I always enjoy seeing a calm scene where the hero takes a break from all the monster slaying and princess saving to just sit and relax for a moment. Now it is the turn of Ocarina of Time Link, accompanied by Sheik, sharing a peaceful night in the forest.

The lighting is something I truly admire in this picture, as it seems to come entirely from Navi; a soft blue light breaking the shadows of the many trees around them. Bouncing off of Link himself, the ground below, and the ruins behind them, this light gives off a delightful blue hue that inspires such tranquility, I can almost feel the slight cool breeze making the grass and leaves dance in a pace so subtle it is almost hypnotic.

I must also mention how I love the style of the artist, Toni Infante, which is something I was more used to see in modern media; but seeing a classic such as Ocarina of Time adapted in this style is a refreshing twist to its original art style and what most fan artists tend to do.

Now I want to go and play this masterpiece over again.