Everybody talks about Link and Zelda as “the greatest couple in Zelda history” or even in video game history but, at least in my opinion, there is no better example of true love than Anju & Kafei, from Majora’s Mask. While every character in Termina is relatable in some way, these two have the most human-like emotions a bunch of code and polygons can ever express.

I know it is not every day that your fiancee gets turned into a child — I hate when that happens — but the way the two of them handle the situation is proof of the real, human love between them. Anju seems pretty calm at first, continuing with her daily life and duties and the Stock Pot Inn, until she finds the time to go down to the Laundry Pool, where she can be alone and let her true emotions come out: the angst and anxiety of not knowing where her loved one is, and knowing that time is running out, and she may never get to see him again. What is more heartbreaking about this moment, is that little does she know, there she is literally at Kafei’s door.

He, in the meantime, handled things in the most natural way imaginable: he ran away and hid from his lover, of course. Seriously, if you were turned into a child days prior to your wedding, it’s not like you could just show up like that. Also, his wedding mask was stolen, but after meeting Link, he didn’t just sit there and wait for our Hero to go and solve his issues alone like basically everyone else in Termina. No, he actually ran out of his hideout to go raid the thieves’ one and take back what belongs to him. Only then could he gather the courage to face his loved one, despite his current state, and proceed with the –somewhat illegal– ceremony as planned, to be together with his beloved Anju, for the rest of their life… which is not too much, as they both fall in the embrace that will consolidate their union, while the grim fate of Termina, and the moon, fall over them.

Now imagine all that story, with this theme in the background. While in essence, it is an arrangement of “Zelda’s Lullaby”, it doesn’t take away what every part of it, and every instrument involved can make you feel. Beginning with the rain of the Second Day pouring over Clock Town concealing Anju’s tears as she cries for her apparent loss. Then the strings pick up the pace as time moves on and quickly runs out for them to reunite. Until finally, every instrument and voice seems to meet just in time for the couple’s reunion with the same emotion as they meet. Then, in the end, bells announce the imminent fate, and a slow and sad piano accompanies the silence, slightly broken by the distant screaming of the terrified townspeople.

And this is why I love TheophanyHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!