This week brings the return of AGDQ, a livestream event that showcases speedrunners making their way through a variety of games using a greater variety of tricks and glitches. The event aims to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation through viewers’ donations.

There are plenty of Nintendo games on the schedule for this week, including some beloved Zelda titles such as Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past. The Twitch livestream is running up through Sunday, January 13, but if you’re looking to watch a specific game you’ll want to check out the schedule. Donations are accepted throughout the entire length of the event. 

Even if speedrunning isn’t a talent of yours, it’s still fun to watch these runs as there are often specific and/or silly goals the runners must achieve when donation milestones are met. You may also learn a trick or two you can apply to your casual replays. So be sure to check in anytime this week, and definitely put forth a donation if you’re able. 

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