If you like Zelda and you like making cookies, you can now purchase a cookie jar based on the famous Hero’s Shield from The Wind Waker. The ceramic cookie jar sits at roughly 11 inches tall and is six inches deep.

Before you get the ingredients out of your cupboard though, you might want to use the Hyrule and Lorule Triforce Wingcrest rolling pin. This bad boy gives your cookies beautiful Hyrule and Lorule Wingcrest indentations from the Zelda series.

The Zelda Triforce cookie container will cost you US$39.99/£28.44/€32.46, while $24.99/£17.77/€20.28 will need to be exchanged for the Legend of Zelda molded rolling pin.

Time to get into the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of Lon Lon Milk and make some Zelda cookies!

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