The Zelda series is known for its vibrant and fun environments and towns. From Castle Town to Zora’s Domain, each location within Hyrule is full of life. However, for one of the most iconic Zelda experiences, you may have to travel out of Hyrule — to Termina’s Clock Town.

There’s so much to do in this town that you’ll wish you had more than just three days! Luckily a fan-made tourism site has been created for Clock Town, and it looks completely authentic and throws in some fun easter eggs too.

Within this guide there’s information on things to do, shopping, fun and games, special offers, amenities, the Carnival of Time and even a message from the Mayor. All of this information is presented in a realistic way and ties into the game perfectly.

This website is the perfect companion piece to Majora’s Mask and is a great read for anyone who ever enjoyed just taking in the pleasures that Clock Town has to offer. And if this has made you reminiscent for Majora’s Mask then it’s worth checking out First 4 Figures life-size mask too!

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