold weather in the next load of rooms.

Level 41

Enemies: Frost Pebblite (2), Big Ice ChuChu, Blue Bokoblin (2), Black Bokoblin
Weapons: Lizal Tri-Boomerang, Spiked Boko Spear

Time to use your cold resistance food. First use your bomb rune to take out the Pebblites then hit the ChuChu with an arrow. This should freeze the nearby enemies so prepare to fight. Using some bombs will attack more than one enemy at once and inflict damage. Try to take out the stronger enemy first. Use some fire to melt the large ice rock to get a chest with 5 bomb arrows.

Level 42

Enemies: Blue Bokoblin (4), Silver Moblin, Ice-Breathing Lizalfos, Big Ice ChuChu (2)
Weapons: Ancient Arrows (3), Forked Lizal Spear

Use your bow and arrow to take out the nearest Bokoblin before he can alert the others. Use your sneak techniques and move around the edge of the room to take out some more enemies. Take out the ChuChu and freeze the Lizalfos. The nearby ice block will open up an updraft giving you a chance to paraglide and make use of your slow motion attacks. The biggest challenge in this room is the Silver Moblin. Keep your distance and use your arrows to weaken him down. One ice block contains more ancient arrows, which you will soon need in the following rooms.

Level 43

Enemies: Black Moblin, Blue Bokoblin (2), Silver Bokoblin, Blizzard Wizzrobe
Weapons: Blizzard Rod, Knight’s Halberd, Knight’s Shield

First you will have a Wizzrobe and a Moblin to take our before moving towards the enemy base. If you have a fire arrow, you can one shot the Wizzrobe. Sneak about so that you can avoid alerting the enemy base and being overwhelmed with attacks. If you have not alerted the base, you could sneak to their weapons and grab them first. You will have a Silver Bokoblin in this room so you will need to make use of Flurry Attacks to give the most damage.

Level 44

Enemies: Frost Talus

Another Talus and a similar strategy to the previous. Using a fire arrow or fire weapon will defrost this enemy for a short amount of time. Giving you time to attack his weak point and get on top of the Talus. If you have saved up your arrows, you could make use of your paraglider and slow motion attacks to take out his strength bit by bit.

Level 45

Enemies: Blue-Maned Lynel
Weapons: Mighty Lynel Bow, Mighty Lynel Sword, Mighty Lynel Shield, Bomb Arrows (5)

Lets bring in a Lynel for you to show your strength. You have two choices here, you can take him out in one shot with an ancient arrow or battle it out and get some strong weapons. Lynels have a pattern they follow and with some practice you can take him down. The ice block in the room will have a treasure chest that contains 5 bomb arrows.

Level 45

Weapons: Royal Broadsword, Royal Bow

Your final rest room and you are now so close to the end of the trials. First, sneak and catch the three fairies in the room. Everyone is a lifeline if you get overwhelmed. Open everything, catch everything and cook everything. The room has three hearty bass, which will give you a meal with a full recovery in each one.

Level 46

Enemies: Guardian (6)

Time to heat things up and now you have 6 stationary Guardians to take on. Move to the corner of the room and take on each one by one. If you are low on weapons, you can make use of your ancient arrows now. A perfect shot in the eye will take one of these Guardians out in one go. Another technique is your perfect defence and reflect the energy back on the Guardian. You will need your arrows for later levels so try to balance out which attacks you use.

Level 47

Enemies: Guardian

Just like the adverts and the game trailers we were teased with, you now have a moving guardian to take out. You can make use of the features in the room to put something in between you and the guardian. The perfect guard will take more than one to take this Guardian down and although you have ancient arrows, you will need most of them for the later rooms.

Level 48

Enemies: Guardian Skywatcher

Make your way to the central tower and climb up. Avoiding the Guardians view will stop him from bothering you. You can use an ancient arrow here to take this one down. We are close to the end here and you can balance out your attacks with whatever you have left in your arsenal.

Level 49

Enemies: Guardian, Guardian Skywatcher, Guardian Turret
Weapons: Royal Bow

Immediately, head to the building in the middle of the room. Go inside and open the treasure chests to get a bow and shield. Climb up the ladder to take on the Skywatcher Guardian. Make use of the ancient arrows here to take him down quickly. If you are low on arrows, you can use the building as cover and take him down by shooting into the eye. It will take time without the ancient arrows. The Guardian Turret has a long range and will be your next target. There is a lot of things to hide behind and take cover. If you are low on ancient arrows, you can use a two handed weapon and a spin attack to destroy the Turret. The remaining Guardian is stationary and an easier target. Before moving to the next room, search and pick up any equipment left in the room. There are arrows still in this room, which you will need for the final room.

Level 50

Enemies: White-Maned Lynel, Guardian Turret, Bokoblin (8)
Weapons: Lynel weapons, Knight’s Halberd, Forked Lizal Spear

Now is the final room and the biggest challenge yet. As soon as you teleport in, the Bokoblins on horses will spot you and come for you. If you are lucky, the Lynel will not spot you and leave you alone to handle the Bokoblins. You can use bombs and your stasis rune to take the Bokoblins off their horses. Once they are down, they will be easier to handle and deal less damage if you are hit. With the Bokoblins dealt with, you have the Lynel to handle. If you have an ancient arrow, then you can one shot him and take him out. Else it will be a close battle and possibly a long one. If you have any food that increases your strength, it is time to use it. You will then have just the Guardian Turret to handle, which you can do the same strategy as the last room. Use as much cover as you can and get in close, a two handed weapon and your spin attack. If you have an ancient arrow left then using it here will destroy the last enemy and finish your trial.

Completing the final room will allow you now to fully power up the Master Sword. Enjoy the cut scene!

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