We at Zelda Universe are thrilled to unveil the newest Zelda fan dub projects for our 2018 lineup. We recently wrapped up production of Twilight Princess English dub back in May of this year. Now, we’re getting ready to start our next dub series on our YouTube channel. The success of all our previous dubs was not done alone, but by everyone involved with the project, and that’s where you come in! We are going to actively scout and recruit voice actors to help bring the project to life. Auditions for one of our projects will begin next week, Friday, September 8, with further details below.

There will be three dub projects released for 2018, one of which will be revealed later on in 2018.

Below are the confirmed dub projects slated for next year:

Hyrule Warriors Redux

Hyrule Warriors Redux will be a complete remaster of the Hyrule Warriors dub. A new cast, extra dialogue and revised altogether. There will also be a new director on board with this project. Leading the actors will be David J. D. Garry (also known as Aussieroth) who is known for his work in Project M and many other voice acted works.

Auditions will begin on September 8th over on CastingCallClub. The deadline to submit an audition will be at midnight on October 6th (central time).

Hyrule Warriors Redux is planned to be released in early 2018, as a four-part video series on our YouTube channel.

Link’s Awakening – A Visual Novel Dub

Coming in Summer of 2018, we will be launching our first manga dub at Zelda Universe. The manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be released in chapters, and presented in the form of reading the manga series with provided English voice acting.

Auditions for Link’s Awakening : A Visual Novel Dub will be slated for early 2018, and will also be hosted on CastingCallClub.

How to Audition

Now comes the fun part of these projects: getting involved! The first step in participating for our projects is creating an account on CastingCallClub.

To begin the sign up process visit www.castingcall.club/signup. You can sign up with your email address or quickly sign in with your Google or Facebook account. And you’re done!

The next step is to visit our audition page to try out for our projects. Once the auditions go live, we will update with the link to access the page. Be sure to also check on our social media pages for when we post about the auditions!

When preparing for auditions, we ask that all voice actors have a quality microphone to record with. The type of audition you submit is what we base off your quality and performance with. So give us your best impression!

If you wish to get ahead of the game, submit your acting resume and/or demos to [email protected]! Not only will we have contact with you directly, but if we happen to have a vacant role, you may be contacted right away. This also helps us by having contact with actors we wish to cast for the upcoming projects. We will not be casting understudies for future dub projects, so having your contact info on hand helps us cast roles that need to be filled!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Casting will be complete within the week after auditions end. You do not need to travel if you are cast for a project. The recording is done remotely, so you can record wherever is most convenient for you! Our time with our actors is flexible, so we can work with your busy schedule.

We look forward to showing off these new dubs! We hope to see you at the auditions next week for Hyrule Warriors Redux!

  • John Christie

    A friend of mine directed me to this project via social media (because she knows I’ve been struggling to find VO projects), after looking at some clips from you twilight princess dub my jaw hit the floor! The work you put into the project astounded me. I was so excited I just had to jump over to castingcallclub and sign up. Is there anymore information I would need to audition, a script or character list perhaps.
    Thank you very much,
    John Christie

    • Alex Trevino

      That’s great! We’d love to have you on board!

  • william j evans

    i may be game

  • Reni Gamegirl

    Hi so um I want to do the Hyrule Warriors dub but I have a problem. I’m a girl but sometimes my voice can sound like a boy so I don’t know if that’s ok but I’m really excited for the Hyrule Warriors dub!

    • Alex Trevino

      That’s totally fine! We’d love to hear what you got. 🙂

      • Reni Gamegirl

        Okay! Thank you I’ll do my best!

  • Romy “DovahCatXIII” Jakob

    I am really interested in this, but English is not my first language and I have never done voice overs before. Do I still have a chance?…

  • Suzanne Burkey

    Not to sound silly, but would you take first time voice over people? Its something I want to do but I’m just starting out. And is there a script to read from or would it be best to just read lines from the games and such. I want to give it a go so badly!! I just also dont want to sound silly haha. Thanks!

  • Vince Ruscigno

    I’ve been doing amateur voice acting and impressions for a couple years now, and seeing this pop up made my heart skip a beat. The Zelda series has been my absolute favorite since I first played Link to the Past as a child. The opportunity to be a part of this… Blows my mind. Expect a lot of auditions from me, expecially for villains and “old man” characters.