Satisfye gaming grip holiday bundle review
by on November 28, 2018

The thought of having a gaming grip for my Nintendo Switch never even occurred to me until I tried the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip. Now I’m wondering where it’s been all my life. Or at least where it’s been since March 3, 2017.

Disclosure: Satisfye provided the gaming grip holiday bundle for us to review.

The limited edition holiday bundle includes the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip in red, thumb pads for control sticks, a matching lightning USB-C to C cable, and a slim grip case.

The Nintendo Switch fits snugly in the Pro Gaming Grip. I tried holding it upside down, sideways, and screen side down, and it didn’t even budge.

I’ve found that when playing in portable mode, holding the Switch feels fragile and awkward, as the wrists have to bend inward to access the buttons and control sticks. I also tend to support the weight of the Switch by allowing it to rest on my pinkies, and that gets uncomfortable after a while. The asymmetrical design on the Pro Gaming Grip creates a more natural hold when playing the Switch. This makes sense as when you’re driving, you typically don’t hold the wheel at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, your hands are placed a little higher on the wheel. You can see in the photos below the difference the grip’s ergonomic design makes.

I’m a big fan of the slim case. It has a a nice cloth interior to keep both the gaming grip and Switch scratch-free. I like that there are indentations for the grip to fit into, making it more secure, and the case itself takes up less space than my Sheikah Slate Switch case. There’s also a game card sleeve that doubles as a screen protector. As far as the design, the Satisfye “S” on the zipper pulls adds a nice touch, as does the red accenting on the zipper itself. The wrist strap for carrying the case is less cumbersome than the handle attached to most Switch carrying cases, freeing up your hands to sip on a nice peppermint mocha while texting your friends about the Pokemon you just caught.

The thumb pads are a nice addition to the set. Aside from giving a little more surface area and protecting the control sticks, the slight dip in the middle of the pads keeps your thumbs from slipping off which is helpful, especially if your hands get a little sweaty during an intenseĀ Super Smash Brothers Ultimate match.

I only have a few critiques overall. The USB-C cable requires a bit of force to to connect and disconnect, which causes the Switch to slide out of the grip. So definitely take the Switch out of the grip when connecting or disconnecting the USB-C. The plastic on the grip also feels like it could get scuffed up easily. That being said, as long as you’re storing it properly and not dropping it on concrete, it should be fine.

Pre-orders for the limited edition holiday bundle are open now, and the product is set to ship in early December. It’s priced at $47, and with it coming out in time for the holidays I highly recommend it as a gift idea for the gamer in your life, and make sure to add it to your own wishlist!

Oh and as a nice bonus, my cat approves of the box it shipped it.

Amanda Vanhiel
Amanda is the host of our weekly segment Zelda News and streams every Sunday on our Twitch channel ZeldaUniverseTV. You can also hear her on our newly resurrected podcast: ZUCast. She has repped ZU as a panelist at cons such as PAX South and MomoCon, and as a guest on videos and podcasts with GameXplain, The New 8-Bit Heroes, Nerd Lunch, and more.