Here’s an unpopular opinion: I adore Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It took me years to learn to love the game, but now that I do, I find myself wanting to play it regularly. Just a couple weeks ago, I spent time standing in lines at PAX South, and Zelda II was one of my go-to games to pass the time.

So, I was extremely excited when I saw the new trailer for Faeland, an upcoming 2D action-adventure platformer. The trailer screams “modern Zelda II.”

Despite the similarities to Zelda II and the 8-bit aesthetic, the new details revealed by the developer, TaleGames, make it clear that Faeland is a much more modern video game. Faeland features an open world with a “Metroidvania” style of exploration, where you will find dungeons and puzzles and enhance your character along the way.

Faeland has been in development for a few years now, but TaleGames will be bringing it to Kickstarter soon. TaleGames has also recently started a development blog where you can find all the latest updates.

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