The Champions’ Ballad returns in the latest installment of Tips from the Wild. This entry is all about Kass, the musical Rito who can be found traveling throughout Hyrule.

In each of the four main regions, Kass will appear to detail the trails that await you to gain entrance to the Divine Beast. After listening to one of Kass’ songs, if you leave the area, Kass will also move on with his journey. It isn’t a big deal, but perhaps if you’d like to hear one of his ballads a final time, stop by before you head out for that next challenge. Once you leave the respective area, you will no longer be able to hear his song for that area again; even if you have yet to finish the challenge. If you need a reminder of the hints he so lyrically weaves into his ballads, you can always check the quest log to refresh your memory.

Launching Breath of the Wild from this update will net you two Roasted Bird Drumsticks and two Raw Bird Drumsticks. Yikes!  I suppose we had better hope we heard that song all the way through, for Kass’ sake. Accept these gifts at expense of your clear conscience, or at least be sure to use them at a crucial moment. He would have wanted it that way.

If you’re still out wandering the heights and seeing the sights in Hyrule, or if you’re planning a holiday getaway in the near future, get caught up on Tips from the Wild updates right over here!