The Gut Check Challenge

North of Death Mountain is a tall rock spire called Gut Check Rock. It is possible to climb to the top using the wooden posts to rest and recharge your stamina. Alternatively, you can glide straight onto the top from a nearby mountain. Three Goron Brothers are waiting in front of Gorae Torr Shrine, and will block you from entering. The only way to get inside is to take the Gut Check Challenge.

The goal of the Gut Check Challenge is to climb to the top of Gut Check Rock within the time limit, while collecting at least 100 Rupees. There are plenty of Rupees on the wooden posts and some on the rock face. Plan ahead so that you pick up the higher value Rupees. You may also want to equip any climbing outfit that you have, and bring food or elixirs that increase your stamina and/or movement speed.

When you first reach the ledge a short distance up the rock, try going left before you start climbing again instead of taking the more obvious route. There are lots of Red and Blue Rupees on this path.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, the Gorons will allow you to enter Gorae Torr Shrine and collect the monk’s blessing.

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