I’m sure I’m not the only one still enjoying Breath of the Wild, searching for all the secrets its open world holds. I think I’m compelled to continue exploring every corner of Hyrule because I want to keep experiencing those amazing feelings of discovery again and again. Like when you first see a dragon, when you find Kakariko Village, or — the most standout moment for me — when you witness the whimsical, beautiful Lord of the Mountain for the very first time.

This artwork of the Lord of the Mountain by Tamiart perfectly captures that breathtaking moment when you first discover it on Satori Mountain. I remember slowly approaching, guided by the green aura I saw far off in the distance across Hyrule until a pale mist filled the pond. And there it was: the Lord of the Mountain. It stood gracefully under the cherry blossom tree, glistening, watching over its Blupee companions. It was as if I’d stepped into another dimension (perhaps a spirit world) where these magical creatures live peacefully outside of the physical realm, free from Ganon’s calamity.

breath of the wild lord of the mountain by tamiart

I love Tamiart’s depiction of it. The colours are so vivid and radiant. They perfectly replicate the way the Lord of the Mountain, and the Blupees, emanate that mystical, ethereal glow. What I really enjoy in particular is how detailed the Lord of the Mountain is, while the rest of the image remains fairly minimalistic. It focuses all your attention on its proud yet graceful form. The patterns and swirls on its torso are especially well defined, and so unique. They really resemble the Sheikah patterns you find throughout the world, which makes you wonder what connection, if any, this magical creature has to the ancient Sheikah race.

All in all, it’s a beautiful recreation, which sends me back to that amazing moment of discovery — to that moment when I knew I was in the presence of something special.