If you ask me, there’s no better way to celebrate The Legend of Zelda than to take a deeper look into the Great Hyrule Forest. This forest is definitely one of my favorite locations in Breath of the Wild. The amount of detail that is put into this forest is incredible, and it transports the player into a tranquil state with ease. This being said, when I stumbled upon this drawing created by iliasPatlis, it immediately stole my heart and caught my attention.

Yuga’s Art Gallery is a series in which we highlight our favorite artwork and crafts from The Legend of Zelda community, as well as some official artwork from the franchise from time to time. Zelda is a series that is constantly changing its style, and after over 30 years of evolving and shifting its visuals, it continues to inspire endless ways for artists to interpret their favorite characters and moments.

The mystical environment in this piece of art is incredible, including everything from Link’s design, the towering trees, and a fairy companion beside him as his trusty guide. With the different shades of green and gray, the picture comes together in harmony to construct a beautiful depiction from Breath of the Wild. I absolutely love this illustration, especially the contrast between Link and the gigantic trees.

In comparison, Link looks smaller than the trees, almost as if to showcase the daunting challenges he must face to finish his quest. Just from looking at this image, I feel like Link is taking a moment to process the obstacles ahead of him. As Link reflects in the forest, I can picture him finding the strength that he needs to defeat his future enemies. There is so much to take away from this beautiful drawing and I’m so glad I could shine a spotlight on this gem this week.