Hey readers!

Frequent visitors of the site may have noticed that our weekly columns — Music Monday, Throwback Thursday and Fanart Friday — have been largely absent on the home page lately. You have my apologies for that: we’ve been focused around other aspects of the site, and with our time and staff limited, we had to put them on hold for a little while. Fans of these articles need not fret, however: we’re bringing them and more new column ideas back very soon!

To do that, once again I turn to you, our beloved community. We’re looking for skilled and passionate writers willing to contribute columns to our home page. Becoming a Zelda Universe columnist means exploring the wonderful world of music and art from the very talented Zelda community, and sharing your precious memories and favourite moments of playing the games, whether its magic from your childhood or your very unique experience playing Breath of the Wild. We also want to work with you to introduce new columns that spotlight trivia, cosplay and more.

We also have a few spots open on the news team, if reporting on the latest Zelda and Nintendo happenings is more your thing. The SNES Mini is almost upon us, and with the second Breath of the Wild downloadable content pack on its way, there’s always plenty of exciting details to get stuck into.

If you’re struggling to decide, both positions are not mutually exclusive. You can apply for one and still contribute to the other whenever it strikes your fancy; or if you really want to get involved, you may apply for both!

Whatever you choose, this is your chance to have your work read by thousands of readers, through the largest Zelda fansite around.

How to apply

First of all, please only apply if you:

  • have previous writing experience.
  • are committed to fulfilling this position for a decent amount of time.
  • are fluent, experienced and creative in your use of the English language.

And you can:

  • write a minimum of one column per week or two news articles per week.
  • keep in frequent contact with the rest of the staff using our online chat room (you are expected to co-ordinate with us as a team, not independently).

Does that sound like you? Great! Send us your application to jobs@zeldauniverse.net with the subject header “Columnist Application” or “News Reporter Application“. Please include:

  • your name.
  • your age.
  • a detailed (but not unnecessarily long) overview of your previous working experience. We want to know about your writing experience above all.
  • samples of your work (via links or attachments). We’re most interested in seeing articles you have produced; obviously news articles would be ideal, but feature articles are also welcome. Feel free to send us anything else that demonstrates your writing ability: editorials, theories,, essays, blogs, fictional works, etc.

It may take us a little while for us to select the most suitable applicants, so please don’t feel discouraged if we don’t respond straight away (and please don’t spam us with repeated entries; it won’t help you!). It may take up to a week or longer before we pick you.

We’re very professional about what we do here, but we also have a ton of fun while doing it! We have a highly talented and very friendly team ready to welcome you. Please note that this is a voluntary position, so staff are not paid.

Update: Thank you to every one who has applied so far! We’ve now selected all of our new columnists, but we do still have some slots open for more news reporters. If you stumbled across this opportunity late, there’s still time!

Update 2 (September 18): This will be our final call-out: there are still a few spaces available on the news team!

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