Gorae Torr Shrine

The Gut Check Challenge

Gorae Torr Shrine is found north of Death Mountain. It’s at the top of a rock shaped like a tall spire called Gut Check Rock. You can either climb this rock, using the wooden ledges to rest and regain stamina along the way, or glide to it from a nearby mountain. Once you reach the top of the rock you’ll see Gorae Torr Shrine, but three Goron Brothers will block you from getting inside. Before you can enter, you will need to complete the Gut Check Challenge.

The challenge is quite simple: you must climb to the top of the rock within the time limit, while collecting at least 100 Rupees along the way. See our Gut Check Challenge guide for more tips on how to complete it. Once you have completed the challenge, the Gorons will allow you to enter the shrine. Inside, you will receive Gorae Torr’s Blessing. There’s also a treasure chest containing a Great Frostblade right before the monk.

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