Review: Musterbrand’s Hylian line is what you need for autumn adventuring
by on November 23, 2016

Admit it, Zelda fans, there was likely a time when you wanted to dress up like Link. With Musterbrand’s new line of Zelda-inspired clothes, now you can feel like a hero and be fashionable at the same time! It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go out looking exactly like Link but would like something a little more subtle.

If you want more information about these official Nintendo products before you give Musterbrand all your rupees, you’ve come to the right place! Musterbrand gave me a sample of four out of the five items that make up their Zelda collection: the Link Cape Knit Hoodie, Link Hooded Shirt, Hyrule Scarf, and a bag dubbed as “Link Loot.”

The Link Cape Knit Hoodie: journey outside in style

The Knit Hoodie is the most stylized of this clothing line, featuring a laced-up front with similar dark brown faux leather adornments on the upper half of each sleeve. Made of 100% breathable cotton, this earthy green sweater is very comfortable to wear. Let me reiterate: It’s very comfortable. It feels great against the skin and isn’t scratchy at all. If this is what Link was wearing throughout his adventures, no wonder it was passed down from generation to generation!

The hood itself is pointed just like Link’s iconic hat. A small detail that I love about this hood’s unique shape and the laced-up cut is that it makes it very easy to put on. To top things off, the patch donning the Hylian crest on the back will let all the gamers around you know that you’re a Zelda fan without it being obvious to those less informed about video game culture.

The Link Hooded Shirt: for less frosty environs


The hooded shirt, however, is little trickier to put on. Don’t count on maintaining your nicely parted Link hair once you’ve donned this. It should be noted that the pointed hood is a bit smaller on this piece than its knitted counterpart. As a part of this shirt’s design, the sleeves are supposed to be longer than usual with conveniently placed thumb holes. I didn’t really get to experience this unique feature since the sleeve did not extend past my wrist. Not necessarily a bad thing, but ideally for this shirt I recommend getting something a little bigger than your usual size if you can, especially if you’re taller.

Still, once it’s on, it is very comfortable. It’s little less breathable than the knitted hoodie, but that’s to be expected given the type of material — 100% cotton single jersey. It also features a patch on the back just like the knitted hood and some similar faux leather accents. One detail that is very unique is the embroidered Triforce on the left sleeve. I can’t help but think it’s a call-out to Link’s old tradition of being left-handed!


The Hyrule Scarf: perfect for your Christmas adventures

If you got one of those Hyrule Warriors scarves but were hoping for one that was more representative of its size in the game, this is the scarf for you! Its impressive size allows this scarf to be worn in a variety of styles and you’ll still have plenty of scarf to spare. Plus, it has a reversible design showing off the Royal Family’s insignia in two different color patterns!

It’s made of the same exact material as the knit hoodie, which means no scratchiness! Nothing but soft, cottony bliss! While Musterbrand claims you can “brave temples of any element with the Hyrule Scarf,” I personally think this garment will really shine in places like Snowhead Temple or Snowpeak Ruins. I wouldn’t advise wearing it to the Fire Temple unless you’re trying to outdo Ghirahim or something.

The Link Loot satchel: your personal bag of holding


No one has really ever solved the mystery of how Link can carry so many items with him throughout his adventures. In the real world, we’re not so privileged to have our items stored away in some hidden, but accessible menu. This “Link Loot” bag, with its spacious interior, may just be the next best thing though! The zipper on top ensures your belongings won’t fall out of it, and it’s not one of those wimpy, easily breakable zippers either. The top folds down with a leather strap hooking it in place to complete the look.

There’s no back support, but the bag is comfortable to wear. The cotton-canvas fabric definitely gives it a sense of durability, but I’d be careful about getting it too dirty after looking at how to take care of it. The inside is really neat with a golden Triforce-patterned lining. There’s an inside pocket near the top of the bag, which actually fits my iPhone 6 Plus (uh, I mean, my Sheikah Slate). Although, the phone is too big to secure the pocket with the velcro closure.


The final say

I’m a fan of the Link Cape Knit Hoodie, “Link Loot” bag, and the Hyrule Scarf. The Link Hooded Shirt is good too, but it can be a little confining. This might be solved by getting a size larger than your usual size. Overall, these clothes are a great way to show off your Zelda pride and be fashionable at the same time. This line of Musterbrand clothes definitely gets Madame Couture’s approval.

Overall, these clothes are a great way to show off your Zelda pride and be fashionable at the same time.

Initially, you might be thinking that buying these modern-day tunics and accessories might be like paying Tingle to decipher a map. However, for the quality, comfort, and style, it may very well be worth all the rupees.


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