First of all, yes, I’m writing another article about the accordion. Second, may I suggest calling everything that is a compilation of several Zelda themes into one musical composition, a Medli instead of a medley? Alright, with that out of the way, this is simply beautiful.

Medli’s Melodies is a series in which we choose our favorite songs from The Legend of Zelda franchise, or highlight a special piece of music from the perpetually creative fan community. Music has always such been such an integral component of Zelda games, and we’re here to celebrate that every week!

I just won’t get tired of saying how much I love the accordion (and how desperate I am to get one so I can finally learn to play). It still intrigues me how complex it is and of course, I feel inspired and amazed by those who play it so skillfully. Such is the case of The Accordion Guy, whose name’s simplicity has nothing to do with the way this piece is masterfully crafted.

It is not only the choice of themes, or the way they are beautifully executed, but also the tango accompaniment which is absolutely fitting to the accordion. Above all, the video itself is not as simple as featuring the performer playing in front of a camera. In typical music video fashion, this one tells a story: the story of a little girl’s journey through the city and forest, but mostly, through her imagination. That, I feel, is the focus of the story told here, imagination and innocence, being able to see greatness even in the simplest and smallest things, like imagining a whole adventure in the most common places; something that is mostly lost as we grow older. This itself was what inspired Shigeru Miyamoto himself to create the great series we are so dedicated to today, and that is greatly inspiring to me as well.

So don’t stop imagining, and don’t stop adventuring. Who knows what adventures your next commute to work or school will bring you? What fantastic worlds will your next hiking trip open before you? I wish for your next adventures to be the inspiration for the next great thing in your lives!

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