Breath of the Wild fanart is all over the internet, and one can find talent in a wide variety of places. For example, a few days ago I was browsing some memes website when I came across a post by user SEN, who decided to upload a piece of fanart made by himself.

A gorgeous and mostly peaceful scene of Link and Zelda seemingly enjoying a relaxing time by a pond, I presume one of many found along the road to Hateno Village. Despite being surrounded by the remains of many Guardians, you can sense serenity in their expressions, like there isn’t a single worry in their minds, but to enjoy themselves in a refreshing break. I guess you could say they are taking a… Break of the Wild.

Terrible pun aside, the choice of color, the way light reflects on the surface of the water, and the blue hues of the picture not only inspire a feeling of tranquility but also perfectly mimic what the vast green fields of Hyrule made me feel when I would just stand still and move the camera around, gazing at the seemingly endless landscape of woods and mountains. So silent, calm, and invigorating; like I could almost smell the grass beneath my feet and the Silent Princesses around me. That is how I know a piece of visual art is masterful: it triggers not only sight, but memories, sounds, and even scents, as this one so gracefully does.