West Clock Town is the business district of Clock Town. The variety of its commerce-centered stores, such as the Trading Post, Bomb Shop and many others, offer Link a place to stock up on necessities, earn rewards, and find one-of-kind items.

At the southern end of the area is a rising stone walkway with various stores positioned alongside it. The first of these stores, the Curiosity Shop, can be found to the left. The Curiosity Shop is much like a pawn shop, is only open late at night, and offers a variety of one-of-a-kind items, many of which may not have been acquired by the shop owner by completely legal means. Here Link can find the Big Bomb Bag and the All-Night Mask. The bomb bag is actually the same one the thief Sakon will have stolen from the old woman if Link did not stop him on the night of the First Day.

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The next store up is the Trading Post, which is actually also owned and operated by the same person who runs the Curiosity Shop. It is Majora’s Mask’s version of the typical store seen in almost every Zelda game. Here Link can purchase common inventory items such as potions, arrows, and Deku Nuts. The Trading Post is also one of two places where Link can meet with Pierre the scarecrow, who teaches Link the “The Inverted Song of Time” and “Song of Double Time.”

The last stop on the left is the Bomb Shop. As expected, the shop is a place where Link can acquire bombs and Bombchus, as well as Powder Kegs from a Goron. The Bomb Shop is owned and operated by the old woman Link is able to meet and save in North Clock Town and her son. If Link saved the old woman, he will have the chance to purchase the Big Bomb Bag from her at a cheaper price than at the Curiosity Shop.

On the right side of the walkway, Link can find the Clock Town Bank, which offers a much-needed method to save rupees to prevent losing them whenever the days are reset. Link is also able to earn rewards depending on how much money he deposits, such as the Adult Wallet and even a Piece of Heart.

At the top of the walkway is a small plaza. The exit to the west leads to the Great Bay and the exit to the east connects to South Clock Town. In the center of the plaza at night, Link can regularly expect to find the Rosa Sisters practicing their dance routines. If Link speaks to them while wearing the Kamaro’s Mask, he will teach them a new dance and be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

To the south end of the plaza and near the walkway is the Lottery Shop. Here Link may purchase one lottery ticket per day for a chance to win a prize of fifty Rupees. The tickets are only good for one time, but Link is able to cheat the system by learning the winning numbers for all three days and going back in time to select them.

The north end is where to find the Swordsman’s School and the Post Office, which are home to some of the more quirky characters living in Clock Town, which is saying something.

The Swordsman’s School gives Link a place to hone his skills with a blade. He may take the introductory course to follow the instructor’s instructions and learn the basics, or take the more advanced course to play a mini-game for the chance to win a Piece of Heart.

The Post Office is where Link can track down the hyper-active postman. If Link visits him during the evening, the postman will challenge Link to race in their minds. “In their minds” is to be taken literally here, as what Link must do is count up to exactly ten seconds before stopping. It’s not the typical bizarre, eventful, or quirky minigame one would expect from a Zelda game, but still worth doing for the chance to win another Piece of Heart.

West Clock Town brings a sense of completion to the rest of Clock Town. It provides a much greater sense of realism, that Clock Town is a true village that people actually live in, and those people need places to do business and shop in. While it is not actually necessary to explore most of this area for the sake of completing the game’s main quest, all the added content offered makes a stroll through this area worthwhile.